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[YesAuto Racing Exposure] Next year is the 37th year of the Dakar Rally. In the lineup we will see the first truly zero-emission racing car ever. The ACCIONA Dakar EV, an all-electric racing car built by the Spanish energy company ACCIONA, will enter the 2015 Dakar Rally Championship.

ACCIONA is a crazy company. They used a kite-driven sleigh to reach the Antarctic in 2011. In 2012, they participated in the cooperation to complete the feat of using sailboats to travel around the world alone without using a drop of gasoline. Now, they have announced an electric racing plan to further verify the reliability of the renewable energy system under extreme conditions.

According to the published data, the ACCIONA Dakar EV has a maximum power of 300 horsepower, a maximum torque of 700 N·m, a weight of 2.55 tons, and an electronic limit of 150km/h. The racing car itself has three wired charging interfaces of 220V, 400V, and 50KW dedicated charging piles, which are used to charge 4 140KW/H battery packs. The roof is also equipped with solar panels with a generating capacity of up to 100WH. When fully charged You can run the 350km stage at one time in the race mode.

The Dakar Rally has a full 9,000 kilometers, and the average car consumes an average of 2250 liters of gasoline to complete the race. If it can really run the entire course without a drop of gasoline, it will really be a sensational feat. The race will be held in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile from January 4th to 17th next year. Whether the car can finish the race smoothly and how to solve the midway charging problem, these suspense will be revealed in half a month.