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[YesAuto Design Decoding] There is a saying in the industry that for car designers, the most difficult task is to design a brand-new Porsche 911. This “frog” has gone through 8 generations in the past half century. It is still an immortal benchmark in the sports car industry, but the new 992 and the original 911 together can still make people recognize the relationship between them at a glance. How to keep the tradition and at the same time comply with the changing requirements of the times, so as to make your work become a “timeless machine”? This is the first question that all Porsche designers have to consider before writing.

For Alfonso Albayza, senior vice president of global design for Nissan Motor Company, it is hard to imagine that he will also face the same troubles: Nissan also has a “spiritual totem”. How to convey the essence passed down over the past 50 years through design, while at the same time becoming “a classic for decades including the future”?

This article will talk about:

1. Why is it the biggest challenge for designers to design a new product of a classic car series?

2. Which car's design inspiration did the latest member of the Nissan Z family draw on?

3. How to express the classic design language of “traveling through decades”?

Article summary:

    As the designer said, Nissan in the quagmire needs a “Gear up” to get out of the predicament. From the Ariya pure electric concept car released at the beginning of the year to today's Z Proto concept car, it shows Nissan's determination and direction for the future. . It is foreseeable that these concept cars are not Nissan tickets, but will be officially put into production in the near future. Are these distinctive models your favorite? Welcome to share opinions in the comments section.