[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] PACEMAN, the newest member of the MINI family, line seven. Like the other six MINIs, it is different from any MINI. Uh… This sentence sounds abnormal. Well, this is the fact, each MINI has a unique personality, which is the commonality of the MINI brand. In this leafy ethnic group, where is PACEMAN's personality? In other words, how different is PACEMAN from its six brothers?

If there is no difference between PACEMAN and COUNTRYMAN from the front, you can think of it as a three-door version of COUNTRYMAN, at least it seems so. You must think in your heart: The designer is lazy again.

The designer will refute: at least we are at work for more than half of the time, except for the front of the car, everything else is different. After removing the two doors, PACEMAN's shoulder line and roof have undergone a little change. The downwardly sloping roof and the rising shoulder line seem to intersect at a certain point in the distance, so that this car looks more like a COUPE sports car , Even in a static state, there is a sense of gaining momentum. However, this design was preempted by another car, so when many people saw PACEMAN, they thought it was a bit like that Land Rover.

The rear of the car seems to have undergone a thorough renovation, at least for the MINI family. This car broke the house rules and adopted horizontally arranged taillights. Before that, all MINI taillights were perpendicular to both sides of the rear of the car. If you see such an unfamiliar MINI, you don't have to try to guess its identity. The seven characters “PACEMAN” are written in the most conspicuous position. The designer also hopes that it will become familiar as soon as possible.

Entering the carriage, everything is very familiar, the unique MINI style, it seems that it has never changed. In fact, PACEMAN's cockpit has undergone some innovation and improvement. Obviously, every time you drive the window, you don’t have to hesitate to find the switch. The window button finally returns from a very lame position to where it should have been. This is not an innovation, but it is a major improvement for MINI, because it is easy to make MINI stand out, but it is difficult to stick to the rules. After removing the window buttons, the center console has also been simplified, the number of buttons has been reduced, the functions have not changed, and it is clearer and easier to operate. The inside of the door has also undergone some changes, becoming simple and practical. In short, MINI abandoned some flashy designs to make PACEMAN more in line with the needs of users. It seems that in the new round of trade-offs, rationality has the upper hand.

Of course, a proper return to tradition will not obliterate MINI's whimsy. The central track is not exclusive to PACEMAN, but it is still interesting. In addition to its practical value, it is also a toy used by passengers to pass the time. In this way, PACEMAN only has four seats, but it doesn't matter, because it can't fit five people anyway.

MINI has never been a big car. PACEMAN is the largest in the family. The wheelbase has just reached the standard of a compact car (2596mm), and the length is only 4115mm. It does not look stalwart, but it is strong and strong. The seating space in the car is similar to the COUNTRYMAN. The front passenger can be satisfied, and the rear passengers are not aggrieved. It can basically meet the needs of daily use. Because the doors are relatively long, the opening is large, and the roof is high enough, although there are only three doors, it is also very convenient for rear passengers to get on and off the bus.

As for the space left for luggage, it is relatively limited. Under normal conditions, it only has 330 liters, which can hold two 24-inch suitcases. The rear seats can be folded at 50:50, expanding the space to 1080 liters, but the loading space is not very flat and can only be temporarily handled. This car is basically suitable for daily use and is not suitable for long-distance travel.

The engine is still the 1.6T turbocharged engine that has been working for the MINI family for 6 or 7 years. I have already memorized the power parameters. The maximum power is 135 kW (184 hp)/5500rpm, and the maximum torque is 240 N·m/1600. -5000rpm, of course, there is also a super boost mode that can squeeze an extra 20 N·m of torque.

Although this engine has advanced in age, it is still powerful, efficient and somewhat exciting. There is plenty of power at low speeds, and it is not exhausted even when pulled to high speeds. Although only 1.6 liters of displacement, but always restless. The downside of having an active heart is that it is difficult to quiet down. MINI has always been an exciting car, not in touch with ease.

