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[YesAuto concept car real shot] To say which of the Chinese brands will play “gimmicks” this year, it must be the Great Wall. The original intention was to hope that netizens would vote for the car name, and then it developed more and more in strange directions. The Great Wall was also very “interesting” and really used these names, and then it would be the “Great Wall Military Museum” in the future It will be completed soon. The name is enough to grab the show may not be in place. The Great Wall is also “increasing efforts” in design to play new tricks, and today our protagonist is the new attempt of Great Wall in design, look at this retro style + sense of technology Can it be “cyberpunk”?

Edit comment:

I dare not say whether this style is acceptable to everyone, but what we can see is that the Great Wall has not followed the trend in its design in the past two years. Cyber. It is precisely because of this that, in conjunction with those names that are sufficiently grounded, the new models of Great Wall have become the focus of everyone's attention once in the past two years, and my personal suggestion for this style is to “strengthen”, because I I don't want to see the design convergence of the entire automotive industry. Designs should be blooming. This is the automotive world we like.