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[YesAuto in-depth experience] The convertible may be a dream of many people, and it is also an attitude to life. Niche, high-profile, and handsome are the first impressions it gave us. Today's protagonist has these characteristics. It is Mercedes-Benz SLK350 (hereinafter referred to as SLK).

Appearance: coquettish enough

Competitive model guide price
Mercedes SLK350 Mercedes SLK350 BMW Z4 sDrive35is Audi TTS Roadster 2.0TFSI quattro
Price (ten thousand yuan) 93.80 90.60 70.80
Market price (ten thousand yuan) 86.80 90.60 60.18
Body size
(Unit mm)
Length 4146 Width 1817 Height 1293 Length 4244 Width 1790 Height 1284 Length 4198 Width 1842 Height 1350

Mercedes-Benz SLK locks its rivals on the BMW Z4 and Audi TTS. Convertible and two-seater are their common features. This is obviously a niche car for play. Among the three luxury brands, look at Mercedes-Benz from the manufacturer's guide price. SLK is still the highest. However, Mercedes-Benz has a substantial discount on the market, and the price of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is is basically not loose.

Mercedes-Benz SLK has the same front face design as SLS, exaggerated and impactful. Regardless of whether it is convertible or not, we can win a lot of turning heads on the road when driving it. I think this is the greatest satisfaction for the driver.

It uses a front-rear drive layout, using Pirelli P ZERO sports tires, the front wheel size is 225/40 R18, and the rear wheel uses a wide tire size of 245/35 R18 to cope with the powerful power output.

The rear of the car is not bloated, but very simple. The beautiful roof shape and hip line create a coquettish temperament. For niche car users, distinctive temperament is the most important.

Power: 3.5L engine has stronger power reserve, but SLK200 sells better

Competitive model power comparison
Model Maximum power Maximum torque
Mercedes SLK350 306 horsepower (225kW)/6500rpm 370 Nm/3500rpm
BMW Z4 sDrive35is 340 horsepower (250kW)/5900rpm 450 Nm/1500-4500rpm
Audi TTS Roadster 2.0TFSI quattro 272 horsepower (200kW)/6000rpm 350 Nm/2500-5000rpm

Our test vehicle is the SLK350 model equipped with a 3.5L naturally aspirated engine. This engine has a maximum power of 306 horsepower (225kW) at 6500rpm, a maximum torque of 370 Nm/3500rpm, and is equipped with a 7-speed automated manual gearbox. From the perspective of power alone, the BMW Z4 has obvious advantages, and the price is cheaper than the Mercedes-Benz SLK350.

Interior: Elegance and passion

The interior style of the new SLK is exactly the same as that of the SLS, both adopting the design concept of a platform-style center console, which is more like a muscle car. Sitting in the car, I can deeply feel the elegance of Mercedes-Benz, without arrogance or impetuosity. This is the special feeling of all Mercedes-Benz cars, and sports cars are no exception. Calmness is always indispensable.

Mercedes-Benz's new steering wheel feels very good, and a solid grip is the basic guarantee for excellent control. The shift paddles on the back of the steering wheel can easily control the 7-speed gearbox, and the response is relatively positive, but the plastic paddles are small in size.

The barrel-style instrument panel is more exaggerated, and the dial's shading is similar to that of carbon fiber material, and the overall feel is high-end and sporty. In addition, a large number of metallic materials are used for decoration in the car, such as the 360-degree rotating air-conditioning outlet and the air-conditioning and audio control area on the center console. The delicate workmanship is indispensable for luxury brands.

In terms of details, the pointer gauge on the top of the center console is a bright spot, and the sports car has a strong charm; in addition, Mercedes-Benz can always insist on its own in some places, such as the handbrake method. Even if the SLK has used the electronic handbrake, it still maintains the left hand control handbrake. Traditionally, it just doesn’t require any movement on the feet.

The sun visor is made of plastic material, so the area is small in order not to affect the line of sight. This is why the makeup mirror is very small, and only the part of the eye can be seen.

Space comfort: spacious space, warm wind shawl is practical

Seeing the low body of the SLK, even I was worried about whether the space was enough. When I was in the car, I realized that I was worrying too much. I am 190cm tall and I can still have a punch in the head while sitting in the car, so the space is not a problem at all.

SLK's seat is not extreme, it guarantees the package while also taking into account the comfort, the seat is full of filling, the body is firmly fixed while sitting inside, and the body fits well, which we all want to see .

It is worth mentioning that this head and neck heating system, we usually call it “warm cape”, once the Mercedes-Benz E-class convertible came to the editorial department in the middle of winter. I have felt this system specially. The actual effect is obvious. The winter convertible It won’t feel cold even when driving, which fully satisfies the user’s high-profile psychology of the convertible in winter.

SLK also has a special design, with a pair of curved plastic plates behind the roll cage. Its main function is to divert. In the open state, it can prevent the wake from flying in the sky. Female car owners may need it. . However, the SLK does not have a deflector on the front windshield, and I, who is 190cm tall, will be blown to my hair by the wind in the front of the car.

The magic sunroof is equipped on the new SLK. The sunroof is transparent and opaque, and it always appears mirrored from the outside, so it can completely protect the privacy of the occupants in the car.

The storage space in the car is sufficient, and the depth of the cup holder is reasonable, and the fixing effect of the water bottle is obvious. The volume of the armrest box is average, but the workmanship here has turned out to be a problem. There is no flannel wrap and the seams of the plastic parts are uneven. The door storage bag has little space and can only hold small items, so the convenience is average.

Since the trunk needs to store the folded roof, the space is really small, and it can also meet basic needs such as daily shopping, but for SLK owners, this is also enough.

to sum up:

“BMW Z4 (left) Audi TTS (right)”

    This is a coquettish small sports car with a luxurious brand and individual appearance. From the product itself, we are not picky. People who buy this car just want to enjoy the different vision of passers-by. This is also true. It was the place I felt the deepest in the experience, but the air in Beijing was really bad, and there was always dust floating in front of my eyes behind the open hood. As for which power to choose, it seems that it is not important to most people. For this reason, the sales of the SLK200 with 1.8T turbocharged engine are better, while the SLK350 is relatively cold, because the SLK200 is more affordable than 600,000. The same can satisfy the different eyes of others. Among its competitors, the BMW Z4 is the most powerful, especially in terms of power performance. From the data point of view, BMW is better at running fast, but consumers who choose niche cars do not belong to the rational category. Brand and appearance are the main factors that determine the result. factor.

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