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[YesAuto original test drive] It seems not long after the last test drive of the GT-R, I came to the Golden Port Motor Park again, this time the protagonist is still a sports car from Japan, but it is gentler-Infiniti G series models . Unfortunately, because the sky is not beautiful (Beijing has been soaked in rain for the past two days), the organizer weighed and cancelled the track driving link, so several small projects formed this Infiniti “Extreme Wind Tour”. These small challenges on slippery roads will not be difficult for the G series, but for those of us drivers who desire more fun, it is really not very enjoyable.

Using model

The models used this time are the G-series G37 and G25. The G37 is already familiar to everyone, while the G25 is the latest strategic model launched by Infiniti this year. The 2.5-liter small-displacement V6 engine is obviously aimed at gaining a wider range. Consumer groups, as for the performance of this car in all aspects, my colleague Zheng Yu has already tested it at the beginning of this year. Readers who need to know can click on the link below.

Dynamic experience

1. Emergency avoidance

Regarding this project and the subsequent “high-speed merging”, I have a detailed explanation of the operation process in the previous Audi driving training article, and I will not repeat it here. Readers who need to know can click on the link below.

Let me talk about the difference: Due to the slippery road, our speed before emergency braking this time was not as fast as 90km/h, but a safer 70km/h. At the moment of braking, you can see that the head of the car is sinking more obviously. It can be seen that the G series has to sacrifice performance in extreme conditions for luxury and comfort.

2. High-speed line change

High-speed line change is a common way to investigate the performance of high-horsepower rear-drive chassis suspension tuning, electronic system response, etc., this time the project also added the difficult factor of slippery roads, so how about the performance of the G series?

In the high-speed merging link, as a rear-wheel drive model, the G series is in a state of sudden oil cut after rapid acceleration, and the front attitude control is relatively in place. At the same time, the time point for the intervention of the body stability control system is also very appropriate. It’s not too late to interfere with your confidence. This is worthy of affirmation, but the grip of the tires is slightly insufficient, and there is still a feeling of inability to deal with slippery roads.

3. Unequally spaced winding piles

    Speaking of circling piles, the review editor is really familiar with it. Infiniti took the initiative to make it more difficult for itself, putting the spacing between piles and tubes to be 10 to 18 meters in length.

Perhaps in everyone's eyes, the G series should be a very sporty model. In fact, its tendency towards comfort and luxury is more obvious. The previous links have already been reflected, and this is even more obvious in the process of winding the pile. The body roll is more obvious, and you can feel a little bit of the sluggishness of sailing on the sea in the driver's seat.

4. Curve experience

The drizzle has been continuous, and the stagnant water on the Golden Port circuit has not been drained. The continuous corners at this time are very severe tests for the G37 and G25-if the coach sitting in the co-pilot can allow you to drive faster . To be safe, we still take our time.

With the previous experience of winding piles, I also made corresponding preparations when I came to the curve. The preparation I mentioned is more psychological. Don't pursue pure control pleasure, but feel whether the G series reflects the performance that luxury cars should have under intense action. Some readers have questioned the power of G25, thinking that it makes the G series no longer have the original essence.

The power of the G25 is certainly not as strong as the G37, but the performance of the VQ25HR engine at high speeds is also satisfactory, especially in the face of continuous corners. The driving pleasure provided by the G25 will not be much less than that of the G37. . It is still a comfortable suspension adjustment, which makes the body posture look less chic at the center of the bend. At this time, the driver's attention is not concentrated on the side tilt of the body, but can feel the engine smooth in the high-speed range. The power output allows the vehicle to quickly get rid of the shackles of centrifugal force, helping the body to return to normal posture.


It's not so much sports passion, it's better to regard it as a luxury car that can run very well. This positioning may be more accurate. G37 has surging power, but the chassis suspension adjustment has given up extreme control in order to ensure comfort. At the same time, the interior, configuration, and overall workmanship are all in line with luxury car standards. If you think the power is too strong-of course I believe There are not many such people-there are still G25 to choose from. Originally, your opinion needs some adjustments. This is not pure exercise and manipulation. Here also considers the needs of comfort and luxury. In this way, the “Extreme Wind Journey” activity does have its special meaning and necessity. .

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Infiniti G37, G25 detailed parameter configuration table