[YesAuto in-depth experience] From the debut of the Chengdu Auto Show last year to the official price announcement at the end of October, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the Dongfeng Peugeot 308. The exterior and interior are indeed beautiful, but the power system and chassis suspension have only been re-tuned on the basis of the 307. After being in close contact with it for a few days, I will talk about my feelings about it for your reference.

●The appearance is no longer a hindrance: a plate of French “twisted pork”?

When you see the three words “twisted-cooked meat”, you may think that it’s a bit irrelevant. In fact, it’s not that I’m too ridiculous, and the article is not written hungry. This is indeed what I came out of my heart after 308 days of contact. Vocabulary. If you don’t understand, then look down and you may gradually recognize me.

◆ Since I can only eat but not cook, all the content about twice-cooked pork below comes from Baidu Encyclopedia.

Twice-cooked pork is a traditional dish of cooking pork in Sichuan cuisine, and it is also called boiled pork in western Sichuan. Every household in Sichuan can make it. Twice-cooked pork is characterized by its unique taste, bright red color, fat but not greasy. The so-called re-cooking means cooking again. As a traditional Sichuan cuisine, twice-cooked pork has a very important status in Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan cuisine often uses twice-cooked pork as the first choice for grading examinations. Twice-cooked pork has always been considered the first of Sichuan cuisine and the embodiment of Sichuan cuisine. When it comes to Sichuan cuisine, you must think of twice-cooked pork.

From food to car, in 2004, the Peugeot 307 sedan was officially off the assembly line as the first model of Dongfeng Peugeot. At that time, the Chinese did not recognize the hatchback, so the introduction of the domestic 307 added an uncoordinated tail. This French-style Chinese dish is not authentic or beautiful, but it is still useful to the Chinese, and the good sales in recent years can be regarded as an affirmation of it.

Seven years have passed. The brand-new Peugeot 308 overseas and the domestic Dongfeng Peugeot Hatchback 307 have been launched one after another. The domestic sedan 307 is about to be replaced. The vertical replacement of the overseas version of the Peugeot 308 is naturally a joy to everyone, but the cost and risk of doing so are high, so Dongfeng Peugeot chose to put it second. The domestically produced 308 is made on the basis of the cash 307, and the French-style Chinese food 7 years ago is cooked again . This also has the protagonist of today, the Dongfeng Peugeot 308.

The design work of the Dongfeng Peugeot 308 was in charge of Peugeot's local design team in Shanghai, China. They also participated in the design of the Peugeot SXC concept car. What everyone is most concerned about is the design of the C-pillar at the rear of the car, because this was the place where the sedan 307 was most criticized.

It is not difficult to see that the rear of the 308 is obviously a product of comprehensive consideration. The side lines are smooth and the transition is natural, and the rear is no longer as high as the 307. The new taillight lamp group design is also in line with the current trend. The C-shaped light strip is very beautiful when lit, and the recognition is also high.

Perhaps considering the existence of 408, the 308 launched this time did not lengthen the wheelbase, but kept the same 2612mm as the 307. This wheelbase level was good 7 years ago, at least better than the European Sagitar, but today the new Sagitar is going to be stretched to 2651mm, so this performance is uncompetitive.

Inspiring interior design: Obviously upscale, even upscale than 408

We have been talking about French design and French design on the first day since the French car came to China, but after so many years, it seems that no French car's interior can be described as particularly stunning. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Citroen DS5 made us shine, but its price is also high. The protagonist of this article, the 308, is the French car with the most beautiful interior in my opinion in the past two years. The design and workmanship are excellent, which obviously surpasses the models of the same price.

Your first impression of sitting in the car is still bright and bright, which is also the consistent impression of French cars. The inclination of the windshield glass is very large, and the A-pillar is not too strong, so the view in the car is very wide and the blind area is small. However, because the curve of the front of the car is relatively ecstasy, it is impossible to see the front of the car from the inside, which also increases the difficulty of getting started with some vehicles.

The design of the center console has a sense of hierarchy, with the central LCD screen, air conditioning outlets and even the audio control panel staggered. The cover parts of the countertop are all made of soft material made of slush molding process, which is better to touch than 307 and Sega, and there is a little toughness in the softness. The air-conditioning vents and interior trim strips are all chrome-plated decorative edging, which looks like a luxury car in some parts, and even reminds me of the Audi A1 that I tested a while ago.

