[YesAuto in-depth experience] What is the Luxgen Big 7 SUV? To be honest, I didn't know before this experience. For this brand and this model, I don’t have any experience from my senses. More information comes from the dictation and articles of my colleagues. From them, I learned that this is a model with less than 300,000 but with 500,000 configurations. . Is there such a good thing in the world? I was a little dubious, so when the test car came to the editorial department, I tried my best to facilitate this long-distance experience with a mission nature. It was a mule or a horse that had to be pulled out for a stroll to know.

Although the topic is Happy Tianjin One Day Trip, in fact, this kind of joy comes more from the satisfaction of curiosity when you explore an unknown car. The actual situation is tight time and heavy tasks. With the help of the Big 7 SUV, we have to drive 100 kilometers to Tianjin to pick up my colleague Jing Yi, and then complete all the outdoor shooting work there and return at night. How does the Big 7 SUV perform? I hope you can read this article with the curiosity I had before leaving.

High-speed travel: navigation brought us into the village

For this one-day trip to Tianjin, our plan is very thorough and simple. The whole plan is to listen to the Big 7 SUV. It allows us to go east and we go east, and we go west when we go west, find ways, eat, and visit scenic spots. All rely on it.

Although I haven't checked the information carefully, I think the 10.7-inch central control screen on the Luxgenda 7 should be able to beat 99% of the competitors in the world in terms of size and display effect. When I am happy for it, I always feel a pity. Why not add touch function to such a good screen? It's a violent thing! Could it be that Apple won't let it? I don’t think so.

Among all the configurations of the Big 7 SUV, I still like the circle of cameras on its body the most. With the big screen in the middle, it can indeed provide a very good view, which greatly improves the safety of driving. When you toggle the turn signal, the screen in the middle will switch to the road information on the corresponding side in about 0.5-1 seconds. There is nowhere to hide any blind spots and corners. If China's large trucks can be equipped with one With this system, there will be no more vicious accidents.

Going on knowing that the road is wrong? That’s right, we know that we haven’t reached the exit of the high-speed highway yet, and we also know that we don’t need to take the national and provincial roads to go to Tianjin. But since today is to experience the Big 7 SUV, we also decided to continue to follow the navigation. To see where it can take us.

This episode really delayed us a lot of time. The journey of more than an hour ended up driving more than two hours. If we analyze the reasons, we and Big 7 will each have 50 big boards. Our problem is that we did not check the logic of navigation route selection before setting the destination. What about Big 7? In the process of setting the destination, we were never prompted to choose the navigation logic, and I also defaulted to a shortest route. I think it is very difficult to fail the trick the first time I use it. Fortunately, this time we stepped on the thunder. First, we are not in a hurry. Second, we can share the lessons of failure with more riders. If you have already bought or ordered a 7 SUV, you must first confirm it after you get the car. The logic of the navigation design route.

Pick up for lunch: the first experience of THINK+

After resetting the navigation logic, we finally drove smoothly into the downtown area of Tianjin, which seems to be not as radical as Beijing’s changes. Many scenes from childhood memories are still being performed in this city.

After three hours of driving, we finally completed one of the main tasks of this trip, which was to pick up our colleague Jing Yi. The next task is to fill our already hungry stomachs. The place to eat is actually planned when we come. Nanshi Food Street, this should be a stop that outsiders can’t miss when they come to Tianjin. Of course, we won’t let them. Jing Yi took us directly, but to test our big 7 SUV to see if its THINK+ function works well.

The first time you use the THINK+ system’s food, lodging, buying and playing function is still very fresh. It can find the content you need by city and according to the cuisine, but all the searched information is listed in the form of a list, and the necessary information is missing. Classification function.

Finally arrived at the Nanshi Food Street, the first thing to solve is the parking problem. I have used the panoramic reversing system on Infiniti and Nissan models before. I also fully recognize the Nissan system, so it is inevitable to do it when using a large 7 SUV. Some horizontal comparisons, it should be said that the performance of the two systems is very similar in all aspects, and both can greatly reduce the difficulty of parking.

Walking horses and flowers outside shooting articles: complete the basic shooting work

We are ready to start work when we are full. The second major purpose of our trip is to take pictures of the big 7 in Tianjin city. Various Western buildings abound in the urban area of Tianjin, and some streets feel like entering the Hengdian Film and Television City.

