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[YesAuto Model PK] To say that the most popular model in the market recently, Dongfeng Honda CR-V should be considered one. The good reputation and reliable product quality of the old model continue to the brand new 2012 Honda CR-V. The new CR-V The price increase in the initial sales period still cannot withstand its continued hot sales. At present, there are still some areas in the market that can only pick up the car with 5,000 decorations, or accept the waiting time of about two months. GAC Honda Geshitu had only a 3.5L displacement model before. Due to the high price, the market performance was bleak. Until the launch of the 2.4L model, the sales volume of Geshitu had a cyclical change, which happened to be 2.4L displacement. In the price range of 250,000 yuan, Geshitu overlaps with some CR-V models. The two cars are the same Honda brand and use the same displacement engine. One is an SUV and the other is a crossover. To give you a different car experience from a car, how different such two cars will be? Today we will reveal the answer for everyone.

Today we compare the two models of Honda CR-V 2.4 four-wheel drive premium version and Honda Geshitu 2.4 luxury version. (Hereinafter referred to as CR-V and Geshitu)


From the body data, it can also be seen that the body design of the two cars is different. The body of Geshitu is wider and the length is closer to five meters. The length of CR-V is far from Geshitu. CR-V has 2620mm. The wheelbase is not in the same order of magnitude as the 2795mm wheelbase of Geshitu, which makes it interesting to see whether there is the same difference in the interior space performance of the two cars. The SUV model determines that CR-V is higher than Geshitu. Vehicle height.

The appearance of the new CR-V has changed from the modest shape of the old CR-V, and it has become more avant-garde and radical. The irregular headlights are integrated with the grille to make the front face more integral, with LED width lights. The lens headlights make the CR-V's “eyes” sharper, and the atmospheric grille not only demonstrates the momentum, but also conveys the Honda family-style brand characteristics.

The front and rear surround design of the CR-V makes the body look fuller, and the unpainted plastic material shows a little “game”, reflecting the CR-V's SUV product positioning.

Compared with the avant-garde of CR-V, the front face of Geshitu is more domineering. It is the same as Honda's family-style grille, but the size is more exaggerated, occupying most of the front of the car, and the blackened headlights It also shows the sporty temperament and the richly layered front surround design, which is different from the off-road style of CR-V, and more reflects the attributes of the city. Both cars are equipped with xenon headlights with a headlight cleaning function.

The common feature of the side styling of the car body is the raised corners of the rear triangular windows. The song figure is affected by the body styling, and the corners of the side windows are sharper, which highlights the sense of speed. A unified brand design element is reflected in the body details of the two cars.

The two cars use the same 225/60 R18 tires, the same brand is Michelin, and the style of Geshitu wheels can better reflect the sense of power.

The most controversial issue since the launch of the new CR-V is the change of the D-pillar. The design of the “humpback” trunk cover and taillight shape makes people naturally think of the Volvo XC60, not to mention the use of this design style. , Only such a tail shape can make the most of the trunk space, which is the most practical. The muscular tail shape of the new CR-V has changed its gentle image in people's minds, and is more in line with the positioning of the model.

The tail styling of Geshitu can not only reflect its cross-border attributes, but also is a major selling point of this model. The slip-back design demonstrates the sporty temperament while making the tail styling fuller. The two-stage rear windshield makes the sing Poetry pictures are more unique.


The CR-V 2.4 four-wheel drive premium version and the 7000 yuan more expensive version of the song figure 2.4 luxury version, which participated in the comparison today, did not provide an entertainment system display. Only the four-wheel drive premium navigation version of CR-V, which is 10,000 yuan higher than the premium version, provides a navigation system with a large LCD screen, while Geshitu will need to spend an extra 27,000 to get the hard disk entertainment system with a large LCD screen.

If the owner of the Accord sits in the Geshitu car, they can control every functional area very familiarly, but the complicated control buttons are not easy for people who are new to this car. Although the center consoles of the two cars are of good workmanship, they only use hard plastic panel materials, which is somewhat sorry for the car price of more than 200,000 yuan. CR-V uses a pedal-operated parking brake. Compared with Geshitu, the handbrake lever is missing, and the shift handle is moved up to the center console. The shifting form of Geshitu is the same as the layout of a car.

Configuration performance

    The safety of children in the car has always been concerned by the owners of family cars. Both cars are equipped with LATCH child safety seat interfaces. Family users with children can choose with confidence.

As two models of the 250,000 level, the active and passive safety configurations are still in place. In addition to the front double airbags, they are equipped with front side airbags and front and rear head air curtains. Both cars are equipped with The body stability control system, CR-V also provides an uphill assist function to prevent the car from slipping when starting on a slope.

Neither car has an entertainment system display on the center console. The CR-V's trip computer display provides a wealth of trip data information, which is convenient for car owners to understand the vehicle's status, and has a reversing image display function. Geshitu's configuration on the central display is relatively simple, only equipped with a small-size monochrome display, which is responsible for displaying information about driving, audio, air conditioning and other systems.

The two cars are equipped with leather-wrapped multifunctional steering wheels, but they failed to provide shift paddles. The relatively sturdy shape of the Geshitu steering wheel is more hand-feeling than the CR-V steering wheel, but the multifunctional buttons on the CR-V steering wheel The control function is more abundant than song poetry picture.

Although both CR-V and Geshitu are equipped with a keyless start function, the red one-button start button of CR-V can more ignite the driver’s passion, while the start knob of Geshitu is on the steering column. The operating experience is similar to the traditional turning key start experience.

Ride and storage space

    CR-V comes from Civic's compact car platform, while Geshitu is developed on the Accord's medium-sized car platform. Next, we see whether the space utilization rate of urban SUVs is high or the space of crossover models dominates.

