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[YesAuto Electric Vehicles] Automobile technology is changing with each passing day, and OTA (over-the-air upgrade of wireless network) is more and more common in electric vehicles and fuel vehicles. In the past, buying a car was the current automotive technology, and now we can still buy its potential. OTA allows the vehicle to “grow” and update continuously to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Not long ago, a product upgrade package named “Home OTA” was pushed to the vehicle, bringing the addition and optimization of a total of 9 functions including increased driving mode, air conditioning mode, and remote battery preheating. Why is there such an alias, and what is the story behind the naming? What experience can these features improve? Today we will take you to explore the mysteries of these problems.

All of this starts with the winter laboratory last winter. At the end of 2020, we conducted a series of winter low temperature performance tests on popular electric vehicles on the market, and launched the “Winter Laboratory Third Season” test report. Because the test scene combines the actual car scenes of the car owners, it also shows the real ability of the electric car in the winter to a certain extent. According to this test, the engineers of ARCFOX Extreme Fox found that Alpha T still has some room for optimization. After full communication with us, in order to bring a better car experience to car owners, it only took one month. The upgrade development and verification of the new version of the OTA has been completed, which was unimaginable in the previous era of fuel vehicles.

Judging from this upgrade, it seems that it just optimizes the car experience in the low temperature in winter? Many car owners think that the weather is about to get hot and there is no need to upgrade. If you think so, you are wrong. Because this upgrade also includes many other levels of optimization, it can directly increase the cruising range and make driving more comfortable and stable. Below we have a detailed explanation and experience of several main functions.

Important note: Before the experience, I still need to remind all car owners. If you are OTA to the car by yourself, you must park the car in the parking space. The car cannot be in the Ready state, cannot be charged or plugged in. The car should be kept. Some of the remaining power, the remaining battery life is less than 50km, and the small battery cannot be upgraded.

In the third quarter winter laboratory test, many vehicle air conditioners only provide one mode, which makes the vehicle always maintain a constant heating power during driving. If the heating power is high, it will be used during long-distance travel. Will consume a lot of remaining cruising range. For this reason, we propose to provide “energy saving” and “comfort” modes in air conditioners to meet the needs of users for air conditioners in different scenarios such as long-distance and short-distance travel. Jihu’s engineers also agree with us very much. In this upgrade, an air-conditioning mode has been added, and the choice of “heating comfort” or “endurance” is left to the user.

The two newly added modes are to give car owners more choices and increase the cruising range of the vehicle in low temperature conditions in winter. When the remaining battery life of our vehicle is not so sufficient or we want to save more power, we can turn on the extreme energy saving or turn on the energy saving mode of the air conditioner with one button.

The single-pedal mode usually uses the deceleration braking effect of the kinetic energy recovery to replace the deceleration braking of the brake pedal, which means that the kinetic energy recovery is very strong in this mode. If the vehicle's dynamic response, acceleration and deceleration are not well connected, and often accelerate and decelerate, there will be frequent ups and downs in the car, and it is easy to get motion sickness. This is also the place where many electric vehicles are complained.

The most high-frequency scene of the One-Pedal function is in the city with congested roads and low-speed following cars. After optimization, the vehicle will be more stable, and the discomfort of motion sickness in the car will be greatly reduced. Of consumers make the transition better.

We know that the most suitable operating temperature for lithium batteries is 15 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Low temperature will affect the activity of lithium batteries. In this state, the battery's charging and discharging efficiency is relatively low, and in cold conditions, high current discharge and charging are still Lithium dendrites are easily generated inside the battery, which affects the safety and life of the battery. Therefore, mainstream electric vehicles are now equipped with a battery thermal management system to heat the battery to ensure that it is working in an appropriate state.

I believe that many people will ask questions at this time, “Heating also wastes electricity. Isn't this unnecessary?” In fact, it is really not. The above also said that low temperature has a great impact on lithium batteries. In the low temperature environment in winter, if you want to speed up the charging speed, the “remote battery warm-up” function can shorten the fast charging time at low temperatures by more than 25%. Or if you want to travel far, heating the battery in advance can also increase the discharge efficiency of the battery, thereby increasing the cruising range, and also has a certain protective effect on the battery.

Of course, if you don’t want to waste the vehicle’s electricity to preheat the battery in advance, that’s okay. This upgrade also optimizes the battery thermal management control during charging and increases the intensity of heating the battery during charging, thereby increasing the low temperature in winter. The charging rate of the next vehicle.

What needs to be reminded here is that this function needs to be used on the National Grid fast charge charging pile with the plug-and-charge function enabled, and the owner has previously charged the National Grid charging pile once, otherwise even if the certification is completed, it will be the first time. You need to scan the code to log in to charge.

In the current mainstream smart electric cars, large-size screens have become standard, and the open application store has turned the in-car screen into a smart Pad, and in-car karaoke and game playing have also become the norm. However, these applications need to be adapted according to the car, otherwise there will be insufficient resolution, skipping and other phenomena.

The high-definition video function plus the “flying screen” blessing can ensure the entertainment in the car while improving safety. In addition, Baidu CarLife's connection accuracy and efficiency have also been greatly improved. The OTA upgrade of Alpha T is all based on the practical scenarios of users, which improves the winter car experience. The most important thing is to give users more options. Small partners who want more savings and longer mileage have more “Opportunities”, while adding a lot of practical functions.

Full text summary:

Whether it is us or ARCFOX Polar Fox, our goal is to provide consumers with a more comfortable, convenient and selective car experience. Car building must never enter the “I think” mode. It is necessary to give users the right to choose and let them make choices. Different people, environments, and scenes can have choices that suit them. This is the true face of many people. It is a smart car with temperature.