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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Goodwood is located in Chichester, England, and car fans must have some impressions here, because every year there is a speed festival, all kinds of classic cars, racing cars, etc. gather together to compete for the ultimate speed championship. But in fact, in September every year, there will be a grand event here, a retro + speed event, called Goodwood Revival (Goodwood Revival).

The time of the Retro Festival will be displayed on the official website every year. Tickets can also be purchased here. There are several types of tickets. Depending on the project, the area that can be entered is different, and the price will also increase. Our ticket this time includes the racing pit lane. In the rest area, the ticket is a small retro card. Scan the QR code on the back to get in and out.

If you browse the web, you will find that there are requirements for dressing at the scene, such as dresses for women, suits and ties for men, or retro clothes. But in reality, there are indeed no sportswear and denims at the scene, but others are not required. Casual Formal dress will do. Of course, in order to cater to the atmosphere of the scene, wearing retro clothes is very popular.

The ladies at the scene often dress up and show off, and the men's retro clothing is mainly maintenance clothes and military uniforms. To understand it simply, I think their retro festival is a bit like the COSPLAY we often say, but their imitation objects are more specific.

Our tickets can enter the rest tent, and three things will be given, a headset to listen to the event broadcast at any time, a manual to understand the event process, and a book as a basic information introduction.

Since we were invited by Jaguar Land Rover, we first came to the brand booth to learn about this product before the Series I, which is also the earliest model of Land Rover, and this one is the seventh of them, and the manufacturer calls it Number 7.

This car was found about 3 kilometers near the Land Rover Solihull factory. At first they looked for a lot of places for this car, but when the so-called people were looking for him thousands of times, suddenly looking back, the man was in a dimly lit place.

At that time, the car was abandoned in the backyard of a family. It was originally intended to be sold as a waste product, but it was discovered by Land Rover personnel in time, and it was excavated from the soil and displayed here after being repaired. The whole car is basically restored with the original material to restore the original appearance.

In this picture, it can be seen that it was a right-hand drive car at first, but it was modified in the middle to become a left-hand drive version. Now the screws on the right side can still be seen.

A shaft is designed at the rear of the car, which can connect agricultural machinery here, use the power of the engine to drive work, and plow the ground.

Except for the booths of several brands, the event site is more like a big bazaar, selling a variety of goods, mostly retro products, car models are also sold, not too many models of various ages.

You can’t miss the parking lot on the outside. On the surface, it looks like a parking lot. In fact, it’s a place where classic cars from all walks of life compete. Here you can find old cars from different ages, not only European brands, but American cars too. A lot.

The Alpha of this era is my favorite, and I also like the later models that use the narrow inverted triangle shield logo.

The owner of this Jaguar E-Type also put a volleyball in the car. I don't know if it is a decoration specially prepared for the retro festival, but the arrangement is so neat, it must be used for people around.

The Volkswagen T series is a series with a soul. Every car owner will inject his own thoughts into it and dress it as a unique product. However, with too many thoughtful people, this car is now quite expensive.

There are also a certain amount of American cars here, and the brands are very wide, not only the Ford Mustang and Camaro we are familiar with, but also models like Oldsmobile.

The owner of this car changed the V8 engine to a cup holder. The idea is very good, but if the surface is wiped brighter, the effect will be handsome.

MINI is also a very stylish model, and today's painted old MINI is more stylish than a cup of espresso.

There were not many Ferraris on that day, but it was not without them. For example, Dino, such as the live F40 that I saw for the first time in my life, was really classic!

This old Chevrolet pickup truck is not only parked here for display, it is fate to meet for thousands of miles, if you like, you can buy it immediately, the owner specially reserved the price and contact information.

Vehicles other than those participating in the competition are not allowed to enter the event site. Therefore, for some elderly people with inconvenient legs, this electric small truck is a means of transportation. Standing in the car body is quite a sense of ritual to review the troops.

There are all kinds of antique vintage cars in the paddock. It is very valuable to pull one out. However, car owners use these expensive cars and sports cars to race on the track. It is not the kind that everyone simply compares to the point. It was unkind, it was all real knives and guns, and several cars crashed on the first day.

Various racing cars gathered. The final on Friday was a 60-minute endurance race. The Jaguar E-Type, Ferrari 250 GT, AC Cobra and Aston Martin DB4 competed against each other. Two of them were E-Type, Ferrari 250 GT, AC Cobra and Aston Martin DB4. -Type both had accidents, one of them returned to the game after violent repairs, while the other had a serious collision in the final stage and failed to finish the game.

As the sunset gradually fell, the day of the race came to an end. Participants and technicians were checking and repairing their cars in the pit lane and debugging for the next two days of the race. This time is also the most beautiful moment of the whole day. The setting sun sprinkles on the lawns, racing cars and people's shoulders. Everything is so peaceful. Without the tension of the race, the shortcoming is that the door will soon be closed.

Edit summary:

If you are a car fan, then you should not miss these two events at Goodwood. Compared with the Festival of Speed, the Retro Festival still has a lot of classic models that you have only seen in photos and on the Internet. It is pleasant for you. Run and compete in front of you. And compared to the Festival of Speed, there are a bit more humanistic elements, allowing you to occasionally travel back to decades ago. (Text, Picture/Qi Zixin, Car Home)