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[YesAuto Model PK] The launch of Chery's new QQ symbolizes that the current QQ3 will gradually fade out of our sight. Since its launch in 2002, the QQ series models have gone through 11 years, although they have undergone many changes and launched a sports version , But still can't conceal the essence of oldness. The new QQ completely separates the boundaries from the previous “pull skin” models. This boundary is reflected in the “dramatic” changes to the exterior and interior.

The new QQ will be launched on March 1, and the actual model will be the 1.0L MT Happy Edition with a pre-sale price of 41,000 yuan. Due to the good sales of the current QQ3 low- and mid-range models, the dealers currently only have a low-profile version of the 1.0L manual champion model, priced at 32,900 yuan, and the price of this model is 29,000 yuan after a discount. If you want one This model has the same configuration as the new QQ for comparison, and the stylish version 1.0L manual sailing model priced at 35,900 yuan can satisfy you, and the discounted price is 32,000 yuan. In the conversation with the dealer, I learned that the cash QQ3 will continue to be sold for a period of time after the new QQ is launched. For consumers who choose this price model, 9,000 yuan is not a small amount. What should the two different QQs be? How to choose, from this point of view, the confrontation between each other is quite interesting.

■ Appearance comparison

Over the years, Chery QQ has undergone many minor changes. The new QQ is completely different from the previous “lifting” products. It is a new generation product built from inside and outside, injecting youthful vitality into QQ. On the other hand, the cash QQ3 has been on the market for more than many years and still retains most of the characteristics of the QQ when it was first released 11 years ago. In terms of the freshness of the appearance, the new QQ that has been “launched” is naturally better, but don't ignore the Changxing minicar for 11 years The cash QQ3, the classic usually represents full endurance.

​In terms of body size, the length/width/height data of the new QQ is 3564mm/1620mm/1527mm (the current QQ length/width/height: 3550mm/1495mm/1530mm), and the wheelbase remains unchanged at 2340mm. The data performance of the two cars is not as obvious as it seems in reality, but don’t ignore the 125mm wider car width of the new QQ. After all, the current QQ looks too thin, and the new QQ looks thicker. The increase in car width indicates Ride comfort will be improved accordingly. Compared with the main competitors, the performance of the new QQ is not outstanding, and the body of the mini car is basically not bad.

On the side of the new QQ, you can't see the cash QQ at all. The lines have a strong sense of hierarchy, which is a bit more dynamic than the new QQ. In terms of tires, the new QQ uses Giti Comfort 220 tires. The dual five-spoke aluminum alloy wheel design is more modern. In contrast, the current QQ3 uses a steel wheel + plastic cover design. The aluminum alloy wheel is only available in the current model. Equipped on the model (the minimum 1.0L manual Ai Shang model is priced at 37,900 yuan). The name of the tire is easy to confuse with Goodyear. “GOODRIDE” is a domestically produced Good Luck brand. Like many models of the same class, the new QQ also uses a brake system for the front and rear drums.

The rear styling of the two cars has different styles. The styling of the new QQ is similar to that of the Benben MINI and BYD F0. They are designed with towering taillights and a rear windshield that occupies 1/2 of the rear. This is also popular in mini cars. the trend of. The current QQ3 is still the same as it was ten years ago, with a rounded tail and round taillights, which are typical design elements of miniature cars in those years.

■ Appearance summary:

The current QQ3 is still the same as it was when it was first launched eleven years ago. It is classic and durable, and is more suitable for consumers who do not have high requirements on the appearance. Another meaning of “classic” is that it is too old and has been sold for eleven years. , Consumers are already familiar with its appearance, and there is no freshness. The new QQ has been redesigned, making it younger and more fashionable overall, and the age of consumers is younger.

■ Interior comparison

In terms of interior, the new QQ still continues the design ideas of the current QQ3. The black interior color scheme highlights the sporty atmosphere, and the changeable color center control panel adds a sense of fashion. The current QQ3 interior design is quite satisfactory, and the gray-beige interior emphasizes Home style.

