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[YesAuto] The national bird of the United Arab Emirates and Angola is a bird of prey called the Peregrine Falcon. It can be said to be the fastest flying animal in the world, with a dive speed of 386km/h, but the peregrine falcon The horizontal flight speed is not fast. This time, the top luxury car brand Rolls-Royce incorporated the Peregrine Falcon pattern into the design through embroidery.

Rolls-Royce has always had an impeccable eye for details. The peregrine pattern is embroidered on the blue leather roof. The intricate embroidery consists of 250,000 stitches, making it “the finest embroidery ever on a Rolls-Royce car.” As the latest masterpiece of Rolls-Royce's haute couture department, this Phantom was built according to the customer's vision and turned the customer's desire into reality.

Josh Liles is a Rolls-Royce custom embroidery expert, responsible for all embroidery on Rolls-Royce cars. Before joining Rolls-Royce, he received training in mechanical engineering, 3D design and construction. “This design requires hours of observation of the peregrine falcon-we need to understand its muscle structure, movement and feather shadows,” Liles said. “We want to show the peregrine falcon's alertness and predator posture.”

In addition to the roof, the Peregrine Falcon pattern is also reflected between the rear seats and on the decorative panel of the center control. At the same time, the two-color body is sprayed with Bala blue and Andalusian white paint, with the hand-painted arctic white waistline of the Peregrine Falcon pattern, showing the luxurious and unique temperament.