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[YesAuto Model PK] In the past two years, the domestic compact SUV market has continued to introduce new ones, and fierce competition has also made various manufacturers more attentive in product upgrades and R&D. However, for consumers, too many choices are not necessarily a piece of cake. Good thing. Many models are very similar in positioning. For example, Mazda CX-5 and Ford Escape both focus on sports styles. So which one of them is more sporty, who is more suitable for daily driving, and who is more cost-effective? Today we will analyze and analyze from the perspective of consumers.

Mazda CX-5 2013 2.5L automatic four-wheel drive flagship

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First of all, from the perspective of the overall pricing of the vehicle, the Mazda CX-5 has certain advantages in price. The only two two-wheel drive models are priced at less than 200,000 yuan, and the other models are between 207,800 and 252,800. The top 2.5L automatic four-wheel drive premium model is priced at 252,800, which is moderately priced, and has good power and configuration. In contrast, the starting price of the Maverick 2.0T model is the same as that of the CX-5 top-fitting model, and the price of the most-watched top-fitting model reached 275,800, but the Maverick wins with abundant configuration and strong power. Many consumers have difficulty making decisions when faced with this car. Although the price of the Maverick 2.0T low-profile model is the same as that of the CX-5 top model, it is 252,800, but considering that the top model of the Maverick is more cost-effective, today we will compare the top model of the CX-5 and the CX-5 .

Power system and driving experience

Naturally aspirated vs. turbocharged. This sounds a bit interesting. However, if the CX-5’s 2.5L naturally aspirated vs. Maverick’s 2.0T turbocharged, the result is obvious. The turbocharged engine is in terms of parameters and explosive power. All have an absolute advantage, the torque even leads the CX-5 by nearly 100 N·m, and the actual power performance is naturally better than the Maverick. However, consumers can rest assured that the power of the CX-5 is definitely not weak, especially in urban driving. Its overall performance is very light. The engine output and accelerator pedal adjustment are even more linear than that of the Maverick. There is no turbo generator. The awkwardness of the power makes it easier to drive.

Coincidentally, both cars use 6AT gearboxes, which are remarkable in terms of ride comfort and shift logic, and are more fun to drive than the CVT gearboxes used by many competitors. Unfortunately, neither of the two main sports-style SUVs are equipped with paddle shifters. In addition, the CX-5's manual increase and decrease operation is realized by pushing the shift lever forward and backward. The conventional form is easy to operate, while the Escape uses the buttons on the knob to realize the addition and subtraction, which is not easy to operate. .

The domestic CX-5 did not perform well in terms of braking. The braking distance of 100-0km/h is more than 4 meters away from the imported version we tested before, and nearly 3 meters away from the Escape. Of course, this result must be affected by objective factors, but the main reason is still to be attributed to the brake system and tires. I hope that manufacturers can improve in this regard in the future.

Fuel consumption has always been the advantage of Japanese cars. The engine compression ratio of the CX-5 is as high as 13:1, and it is equipped with an i-stop start-stop system, which makes its fuel-saving performance more prominent. With a temperature of 32℃, full air-conditioning, and one person in the car, we drove the CX-5 at an average speed of 30km/h for a fuel consumption test, which experienced unobstructed and congested road conditions, and finally the comprehensive average fuel consumption of the CX-5 was 10.15 L/100km. Under the same road conditions, the fuel consumption of the Maverick is about 2L/100km higher than that of the CX-5. Especially when the air conditioner is turned on, the actual fuel consumption of the Maverick is worrying. This is experienced in our long-term test project of the Maverick. It is particularly obvious.

As an urban SUV, the four-wheel drive structure of the CX-5 and the Escape is basically the same. Both use a multi-disc clutch-type central differential and four-wheel electronic auxiliary braking, so that when encountering some cross-shaft projects Can help the vehicle get out of trouble. Judging from our previous tests, the electronic auxiliary braking of the Escape is more obvious than that of the CX-5, so it is relatively easy to get out of trouble. But here we want to warn consumers that although both Escape and CX-5 are equipped with four-wheel drive systems, both are positioned as urban SUVs, and off-road is not their strong point.

In addition to the hard indicators of power and four-wheel drive performance, the feel of the accelerator pedal, the steering feel of the steering wheel, the performance of the chassis suspension, etc., are also very important for consumers. In this regard, the CX-5 and the Escape are still Different. It is worthy of affirmation that the two cars can be regarded as masters of control among SUVs at the same price, and the steering feel and steering wheel directivity are more accurate than most SUVs. In contrast, the overall feeling of the CX-5 is lighter. It does not drive like an SUV. The front of the car reacts faster and the adjustment of the accelerator pedal is more linear. The overall feeling of the Maverick is more stable and the chassis is solid, but Perhaps due to the heavier kerb weight, the Escape's body's center of gravity shifts more obviously when cornering.

As far as driving is concerned, the overall feeling of CX-5 is sufficient power, linear throttle, and excellent handling, which can be described as “good opening”. The wing tiger can bring more passion to the driver through the surging power. The turbocharged engine can bring a stronger feeling of pushing back, but the engine output of the wing tiger is not linear, and the driver needs to control the accelerator pedal more finely. depth. In addition, driving a wing tiger will have the feeling of being above the top of an SUV. The center of gravity shifts of the vehicle when accelerating, braking and cornering are more obvious, while the driving experience of the CX-5 is more inclined to the car.