The 6-speed automatic manual gearbox has also been in service for many years, and it is not as good as the latest gearbox in terms of shift speed and logic. If it is just because of these, it is a lot of faults, it is indeed a bit nitpicking. Its overall performance is good, but there is nothing worth boasting about, nothing more.

The COOPER S model adopts four-wheel drive. It is the second four-wheel drive MINI after the COOPER S COUNTRYMAN. These two cars use the same four-wheel drive system called ALL4, which uses electronically controlled multi-disc clutches to distribute the torque obtained by the front and rear axles. Normally, the power is divided into the front and rear wheels according to the ratio of 50:50. In extreme cases, the rear axle can obtain 100% of the power.

Although it has the same four-wheel drive system, PACEMAN can't drive off at any time like COUNTRYMAN. Its minimum ground clearance is actually not much higher than that of ordinary cars, and the passability is naturally not comparable to COUNTRYMAN. According to MINI, PACEMAN is not as simple as a COUNTRYMAN with two doors removed. They call it a sports car SUV. This is a very contradictory concept. In my opinion, it is farther away from the SUV and not too close to the sports car. The reason why PACEMAN needs a four-wheel drive system is mainly to obtain better traction and improve driving performance in corners.

In normal driving in the urban area, the role of the four-wheel drive system is not very obvious, and it is no different from other MINIs. The power is of course easy to do, and the steering is flexible and precise. The adjustment of the suspension and shock absorbers is fascinating. This is the essence of MINI. It is the most fascinating and even touching. MINI will never discourage your desire to drive.

MINI has never paid much attention to the feelings of passengers. While the driver is addicted to self-excitement, the faces of other people in the car may not look good. The shock absorber connects the tire and the body as a whole, and the movement state in the compartment is the same as the dynamics of the tire. MINI has never had a higher pursuit of comfort, and its purpose is to please the driver.

As stated in the official information, PACEMAN's four-wheel drive system is to enhance the dynamic performance of the vehicle, and its effect is revealed when the pile is circumvented. When accelerating, the rear wheels will get more power. At this time, the steering of the vehicle will also have some subtle changes. This car will become sharper and the rear of the car will respond more quickly. If there is a fast and large steering action during constant speed driving, the multi-disc clutch will also increase the power obtained by the rear wheels, and the vehicle will suddenly become aggressive from a relatively stable state. Sometimes the vehicle state suddenly changes, which will make people feel a little uncomfortable. When the current rear axle torque change is relatively stable, the driver can re-calibrate its context and find the most suitable operation mode. So when driving this MINI, you must avoid some aggressive operations while the four-wheel drive system adjusts the torque.

Test summary:

In short, PACEMAN is a pure MINI, unique and fun, with all the attractive elements of the MINI family. However, the sports car SUV is a relatively vague concept, and the image of PACEMAN is also a bit hazy. It is like an enlarged ordinary three-door MINI, and like a COUNTRYMAN with two less doors. It does not emphasize the concept of space as much as CLUBMAN, and it does not have the independent character of COUPE/ROADSTER. It is different from the other six MINIs, but it cannot stand alone. MINI originally planned to use PACEMAN to fill the blank area on the product line, but this blank may be completely blank, like a non-existent market segment.

The diehards of the MINI brand will definitely choose the classic ordinary MINI. Those who need more space can buy CLUBMAN. If it is practical, it must be a five-door COUNTRYMAN. There are also COPE and ROADSTER for fashion. If you talk about sportiness, MINI COOPER S or COOPER S COUPE/ROADSTER are also above PACEMAN. Almost every MINI has a unique selling point, and PACEMAN combines the characteristics of all cars, but it lacks a unique selling point. For consumers, PACEMAN is more like an alternative to other MINIs, but the question is, excluding all the first choices, how likely is it that PACEMAN will eventually win?

The only thing to be happy about is that PACEMAN does occupy a blank market, so so far, there is no decent opponent.

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