The instrument panel with white background, black lettering and red pointer is very similar to the 307, but the three-dimensional effect is stronger after the redesign; the evolution of the steering wheel is much greater, and the three bare steering wheels that have been in service for many years have long been unpopular with car owners. And I believe that the steering wheel of the 308 will satisfy you. It has a flat-bottomed design, an excellent feel and a bit of RCZ flavor. The only regret is that there is no multi-function steering wheel in the whole series. In this respect, you should really study like its elder brother 508.

The audio-visual system of high-end models has rich functions, and the Bluetooth phone and USB interface are more convenient to use, and can well identify the phone book and audio files in Chinese and English. However, the design of the buttons is a bit unsuitable for use. The volume is adjusted for button operation, and the buttons for the 6 fixed stations are also small. The reduction of the air-conditioning system is a bit incomprehensible. Since so much effort has been taken to create a luxurious atmosphere, why must the air-conditioning configuration be disappointing?

The display effect and response rate of the central control LCD screen are satisfactory. I even think it is a bit better than the system on the 508. You can adjust the screen to the display interface of instantaneous fuel consumption during daily driving. The secret to saving fuel for a long time, I want to give it a big foot and look at the numbers that flashed by over a dozen or twenty, and immediately feel calmer.

Of course, the vehicle is not satisfactory everywhere. For example, the power window is reduced from the 307 four-door one-key up and down to only the main driver one-key up and down. This is obviously inappropriate for a model that strives to fully evolve in the static part. of.

Whether the wheelbase has not changed, has the riding space changed?

In the previous introduction, we have said that the Dongfeng Peugeot 308 is based on the cash 307 design, and also said that its wheelbase has not changed, which is still 2612mm, so we are basically aware of its riding space. Next, I will sit in the two cars and adjust them to a suitable sitting position to see how much difference they can have in terms of riding space.

After the front row is adjusted to the proper position, the rear space performance of the two cars is basically the same, both of which are about a punch. As for the head space, the two cars have their own winners and losers. The 307 has a slightly better front head space, while the 308 has a little more rear head space for the rear passengers because of the groove on the rear roof.

Is there any improvement in comfort?

The answer to this question is yes. The improvement in riding comfort of the 308 is obvious. When you drive it for a long time and then change to the cockpit of the 307, you will feel like you are back before liberation. Not only is the back and butt without the packaging and care of the perforated leather seats, the entire cockpit also feels like returning from Audi to Alto.

Speaking of the seat, I have to mention a child safety seat interface. I know that many netizens don’t care about this, but it can indeed save your children at critical moments. The 308 is better than the 307 in this respect. The two sets of ISOFIX+LATCH interfaces make people look very practical. If you have children, you must make good use of it.

Sufficient storage space, reduction in the trunk

The storage space of the vehicle is relatively abundant, and the front and rear door panels have practical storage slots, and there is no problem with water and maps and snacks. There are two practical storage compartments in the lower part of the center console. The upper part can hold some change notes, and the storage compartment with anti-slip pads at the bottom is more suitable for storing mobile phones. There are also two cup holders in the middle of the front seats, but the design is too shallow and unstable.

The space and configuration in the glove box is similar to that of 307, the space is not too big, but the lighting, air-conditioning outlet and other configurations are all available. The space in the central armrest box is also general, and some small objects such as car books and driving permits are sufficient.

In terms of the most important volume parameters of the trunk, the old model 307 leads the new 308 with a performance of 620L, and the rear seats of the old model can be folded down, and the expandability is also better than the new 308.

Experience summary:

The static performance of the new Dongfeng Peugeot 308 can be summarized as a huge leap in appearance, interior trim and space practicality. The appearance is what everyone sees. The previous real shots and test drives have also been introduced in large lengths. Compared with the 307, it is indeed a great improvement. It is not only coordinated but also beautiful enough; the interior of the car is what I think The best part is that this is not only the visual experience in the picture, but also the 4S point to sit and touch, and then you can experience the kind of high-end feeling I said; as for other aspects, there are basically increases and decreases. Cancel each other out. Finally, I despise the 4-speed automatic gearbox for the evaluation colleagues in advance. If such a good car does not sell well, it must be its responsibility. I recommend the 2.0L manual transmission model to everyone. The 2.0L engine of the EW10A is still good. As long as you don't mind turning on the manual, the new 308 will be able to bring you top-of-the-line interior design and workmanship at the same price, mid-to-higher appearance, power, and fairly reliable fuel consumption and space. For a plate of twice-cooked pork, I think it's not bad fried. If the ingredients can be changed, the pork belly will be fresher. (Photo by Liu Yuxin from Auto House: Liu Yuxin, Zhang Ke, Zhu Li)