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[YesAuto Connected Travel] When it comes to the customer service of the Buick brand, in addition to the OnStar phone customer service, the eConnect networking system onboard is also well known by many people. We have tested Buick Blue VELITE 6 eConnect 2.0 and Buick GL8 ES Lu Zun and Avenir Ivia version 3.0 , both smart performance and networking ecology have performed well. But soon, Buick will usher in a new eConnect system based on the eCloud intelligent cloud electronic architecture, and the first Envision S equipped with this system is also coming soon. What are the eye-catching features of the new system? Let's explore together.

● Based on a new electronic architecture, integrated into the Baidu ecosystem.

Although the Envision S Zhilian system adopts a brand-new ecological network and architecture, the current system is still called the eConnect system externally. In order to distinguish it from the old version, I would prefer to call it the eCloud system. What's different from the past is that eCloud has introduced many applications under the Baidu ecosystem, which not only enriches network resources, but also carries avant-garde functions such as ticket purchase and smart home remote control, making it more closely connected to the cloud.

Let's take a look at the hardware first. The Envision S we experienced is the highest-configured Aivia version. The entire cockpit contains three screens, namely the central control touch screen, the instrument panel and the HUD head-up display. The 10-inch central control touch screen deflects slightly to the driver's side, giving the driver a stronger sense of wrapping. The HUD head-up display is the standard configuration of many mid-to-high-end models. The combination of dual-pointer dial + 8-inch color screen is still traditional, and lacks the technological flavor of a full LCD instrument.

The interface style of the central control screen is the same as before, with a simple dark background without glaring. Due to the addition of many functions in the new system, the design of only 8 icons displayed on each page of the menu bar has not been modified. This makes the menu bar up to 3 pages (a total of 17 icons in the experience model), but fortunately, each icon is The ones that can be dragged can move the ones with higher frequency to a convenient position.

● The vehicle settings can be adjusted according to the driver's account.

Envision S can be bound to multiple iBuick user accounts, users can customize their own vehicle settings in the account, and if there are multiple Buick models in the home, they can also “share” their preferences to the new car. In addition, taking into account the needs of networked audio resources and navigation, users also need to log in to their third-party application accounts, such as Baidu Maps, QQ Music membership, etc. After logging in and binding, they can enjoy more services or listen to copyright-restricted music.

Like other intelligent connection systems, Envision S can also be awakened by buttons and voice commands. The default wake-up word is “Hello, Buick”. From the perspective of interaction, the voice assistant has a good command recognition accuracy and has a certain natural voice recognition ability. In addition, compared with the old system, after the eCloud system wakes up the voice assistant, there is a cartoon image with a change of expression in the upper left corner of the screen, which is very playful.

The Envision S Aivia version is also equipped with many hardware facilities related to the intelligent connection system, such as zoned air-conditioning that can be controlled by voice commands and touch screens, and the second-generation BOSE Centerpoint surround sound system, which includes a total of 9 sound systems. The speaker has 4 four sound field modes to choose from. Among them, Centerpoint can achieve the sound field effect of being in the Boston Concert Hall, which is a configuration that takes into account both the sense of hearing and the sense of grade.

● Networked third-party entertainment applications are very complete.

Envision S's networked entertainment applications are very rich, and the number of applications exceeds most other competitors in the same level. In the free listening function, we can find QQ music, Himalaya FM and national Internet radio stations; in the life service and iBuick, we can find three third-party applications of Kuwo Music, Tingban FM, and ZAKER News, whether it is music or novels. The long series can be found in the Zhilian system. With these resources, it is difficult to make the journey boring.

● Baidu Navigation replaces the previous Gaode Maps, with a built-in “Pick up” function.

In the past, the online navigation carried by the eConnect system came from AutoNavi. This time Envision S chose Baidu Maps. Although there are subtle differences in interface styles and functions between the two, for most users, there is no way to use them. Significantly different. The internal functions of Baidu Navigation are also rich. The application also has a built-in “access” function, but the realization of this function still requires the driver to scan the code and do some necessary operations on the mobile phone. It is not recommended that the user “accept people” during driving. , But should stop in a safe place before operating. The Zhilian system also provides panoramic parking images and Baidu CarLife/Apple CarPlay two mobile phone mapping functions.

● OnStar is still not absent, and the system has also added a ticket purchase function.

In terms of service and networking ecology, first of all, OnStar's online customer service is still not absent. The button on the roof of the car can be used to call various types of manual customer service information or seek help. In addition, the Zhilian system has added the functions of dealer network query and maintenance appointment and maintenance, which can be completed with a touch of the screen. I personally feel that it is more convenient than OnStar customer service in terms of appointment service.

With the support of the Internet, eCloud also has built-in information query and payment functions. Information query covers weather, flight status, vehicle violations, stock quotes, etc., and the payment function currently supports online seat selection and ticket purchase through car and machine, many of which are connected to Baidu Other intelligent connected systems in the ecosystem can also achieve this function. Remote home control is also connected to the eCloud system. After binding a Baidu account, you can remotely control home appliances using devices such as smart speakers as a medium, covering multiple categories such as air conditioners and lamps.

● Article summary:

The new eConnect system based on eCloud has indeed been greatly improved compared to the previous one. First of all, in terms of functions, the online entertainment has been upgraded from the previous single music application (Kuowo) to dual applications (Kuowo+QQ), and the number of Internet radio stations. Also doubled (Tingban FM + Himalaya FM), coupled with the ZAKER news client and Internet radio, the entertainment needs of travel can be almost completely satisfied. After accessing the Baidu ecosystem, online navigation has changed from the former Gaode to Baidu. Although there is a big change, there is no obvious difference between the logic, function and the richness of destination information, even if you have been used to using Gaode before. , After switching to Baidu, you can get started quickly. In addition, like ticket purchase, remote home control are also very avant-garde functions, and are gradually popularized in the intelligent connection system.

However, there are still some areas for improvement in the system. First, the navigation path can only be displayed on the central control screen and has not yet been connected to the dashboard, which has an impact on the driver’s attention, especially in complex overpasses. Unclear path planning is likely to cause drivers to miss important information and embark on the wrong ramp. In addition, the addition of functions also makes it more difficult to find some infrequently used functions. I hope to change the existing menu mode, simplify the operation steps, and make the new system more user-friendly.