Jinwan Square is our main filming location today. It is located at the intersection of the Haihe River and Jiefang Bridge, directly opposite the Tianjin Railway Station. There are not many tourists, the background is good, and the environment is clean. It is a good place for car shooting.

Ride experience: talk about the feeling of sitting for a day and sitting for a day

Seeing that the sky is getting dark, the car has been driven, and we have been sitting for a whole day. Here are the three of us to talk about the ride experience of this car. Although the seat configuration of the Big 7 SUV is very high, the actual ride feel is not a completely comfortable trend. On the contrary, the seat will feel a little harder after sitting for a long time.

Headroom is a major issue for the Big 7 SUV, especially the front passenger. Since the sitting position of the vehicle itself is relatively high, the overhead of the head will appear a little cramped when riding passengers over 185cm. The legroom in the back row performed well. With a 190cm big man sitting in the front row, the rear passengers still have room for more than two punches. If you feel that measuring the space with a 190cm experiencer has no reference, you can take a look at the two pictures below. The height of the experiencer is 180cm, which is closer to the average height of the Chinese.

The practical experience of 190cm has a reason to experience the front row space of the Big 7. Our editor Zhang Ke still feels sitting too high and depressed with his head when the seat is adjusted to the lowest state, so we also use him to remind us. Consumers who are tall and like a 7-year-old should never buy it back and find that they are stubborn when driving. It will be difficult to withdraw at that time.

Panoramic sunroof or rear LCD screen

When complaining that the sunroof is too small, don’t forget that you also got an LCD screen and two large makeup mirrors. Of course, I think manufacturers can do better, such as adopting the current mainstream double sunroof layout, or simply display The screen is moved to the head restraint of the front seat, so that the two are not delayed.

Attention test before the Golden Street

We parked the Nazhijie Grand 7 at the intersection of the pedestrian street, which is a very crowded area, to see if everyone will be attracted by this unfamiliar car, and what will be the evaluation of it.

Among the hundreds of passers-by who passed by, only a few knew Nazhijie, but a large part of them would be attracted by this nasty big guy, and among those who didn’t know it, most people also thought it was one. A relatively high-end SUV. The dialogue in the picture above is by no means designed, but what the passers-by personally said, which is really very happy.

Supper and Return to Flight: THINK+ finally shows off, night vision and navigation are also great

Since the lunch location is searched from the navigation, we decided to give the THINK+ system another chance at dinner. We selected a halal restaurant that is not too far away from the big list and used the automatic guidance function to verify THINK+ The accuracy of system content.

Through the positioning of THINK+, we finally found this restaurant smoothly. After a big meal, we started to prepare to return. With the experience in the future, we deliberately reviewed the logic of the navigation selection route before finding the destination, and started the search after ensuring that it was in the recommended route option.

The navigation performance of the route back to Beijing finally returned to normal, and it also calculated a reasonably reliable route for us. The night vision function of the vehicle can indeed provide a lot of help when walking at night. However, compared with the night vision system of Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other German manufacturers, the night vision interface of the Big 7 SUV is too simple and cannot be used for pedestrians. Logo.

Experience summary:

After a day and more than 300 kilometers of experience, talk about my understanding of the static part of the Big 7 SUV.

Let me talk about the advantages:

1. First of all, the appearance and size. Some people may say that this is a matter of opinion. However, judging from the feedback of passers-by and the feedback from the editorial department on this day, the design of this car is successful and can show its luxury. Moderate enough, this is the good design of the SUV in the domestic market, not to mention that it is a lap larger than models of the same price.

2. The second point is naturally a variety of luxury configurations. Among them, 360° reversing image, parallel assist and night vision are the most useful configurations that I think are the most useful. They directly increase the safety of driving and let you have the kind of overall situation. Feel at ease, don't worry about whether it will hit the car body. In addition, the front and rear large-size LCD screens, electronic handbrake, JBL audio, etc. are also configurations that can impress consumers.

3. The third point is the flexible seat adjustment method. This aspect has always been the part that Japanese manufacturers are good at, and Luxgen from Taiwan has also performed equally well. The rear seats are adjusted fore and aft, the angle of the backrest can be adjusted, and can be folded down, basically having all the functions that the rear seats can have.

