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[YesAuto Design] Nowadays, the tastes of Chinese car consumers are becoming more and more elusive: in the past, a car with complete functions, ample space, comprehensive configuration, and outstanding price/performance ratio usually did not sell too badly; but now, consumers are concerned about this type of car. Some of the models do not “catch a cold”-instead, some models that promote individuality, sports, and youth have gained their own specific “circle of friends” and gained market recognition. I think this is not that consumers have become difficult to please, but rather a manifestation of the maturity of the market: With the improvement of living standards, cars are no longer purely a means of transportation, but carry consumers' needs in many aspects. In this context, the two SUVs that Chevrolet launched at this year's Shanghai Auto Show can be said to be right in time. Next, we will interview Stuart Norris, the global design director of Chevrolet's small SUV, to see how the newest member of Chevrolet's small SUV, Chuangjie, interprets individuality.

As an old American brand with a history of 108 years, Chevrolet is now full of unprecedented vitality: Judging from the characteristics of its many new cars, Chevrolet is breaking with the golden mean, and more and more emphasizes “younger” and rich sports. The brand positioning of “spirit and creativity”, and Chuangjie is the latest example.

Next, we were fortunate to interview the designer of the creation world, Stuart Norris, who is also the global design director of Chevrolet's small SUV, let him talk about the target group of the creation world, and Chevrolet's understanding of current fashion and personality.

Although Mr. Stuart Norris works for the largest automobile company in the United States, he can be heard from his polite accent that he is an English gentleman like a fake. As an “enthusiast” who has had a keen interest in automobiles since he was a child, it is logical for him to choose the automobile industry. After graduating from Coventry University with a major in transportation design, Mr. Norris participated in the Bentley car design project and then worked for Jaguar. He moved to the United States in 2004 and joined the GM family. Now he is the global design director of Chevrolet small SUVs, responsible for Chevrolet and Buick The design of the brand's small cars and future products. His representative works include Hummer HX concept car, Cadillac CUE human-computer interaction system, and Chevrolet's recent best-selling pure electric car Bolt EV.

Speaking of the latest proud work, Mr. Norris first said that Chevrolet Creations is a compact SUV for young consumer groups that highlights individuality, sportiness and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, for such a model, how to make the target customers identify with the design is particularly important.

In addition to creating a sense of strength and sports elements, today's fashionable design elements are also not absent in the creative world.

Full text summary: Obviously, Chuangjie is an SUV with a sense of design and full of personality. Based on previous common sense, for an entry-level compact SUV, so many design elements not only consume research and development efforts, but also increase manufacturing costs, which is not worth the gain. However, in the face of such fierce competition The market must come up with products with all-round competitiveness in order to gain the first opportunity. From a design point of view, Chevrolet Creations is truly sincere.