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[YesAuto News] The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is still under emergency control. During the epidemic, BMW implemented a “package plan” to fight the epidemic, focusing on three aspects: employee care, social donations and business operations. At the same time, in order to further meet the needs of consumers for car purchases, since February 17, BMW Group's two vehicle production plants and one engine production plant in Shenyang have gradually resumed production.

Specifically, in terms of employee care, BMW arranges for employees to work remotely, formulates travel guides, launches personal health guidance, etc., coordinates the rapid deployment of resources and purchases workplace protection and disinfection materials. In the first week after the Spring Festival holiday, BMW organized an online conference with more than 6,000 people to share the company's epidemic response strategies.

In terms of social donations, the BMW Group and its joint venture BMW Brilliance have donated RMB 35 million to purchase urgently needed medical equipment and protective materials in areas with severe epidemics and Shenyang, as well as for “heroes in white” during the fight against the “epidemic”. Carry out psychological counseling services.

In terms of business operations, BMW starts from the two directions of customer service and dealer support. On the one hand, in order to reduce unnecessary outings for customers during the epidemic, BMW announced the extension of the validity period of many services and provides free door-to-door pickup and delivery services. On the other hand, through adjustment of business policies, the dealers are relieved of pressure, and at the same time, financial means are used to strengthen the financial support for dealers.

Since February 17, most of the BMW Group's offices in China have been reopened, and two vehicle production plants and an engine production plant in Shenyang have gradually resumed production. Wieland, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance said: “Thank you very much for the strong support of the local government, the close cooperation of partners, and the concerted efforts of all colleagues. The plants of BMW Brilliance have successfully resumed work and production. At present, our production is gradually returning. On the right track, while maintaining orderly production, we always put the health and safety of our employees in the first place.”

At the same time as production was resumed, BMW distributed two masks per day for each on-site office worker. At the same time, at the BMW Brilliance production base in Shenyang, a set of strict protective measures are implemented in accordance with the production characteristics of the factory. In the staff canteen, the staff followed the guidance and kept their distance and lined up to pick up the meal. When eating, employees are encouraged to use protective panels and adopt a zigzag arrangement, that is, to ensure that employees do not have other colleagues sitting in the four directions, front, back, left, and right. On the employee shuttle bus, everyone also sits in a zigzag form, with only one person in a row, so that the personnel are kept at a sufficient distance. In addition, the “safety booth” at the entrance of the BMW office building is always on duty to measure the temperature of employees and provide disinfection services. There are sufficient disinfection supplies everywhere in the office area for employees to use, and employees who work on-site wear masks throughout the process.

At present, BMW dealer partners across the country have also joined the ranks of safe resumption of work. BMW has launched the “Guidelines for Public Health Protection in BMW Dealer Showrooms” and formulated 10 types of measures for the environmental sanitation and disinfection management in the exhibition halls, covering all aspects from the ventilation of the exhibition halls to the cleaning and disinfection of the washrooms and garbage disposal. At the same time, clear requirements have been put forward in terms of ensuring the health of workers and ensuring the health and safety of vehicles (especially test drive vehicles). Customers and employees entering the store are required to wear masks, measure their body temperature, and maintain a communication distance of one meter, etc., have also become effective protective measures. (Compilation/Car House Li Na)