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[Illustration of YesAuto Concept Car] Not to mention the product strength, Skoda’s styling design has always been my favorite type. A series of SUVs from Super, New Octavia to “Ke” generation have achieved good sales in China. Obviously, the reason is not It will be a mouth-watering name or “detailed configuration”, and excellent appearance is believed to be the competitiveness recognized by most consumers.

After the former Skoda design director Jozef Kabaň, who had served for nearly 10 years, “changed” BMW at the beginning of 2017, Skoda also faced challenges in design. After a year and a half, during the Paris Motor Show, Skoda also brought the VISION RS concept car. On the one hand, it was a response from the new design director Oliver Stefani. On the other hand, it also showed the Skoda brand's ideas on the future of compact cars. And ideas, we might as well take a look.

The fingerprint recognition and heart rate/blood pressure monitoring on the Skoda Vision RS allow us to see new attempts of technology in automobiles. Under the strict European emission regulations and the increasingly intensified “planning” of “clearing” traditional power vehicles, “small It seems that the “Gun Cannon” model really needs to change to a different mode to survive, hybrid or pure electric power, can you accept it? (Photo/Photo by Zheng Xu from Auto Home/Car Home Paris Motor Show Front Reporting Team)