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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] IIHS, whose full name is the American Highway Safety Insurance Association, has always been known for its test items that are close to actual conditions and harsh. Its 25% offset collision project on the driver’s seat side launched in 2012 once made BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 and other models are discounted. With the continuous deepening of research and development of car companies, winning high scores in this test is no longer an “impossible task.” In order to reduce the occurrence of “test-oriented education” and correctly guide manufacturers in the development of car body safety structure, IIHS has now planned to “put on the agenda” the 25% offset collision test on the side of the front passenger seat.

● 25% collision on the side of the front passenger seat

For designers of body structure and crash safety, the 25% offset crash test is more demanding than previous crash tests, because the vehicle has a smaller contact area with the barrier, which means that there is a place for the vehicle to buffer and absorb energy. It is smaller, and the impact point of this kind of collision will basically avoid the longitudinal beams used to absorb energy to collapse, and the energy during the collision will be transmitted directly to the passenger compartment almost unobstructed. During this process, the front suspension, front wheels, and steering mechanism of the vehicle will also be displaced backwards, and in severe cases may intrude into the passenger compartment and cause injury to passengers. For this reason, some companies have come up with ways to improve the body structure of the driver's seat, in order to obtain high scores in the experiment.

In order to reduce the production of such test-taking skills, IIHS began to carry out the front passenger seat side collision test from April this year, so that the previous situation of optimizing the structure of one side in exchange for high scores will be changed. Optimize the structural design seriously. However, the IIHS has not announced specific details such as the test points and scoring standards for the front passenger seat experiment.

● How difficult is the 25% offset collision?

Although the safety of cars now has a qualitative leap compared with the products of many years ago, according to IIHS statistics, the number of deaths caused by frontal vehicle collisions in the United States has not dropped significantly each year. Among these fatal accidents, collisions with a smaller overlap area are the main cause of fatalities. This is why the IIHS introduced the 25% offset collision test.

Full text summary:

No matter how rigorous the crash test is, there are corresponding “test-taking” methods for automakers, but the IIHS's response is also swift. The birth of a 25% offset collision on the side of the front passenger seat can effectively kill the car. Let's wait and see how the major car companies will respond to the test-oriented education that gets high scores. In addition, in order to explore the secrets behind the IIHS experiment, we went to the United States for interviews. Friends who are interested in this part of the content please pay attention to our recent online articles.