The wheelbase of CR-V is 2620mm. Compared with the 2795mm wheelbase of Geshitu, there is a big gap, but it is not clearly reflected in the riding space in the car. As an SUV, CR-V has a flatter The roof and rear shape make the arrangement of the rear seats more reasonable and make full use of the interior space.

Although Geshitu has a longer wheelbase, which makes the rear legroom more dominant than the CR-V, the slip-back style of the rear end affects the rear headroom, but it does not make the rear passengers feel Depressed. The CR-V's seat padding is harder, compared to the soft seat of Geshitu, which is more comfortable and fits better.

CR-V and Geshitu’s front-row storage space are comparable in quantity, but CR-V is slightly better in terms of storage compartment volume and user-friendly design. Geshitu’s rear door panel does not provide for passengers to place water cups. position.

Both cars are equipped with front and rear central armrests. The double-layer design of the front armrest box of Geshitu makes full use of the space and is also convenient for daily use. The central handrail of Geshitu is equipped with a water cup slot, which solves the problem of The problem of the placement of the passenger's water cup.

Trunk performance

Due to the different positioning of the two cars, the style of the body is also different. The roof of the CR-V is higher and straighter, and the slip-back tail shape of the Gestal is not conducive to the storage space of the trunk.

From the above picture, we can see the influence of the two-car style on the trunk space. The “humpback” tail shape of the CR-V makes full use of the trunk space, but the shorter wheelbase is also in the depth of the trunk. Reflected, the trunk space of Geshitu also reflects the influence of the body shape. Longer depth and lower trunk height are its characteristics. We came to the conclusion that CR-V is suitable for carrying higher luggage, and the space utilization rate is also higher than that of Songshitu, but Songshitu comes in handy when you need to store longer items. You can use your imagination to make full use of it. It has a maximum depth of 2 meters in the trunk.

Power system

    The two vehicles are the same Honda models, using the same engine, and are paired with the same 5-speed automatic transmission. Since the maximum power of different CR-Vs is adjusted to 190 horsepower/7000rpm, Geshitu is 7 horsepower higher than CR-V to 197 horsepower/7000rpm, and the torque is the same 222Nm/4400rpm.

The curb weight of the two cars is not much different. The CR-V has reached 1634 kg and the song picture is 1690 kg. This difference reflects that there will be no excessive difference in power performance. The acceleration, braking and fuel consumption test results of the two cars will be There are specific test articles respectively, which will be released by my review colleagues later, so stay tuned.

The CR-V we compared today is a four-wheel drive version, and all Geshitu models are front-wheel drive models. The CR-V is a timely four-wheel drive system. The center differential adopts a viscous coupling structure. The current rear axle wheel has a speed difference. It will automatically connect when the time is, and in most cases it is still a front-wheel drive. This four-wheel drive structure is more meaningful to ensure driving safety on wet and slippery roads.

The two cars from different platforms have different suspension structures. The CR-V is a front McPherson rear double wishbone independent suspension, and Geshitu uses a front double wishbone rear multi-link independent suspension. The car is more different in the style of tuning. CR-V can provide effective support while filtering road bumps. The suspension of Geshitu is slightly harder than CR-V, but it does not have too much roll when driving. The sports style is more obvious. The steering systems of the two cars have different personalities. Because CR-V adopts electric power steering, it feels lighter and can reduce the burden on both arms when driving in the city. The steering system of Geshitu is still the traditional mechanical hydraulic power steering, and it is more heavier to drive, and with good The directivity.


As the two models of the same brand use the same engine, the maintenance costs of CR-V and Geshitu are basically the same, and it is reasonable compared with cars of the same class. The basic maintenance cycle is 5000 kilometers or half a year. Maintenance costs will not pose any pressure to owners who purchase a 250,000-class car.


The CR-V has been remodeled and has a more fashionable appearance. The newly designed front and rear headlights have changed the mediocre shape of the old model, making the appearance more prominent and sharp. The front grille reflects the Honda family-style design elements. As a crossover model developed on the platform of a medium-sized car, Geshitu has a slender body, while the back shape and high ground clearance are also selling points that can reflect its crossover style.

Advantages of CR-V over rivals:
1. Equipped with ECON economical driving mode and reversing image system, which is more practical.
2. The timely four-wheel drive structure can properly challenge non-paved roads and ensure driving safety on wet and slippery roads.

The advantages of Geshitu relative to its opponents:
Thanks to the longer wheelbase, the back legroom performance of the two punches is better than CR-V.
2. The maximum depth of the trunk is up to 2 meters, which is more suitable for storing longer items.

Although the Honda CR-V 2.4 Premium Edition and Geshitu 2.4 Deluxe Edition are the same as Honda’s models, through today’s comparison, we find that CR-V provides a reversing image function that Geshitu does not have, which is convenient for daily use. , Equipped with a timely four-wheel drive system that allows you to properly challenge non-paved roads and ensure driving safety on wet and slippery roads. Overall, CR-V is more suitable for driving. The cross-border style of Geshitu not only attracts consumers who like freshness, but the two-fist rear leg space and larger trunk storage platform also tempts family consumers who pay attention to the space in the car. However, the manufacturer's guide price difference of only 7000 yuan, so that the two cars have an overlapping price range. This allows consumers who are unwilling to wait for CR-V, as well as song pictures to choose from. It has practical space and a more fashionable cross-border appearance, which is also worthy of your consideration.

The article is not over yet. On the next page, there are detailed parameters and configurations of the above two comparison models. Interested readers can view them in detail.

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