In terms of configuration, the new QQ 1.0L MT Happy Edition is equipped with four-door electric windows, electric exterior mirrors and headlight height adjustment. In terms of safety configuration, the new QQ is equipped with an ABS anti-lock braking system except for the minimum models. The ABS anti-lock braking system on the current QQ3 only appears on the new Aishang version of the model. In addition, it is the same as the current QQ3. It is not equipped with airbags. I believe that for many consumers, airbags are far more important than any comfort configuration.

■ Riding space comparison:

For mini cars, spatial performance is very important, and to a certain extent it is a vane that affects consumers' choices. Because the wheelbase of the new and old QQ is the same, both 2340mm, the performance of the legroom in the car can be said to be equal, because the new QQ car width increases, the ride comfort is better than the cash QQ3.

■ Summary of Interior/Riding Space:

The newly designed interior of the new QQ is young and fashionable. The rough workmanship in the past has been improved on the new QQ. By comparing the real shots, it can be seen that the configuration of the new QQ is quite rich, which is also an advantage compared with the same level of models. , The configuration of the current QQ3 tends to be simple and practical. Although the actual configuration of the current QQ3 is lower, you can adjust the configuration to the level of this new QQ in the article by adding 3,000 yuan, which can be regarded as a reference for everyone. In terms of space performance, thanks to the increase in body size and the enhancement of humanized design, the ride comfort of the new QQ is more than a little better than the current QQ3.

■ Comparison of luggage compartment/storage space

The luggage compartment space of the new QQ under normal conditions is not much different from that of the cash QQ3. The rear seats of the new QQ can be laid down as a whole. At this time, the space in the luggage compartment is maximized and larger items can be placed, while the cash QQ3 can be 4:6 put down or put down the whole, more flexibility.

In terms of storage space, both models have a large number of storage compartments, and the design is more convenient and reasonable. In terms of quantity, the new QQ has an even better performance. As a mini-car, the new QQ has a lot of storage space, providing plenty of storage space for drivers and passengers.

■ Power comparison

In terms of power, the new QQ is still equipped with the 1.0L three-cylinder engine on the current QQ3, with a maximum power of 69 horsepower and a maximum torque of 93 N·m. The matching gearbox is still 5MT, and an AMT version is planned to be launched later.

■ Editor's comment:

For a long time, “QQ” has appeared in front of consumers as the pillar of Chery Automobile. As Chery's main model, the QQ series has achieved good performance in the mini-car market since its launch. With the innovation of competitors, A comprehensive upgrade is imperative, and the new QQ came into being under this background. Through the comparison in the article, it can be seen that the appearance and interior of the new QQ have undergone major changes compared to the current QQ3 model. There are no traces of the model, and the powertrain and chassis have not been changed. On the whole, the new QQ is much younger than the current QQ3, and the manufacturing process and space are also improved compared to the current QQ3.

The new QQ, which has achieved a leap as a whole, will face competition from Benben MINI, BYD F0, Baojun Le Chi and other models. As a long-term “leader” in this market, the fully upgraded new QQ is likely to continue to lead the market. , But the premise is that the price of the new car must be reasonable. After all, most consumers who choose this level of car value cost performance.

In addition, it will also face another competitor, which is its “self”-the cash Chery QQ3. Compared with the new car, the current QQ3 is cheaper, has an outstanding reputation, and is not so far behind the new car in terms of configuration and space. It is really suitable as a scooter, and the new QQ is relatively more suitable for rigid vehicles. For consumers in need, buying a car is no longer as simple as looking for a scooter. Faced with such a former main product, whether Chery can make up its mind to discontinue production is worthy of attention. If QQ3 cannot be discontinued, whether it will affect the market prospects of the new QQ is also a place of great concern to us.

If you are interested in the new QQ and have the intention to book a car, please click here and fill in your detailed information, and someone will contact you at that time. If you want to know which dealer in your location has more car source information, please click here to contact the local dealer to actually go to the store for a test drive or to discuss purchase matters.