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[YesAuto Car Race] This year seems to be a year of scramble for electric car races. In addition to the presence of pure electric cars in Dakar races, Formula E and F1 competition, the just-concluded Pikes Peak climbing race in the United States On the previous page, two pure electric racing cars won the championship and runner-up in the overall results. This may be the first time in the history of racing that an electric car defeated an internal combustion engine racing car. The electric cars that took the first place and second place were the eO PP03 race car driven by Rhys Millen and the Tajima Rimac E-Runner concept car No. 1 driven by Japanese driver Shinhiro Tajima. They achieved a total score of 9 minutes 07 seconds 222 and 9 minutes 32 seconds 401 this year. In the competition, it surpassed the 9:08.188 created by Greg Tracy in the Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution III last year.

It is understood that the record-breaking e0 PP03 racing car uses a total of six electric motors to achieve four-wheel drive, with a total output of 1387 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2160 N·m. The car has no gearbox and uses a fixed gear ratio to transmit power to four 320/710 R18 tires. The vehicle is equipped with a battery pack with a total of about 50kWh. With the help of a carbon fiber/steel tube composite body, the weight of the vehicle is controlled to about 1250kg. In this way, the thrust-to-weight ratio of the car has even exceeded 1:1, not losing the current Pikes Peak lap holder Peugeot 208 T16, but the electric car cannot be lightened to 800kg due to the weight of the battery pack, but I believe that it will be Getting closer and closer to this number.

Talking about the internal combustion engine car that was robbed of the limelight, the second-generation Paul Dallenbach broke the Pikes Peak open-wheel racing record with a time of 9 minutes 36 seconds 496 and increased the record by more than 18 seconds. The Time Attack-1 group championship was won by Pikes Peak veteran Jeff Zwart driving a Porsche 911 GT3 in 9 minutes 46 seconds 243. So far, Pikes Peak’s lap record is still 8 minutes 13 seconds 878 set by Loeb driving the Peugeot 208 T16.

Pikes Peak (Pikes Peak) the best results in each category
Group 2015 champion Grades Current world record Record keeping
Electric conversion group

Rhys Millen

(E0 PPO3)

9 minute 07 seconds 222 9 minute 07 seconds 222

Rhys Millen

(E0 PPO3)

Electric mass production group

Ryan Millen

(Toyota RAV4 EV)

12 minutes 55 seconds 591

Roy Richards

(Honda Fit)

Open wheel group

Paul Dallenbach

(PVA Dallenbach Special)

9 minute 36 seconds 496 9 minute 36 seconds 496

Paul Dallenbach

(PVA Dallenbach Special)

Open group

Jonathan Frost

(Palatov D2RS)

10 minute 21 seconds 978 9 minute 46 seconds 181

Romain Dumas

(Porsche GT3R)

Retro model group

Christopher Lennon (Porsche)

11 minute 37 seconds 969 10 minutes 46 seconds 000

Ralf Christensson

(1967 Mustang GT350)

Time Attack Professional Group

Jeff Zwart

(Prosche 911)

9 minute 46 seconds 243 9 minutes 46 seconds 001

Paul Dallenbach

(Hyundai Genesis Coupe)

Time Attack Modification Group

David Donner

(Porsche 911 Turbo S)

10 minute 26 seconds 896 11 minute 14 seconds 834

Fred Veitch

(Porsche 911 Turbo 996)

Unlimited group

Dominic Dobson

(Radical SR8)

10 minutes 17 seconds 332 8 minute 13 seconds 878

Sebastien Loeb

(Peugeot 208 T16)

It can be said that electric vehicles robbed the limelight of internal combustion engine racing cars to create history. Perhaps this also illustrates the direction and momentum of the development of electric vehicles. Some people say that it is sooner or later that the electric motor replaces the internal combustion engine, but maybe before that, the electric car will be on the same level as the internal combustion engine, or even surpass the latter. With the continuous development and deepening of the technical level, this may really not be a delusion… But without the beautiful sound of the engine, will it feel like it has changed?