Let's talk about the disadvantages:

1. Front row head space: Among several ride space data, the front row head space is the worst performer. Drivers with a height of 190 cm or more can only drive against the ceiling.

2. The food, lodging, buying and playing functions in THINK+ have a huge amount of information, but the lack of effective retrieval methods makes it impossible to make good use of a large amount of valuable data.

3. This is not a shortcoming, it can only be said that I am a bit too high expectations. The interior workmanship of the vehicle is actually not as good as shown in the picture. The buttons are basically made of plastic and the damping is relatively average. In addition, looking at the luxurious seats, it is hard to ride, not as comfortable as expected.

Analysis of competitiveness:

The price range of Luxgen Grand 7 SUV is 180,000-26 million, which also allows it to directly lock its opponents in the compact SUV market led by Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Tiguan. Compared with its rivals, its core competitiveness is naturally super high configuration, you can skip this part directly, because no one can compare it, so if you are a car owner who loves to enjoy various comfort configurations, choose The Luxgen Big 7 SUV is definitely correct. Of course, the car is still used to drive, so its mechanical performance is what we should consider more. We will bring you this part in the dynamic evaluation part tomorrow, please look forward to it. (Photo by Liu Yuxin from Auto House: Liu Yuxin, Zhu Li, Zhang Ke, Feng Jingyi)

[YesAuto Review] When I returned the Big 7 SUV (hereinafter referred to as “Big 7”) to the 4S store that day, there were more people who came to the store to watch the car. Even though the temperature was freezing at the time, the 4S store was also located close to the airport. The remote location still can't stop everyone's curiosity of fiddling with electronic devices. Today’s test report will show its various performances. I believe you are equally curious about this part.

Engine and gearbox

The Big 7 uses a 2.2-liter turbocharged engine. This displacement machine is very rare in the market. It comes from Yulon’s R&D team in Taiwan. Yulon has already started independent research and development of engines in the mid to late 1950s, so again It is also a matter of course to equip a big 7 with one. Its turbocharger comes from the cooperation with the well-known manufacturer Garrett, and the research and development process has also received technical support from Delphi in the United States in tuning. The five-speed automatic manual box is provided by Japan's Aisin, and the shifting action is smooth, but the ability to judge the driver's intention is average.

Daily driving

You must be eager to know if this 2.2T engine is driving well. Before answering this question, you might as well pay attention to its weight: 1960 kg. It is not easy to handle such a heavy body with 178 horsepower. Another disadvantage is that the turbo intervention is not early enough, which is what we often call turbo lag, so that it will give you the feeling of not awake for a short period of time after starting.

There is a choice between fuel consumption and performance. During the test days, we chose ordinary urban road driving most of the time. At this time, it is more like a naturally aspirated machine. Don’t worry, as long as you are willing to pay for gas, you can pull the speed upwards, three thousand. After turning, the momentum can be raised, showing the state of a turbocharged engine.

The five-speed automatic manual gearbox provided by Aisin guarantees comfort to a large extent, and the shift is very smooth. The catch is that when downshifting and overtaking, it does not react quickly enough to deep step on the accelerator. Combined with its power performance, driving a Big 7 is not easy to find a refreshing feeling, and it is more suitable to get along with it with a calm mind.

There are so many electronic devices in the car that, if it is not deliberately requested, we would hardly pay attention to anything else. The circle of cameras around the car is very powerful, as Liu Yuxin wrote in the previous experience part. When you are a little uncertain, press the button on the center console, and the huge display immediately pops out of the surrounding road conditions. Full up.

Large volume and heavy weight. Under normal circumstances, we will think of the swaying body posture. What people did not expect is that the Big 7 actually has a strong roll suppression ability, even in Beijing, a city where traffic is often jammed. The interspersed thread did not make you tired. Of course, we do not advocate rough driving methods. We just want to tell everyone that when encountering general emergencies on paved roads, the large 7 chassis is fully capable of easily deflating them.

Accelerated performance test

In the acceleration test, the fastest time for the Big 7 to run is 10.12 seconds, which is not fast enough under the name of 2.2T, but judging from the gentle personality of daily driving, this number is really better than expected some.

