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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] If your child opens his mouth and asks you for a Lamborghini after playing a racing game, how would you react? A: Do you see me like a Lamborghini? B: Good, go find your mother! C: Dad will make you one! It is not always possible to choose C, unless you are a hard-core dad, an American dad bit the bullet and chose C and really did it…

After playing “Forza Motorsport: Horizon 3”, the 11-year-old Xander Backus told his father Sterling Backus that he really wanted a Lamborghini Aventador S. You must know that a brand new Aventador S costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, Aiko The eager dad can't spend so much money to fulfill his son's dream of a sports car. Therefore, the physics professor who is proficient in mathematics and design decided to make a Lamborghini for his son by himself.

Sterling Backus started 3D printing seven years ago due to work reasons. He usually likes to use 3D printers to make some crafts. In order to obtain the data of the Aventador S, Sterling Backus found a model of the same model for measurement. After getting the correct data, the hard-core dad started to make body parts with an ordinary 3D printer, and finally spliced the parts together.

It took a year and a half for the Backus and his son to basically complete the car building plan. In addition to 3D printing, the father also taught his son how to infuse and encapsulate carbon fiber, install door hinges and suspensions and other body structures. In order to ensure that the car can drive more safely, the stitched 3D printed parts are all wrapped with carbon fiber skin. Yes, this car can drive! Sterling Backus installed a Corvette V8 engine and Porsche gearbox for this car. The chassis and other important parts were also bought from eBay at low prices.

In addition, this 3D printed Lamborghini really uses some Lamborghini parts, such as windows, windshields and wipers. Some parts are from Audi. The size of Wilwood brake calipers also has a certain visual effect. In short, the Aventador S built by the hardcore dad and his son is very successful and perfectly restores the proportions of the real car. Sterling Backus said that the car will be fully completed next spring. The current cost of building this car is about 20,000 US dollars (about 143,000 yuan). In order to improve the details, the cost may increase slightly.

Sterling Backus's purpose of building this car is not only to fulfill his son's wishes, but also hope that his son will become interested in mathematics and engineering through this year and a half of hard work, and he can also exercise his son's hands-on ability. When the car was finally completed, the father and son decided to take it to school to participate in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) projects to stimulate more children of the same age in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The old saying goes well, look at other people's homes… (picture from Li Haopeng, home of the Internet text car)