Appearance and interior design

From the appearance point of view, I think the overall aura of the Maverick is stronger, and the fierce appearance and body lines make the Maverick look very domineering. The CX-5 uses more round and smooth lines to highlight its sense of movement and strength, giving people a more compact and delicate feeling. If you put the two together, you might be like me, subjectively thinking that the size of the wing tiger is larger, but the actual data is just the opposite. No matter in terms of length, width, height, or wheelbase, CX-5 is slightly ahead. To opponents.

In terms of appearance details, both cars use xenon headlights with automatic opening and closing functions and a steering assist function. In addition, CX-5 is also equipped with daytime running lights, but it is not a popular LED light source, but a yellow halogen bulb. Although the Escape is not equipped with daytime running lights, it is equipped with LED display lights, which looks cooler at night.

The roof rack is also equipped with both cars, which is not only beautiful but also practical. The wheel styles of the two cars are somewhat similar. Among them, the 2.5L top-fitted CX-5 uses 19-inch wheels, which are a bit larger than the Maverick, but the tire width is not as good as the Maverick. In the choice of tires, both cars are more in love with their own tire brands. CX-5 uses Bridgestone Green Song Companion, while Escape chooses Goodyear Anjun, both products are biased. It has a good reputation for quiet, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

In the car, the styles of the two cars are also very different. The interior design of the CX-5 can be described as “simple”, which may not match the dynamic lines of its appearance. The instrument panel also uses extremely low-key black and white tones, and the center console hardly uses any extra line decoration. Fortunately, the overall workmanship of the CX-5 interior is excellent. Although the instrument and steering wheel are simple in style, they can give people a refined and sporty feel, and they can stand the scrutiny of time. On the other hand, the Maverick, the rich layering of the interior can impress most consumers in the first time, and the gorgeous instrument and large central control color screen also reflect a full sense of technology. The center console of both cars is wrapped in soft materials, and the assembly process can reach a good level.

In addition to the simplistic lines, another point of the CX-5 interior that made me complain is its central control screen. Compared to the Maverick’s MyFord Touch, the CX-5’s central control screen does not look refined enough, no matter the resolution. The display color is still similar to the non-original multimedia system of Auto Parts City. This problem seems to be different on the foreign CX-5.

Model CX-5 2.5L automatic four-wheel drive flagship Escape 2.0L GTDi four-wheel drive premium
Guide price 252,800 275,800
Spread 23,000
Knee airbag
Body stability control
Keyless start
Panoramic skylight
Front and rear radar + reversing image
Induction electric trunk opening and closing method
Ambient lights in the car
Rear air conditioner outlet
Automatic parking
Merge assist + lane keeping
Adaptive cruise
Active safety system

In terms of configuration comparison, the advantages of Escape are very obvious. In addition to the conventional configuration that most models of this level have, this top-of-the-line model is also equipped with SYNC voice operating system, adaptive cruise, lane keeping, blind zone assist, and pre-collision safety. System and so on. In short, the configuration of the Escape is currently the most abundant in its class, not one of them. In contrast, the only advantage of CX-5 in terms of configuration is that it is equipped with an i-stop automatic start-stop system, which has been introduced to you in the previous fuel consumption section.

Seat and space feeling

In terms of seating experience, CX-5 is better in terms of comfort and wrapping. Its seats are softer. The front seats provide better support for the legs, waist and shoulders of the driver and passengers. In contrast, the Escape's seat is not as soft as the CX-5, and the front seat does not support the driver's shoulders enough. Of course, the above point of view is just the conclusion of the comparison of the two cars. If the bicycle experience is concerned, the performance of the Maverick's seat is also worthy of recognition.

In terms of riding space, the two cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. CX-5 has better head and leg room in the front and rear regular seats than the Maverick. However, for the middle passengers in the rear, the Maverick is more comfortable. The reason is that the rear floor of the Maverick is close to flat. The CX-5 is obviously bulging in the middle, and the passengers' feet can only be placed on both sides.

In terms of storage space, the CX-5 also has a certain advantage. The front row has storage compartments for storing mobile phones, parking cards and other items. However, the design of Escape is not reasonable enough in this regard, and there is nowhere to put mobile phones and other personal items. Both the front and rear door panels and the front and rear center armrest areas are designed with storage compartments that can hold some drinks.

to sum up:

From a comprehensive comparison, the two cars have their own characteristics. Among them, the CX-5 is more practical. Its advantages are: fuel-efficient, excellent handling, easy to drive, and more space for riding and storage. The advantages of the wing tiger are: strong power, rich configuration, and more distinctive personality. Combined with the respective prices of the CX-5 and Escape top accessories, they both have a very high cost performance. However, for most people, the CX-5 is more economical and practical, which will be more in line with daily car needs. , Although its power is not very strong, it is actually enough. For many people, the power of the 2.0L engine can meet daily use, not to mention that it has more sensitive and better control performance. It is very rare for SUVs.

Someone may ask: “Why not compare the Escape 2.0T four-wheel drive elite with the same price of 252,800 and CX-5?” In fact, the answer is very simple. From the perspective of all Escape models, the top model is more cost-effective. Higher than this four-wheel drive elite. If this four-wheel drive elite is compared with the CX-5 top-mounted model, then it will not have an advantage in configuration (lack of GPS, xenon headlights, keyless start and other configurations), the final conclusion CX-5 will Win with a more obvious advantage.

Therefore, consumers must clarify their own needs before buying a car. If they want strong power and extremely rich configuration, then there is no doubt that they choose Mavericks, while CX-5 is more pragmatic, and you should not have too much of it. The extravagant desire, but in the ordinary, it will make people feel very intimate.