[YesAuto Power Modification] Corvette is a representative of American sports cars, but the brand is very small in China. Today I will introduce a Corvette C7 with 700 horsepower after power modification.

Corvette C7 is equipped with a V-shaped 8-cylinder 6.2-liter naturally aspirated engine, the original data is 466 horsepower. Engineers have upgraded the intake, exhaust, camshaft, and fuel injection systems, and can have 700 horsepower through ECU program matching. By replacing the spark plugs and upgrading the fuel label, this car will eventually reach 708 horsepower.

In addition, the refitting factory has also upgraded the body aerodynamics kit. The addition of the front lip spoiler and the rear spoiler can improve the handling performance of the vehicle. The chassis is also replaced with Continental high-performance tires. The front wheels are 265. /35 R19, the rear wheel is 295/30 R20, which increases the beauty without losing domineering. It has 700 horsepower. Although it uses 295mm wide tires behind it, I believe that as long as you dare to stop and accelerate and step on the accelerator, it will give you a very unforgettable start with a burnt tire.