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[YesAuto Electric Vehicle] In the past six months, the mini-car market seems to have gradually become hotter. Not only the compact body of this class of car, it is particularly easy to give people a cute feeling, easy to attract attention, and the designer has added cute or individual design elements on this basis to make this type of car Has the potential to become “the most beautiful boy on the street”. Today we are bringing a cute, cute and personalized pure electric minicar, the E300Plus from Xinbaojun. (We have conducted a comprehensive test on this model before, if you want to know its endurance performance and driving experience, please click here to read “How to test the new Baojun E300Plus”)

● New car overview

● New car pickup

● Get started quickly

● Get started quickly

● Front engine room

● Analysis of Chassis

Full text summary:

Driving this car on the street will definitely bring you more than one return rate, because the design of the E300Plus is so individual that people of any age will be attracted by its cute temperament. . Although the 305km NEDC cruising range of the car is not very short, it can meet the needs of daily transportation and outings in the suburbs. Due to the limitations of the body size and the seat layout, the space of the car in the trunk needs to be improved, but there is no problem with commuting to get off work or going to the supermarket for shopping. (Photo/Text/Photo by Xu Bo, the home of the car)