As I said in the driving experience section, the gearbox shifts quite smoothly, and the upshift point is hardly visible in the red speed curve, which is commendable. The explosive performance in the starting stage is acceptable. After entering the second gear, the acceleration G value drops slightly. Fortunately, the output of the second and third gears is very smooth without losing too much time.

Brake performance test

We are very satisfied with the braking performance of the Big 7. 41.18 meters is an excellent level in our evaluation criteria. It is really rare for a self-owned brand model with a weight of close to two tons.

It can be seen on the graph that the brake system strength is in place, and the mid-to-rear range can always be maintained at a good level, but the invalid stroke of the first half of the brake pedal is a bit too much, and the system cannot enter the state quickly, which wastes time. If you adjust it here, , I believe that the braking distance can be further shortened.

Fuel consumption test

The fuel consumption value given by Dongfeng Yulon's official website is 12.1 liters/100 kilometers. According to experience, the official figures will be slightly lower than the actual ones. Our test result is 13.5 liters/100 kilometers.

The test road conditions are high-speed + loop + congestion, and the congested road conditions account for about 25%. The rest are ordinary roads with signal lights and unobstructed highways. The whole load is an adult male. The driving distance is 140.1 kilometers, the consumption of No. 93 fuel is 18.97 liters, and the combined fuel consumption is 13.5 liters/100 kilometers.

The curb weight of the Big 7 is already close to two tons. In addition to the driver, the burden on the engine is not small; the obvious lag of turbocharging will make the driver sometimes unconsciously increase the speed to obtain sufficient power performance. We think that its fuel consumption is slightly higher. It is indeed conceivable for such a large body. It is recommended that buyers use the 2WD two-wheel drive mode on paved roads with good road conditions.


In terms of noise, the engine noise of the Big 7 is the biggest noise source, and the sound is not pleasant to talk about. The other types of noise are still suppressed well. It is worth mentioning that the chassis has no obvious loose traces, which is superior among independent brands. which performed.

Four-wheel drive structure and performance test

The Big 7 uses a set of timely four-wheel drive system, the center is an electronically controlled multi-disc clutch differential, and the front and rear axles are ordinary open differentials. With the help of the TCS system, a certain degree of independent four-wheel braking can be achieved, but the effect is ordinary. The basic principles of the four-wheel drive structure are basically the same as those of Qijun and Qashqai (click to view the analysis of Nissan four-wheel drive).

In 2WD mode, the vehicle is driven by the front wheels. In AUTO mode, the system automatically determines whether it is necessary to switch on the central differential to achieve four-wheel drive. In LOCK mode, the vehicle is locked in four-wheel drive, but when the speed exceeds 40km/h, it will unlock and return to two-wheel drive. mode.

Take a look at the cross-axis test of “Bantou Bao”. In AUTO mode, the system detects the speed difference between the wheels and switches on the central multi-disc clutch to realize four-wheel drive. Afterwards, the TCS system intervened to brake the slippery wheels and the vehicle was able to pass the cross axle. In LOCK mode, the vehicle also passed the cross axle.

Test again after turning off the TCS system. At this time, the system does not brake the wheels individually, and the vehicle naturally cannot pass, and all the power is lost from the idle wheels on the overhead.

The big 7 four-wheel drive system shows enough relief, which is considered good among urban SUVs. It should be pointed out that because its TCS system is mainly aimed at improving road driving stability, the braking effect on the wheels at low speeds is not obvious. If the difficulty of the cross axle is higher, for example, the steel frame has an inclination angle, then It will be difficult to pass.


In the art of war, it is said that “success in one blow, fail again, and exhaust three times.” It can be seen how important it is to fire the gun, especially in the atmosphere of the Chinese auto market, which is full of gunpowder. The Big 7 SUV is the first model launched by the Luxgen brand in the mainland. It has a sleek appearance and a rich configuration. Only by relying on these two points, it has already completed its task of leading the way. However, in other places, such as the machinery level, there is still a gap with the competitors of the joint venture brand. From the perspective of the supporting manufacturers, the maturity level should be reliable, but the advanced nature has room for improvement. If you are a consumer who values appearance and likes rich configuration, Big 7 is a good choice.

● The detailed parameter configuration table of some models of the 2011 Big 7 SUV