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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] Since the North American IIHS “invented” the frontal 25% offset crash test, most models of the Honda family have long been accustomed to being excellent. In 2015, the new generation of Civic (hereinafter referred to as the'New Civic') ') How did this family tradition continue? The following is the answer that IIHS brings us.

to sum up:

For the Honda family that is accustomed to the infinite scenery in the IIHS test, the new Civic's excellent results are not surprising, especially after further optimization of the body structure, its performance in collisions can be described as calm. . In addition, compared with the old models, the new Civic’s improvement in active safety is also noticeable. The addition of the Honda Sensing system has allowed it to get an unprecedented full score in the collision prevention function test. Obviously, the new Civic not only continues the previous excellent tradition, but also performs more comprehensively.