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[YesAuto Chassis Analysis] In recent years, people's interest in SUVs has increased unabated, and car companies with sensitive sense of smell have begun to deploy models in various levels of the market. In this battle, one of the “winners” is to accurately figure out the needs of consumers for cars. For the compact SUV class, the Haval H5 and H6 are undoubtedly the overlords, and their excellent sales have also prompted other manufacturers to challenge it. throne.

BYD Song and Southeast DX7 are two compact SUV “new forces” from Chinese brands. They not only have similar body size, but also have quite good “face value”. It should be said that they are a pair of evenly matched SUVs. Players. However, beyond the superficial knowledge, what are the similarities and differences between these two models of the same level in terms of chassis and suspension systems that are not often seen? This is the problem we want to solve today.

●Reading tips

●Real shot models

At present, users' demand for automatic transmission models of this level of models is becoming stronger and stronger, so we chose the top model of the two automatic transmissions. It should be noted that in the Southeast DX7 car series currently on sale, the 2.0T models have not yet provided automatic transmission models.

Song 2016 2.0TID Automatic Flagship

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

14.69 million

Southeast DX7 2015 1.5T automatic distinguished type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

13.99 million

Note: Due to the rush of shooting time, only the exterior of the car was cleaned, and the cleanliness of the bottom of the car was different due to the recent use of the vehicle. Regarding the cleanliness of the chassis, we will strive to improve it in the later content production. Please understand and keep your attention to us.

●Chassis panorama

From the perspective of the chassis panorama, in the form of front and rear suspension, both cars fully consider their own compact SUV positioning: based on comfort, make full use of space, of course, cost control is also one aspect. Although the product positioning is the same, there is a different logic in the design and layout of the subframe and connecting rod.

●Comparison of front suspension structure

For the front sub-frame, BYD Song adopts a full-frame sub-frame structure. Compared with the non-full-frame sub-frame, the full-frame sub-frame receives a positive impact when it is hit by a frontal collision and is dispersed on the sub-frame to protect the passenger compartment. Not only that, BYD Song also added reinforcements connected to the bottom rails of the front subframe to not only strengthen the rigidity of the subframe, but also transmit the frontal impact force when the subframe is impacted. Guide the impact force on the bottom longitudinal beam of the vehicle.

In terms of front suspension, both cars use MacPherson front suspension, which is also more traditional in form. As a relatively simple form of independent suspension, Macpherson-style front suspension has a smaller footprint, easier layout of the engine, and design and design compared to double wishbone and multi-link independent suspensions. Features of lower manufacturing cost.

●Comparison of front suspension details

In the uncovered area, both vehicles have done a more comprehensive PVC spraying process on the wheel arches isolated from the engine compartment. On the one hand, the PVC spraying process can play a role in resisting stone attack, on the other hand it can play a role in noise reduction.

Interested in torque steering? Car Encyclopedia:

To sum up, in the front suspension, the structure and form of the BYD Song and the Southeast DX7 are not much different, and they are also comparable in some details. Only in the front subframe strengthening structure and improving the torque steering strategy, there is a big difference.

●Rear suspension structure comparison

Compared with the front chassis, the rear chassis structure of the two cars is quite different. BYD Song uses a sub-frame similar to the “well” shape, while the Southeast DX7 uses a sub-frame similar to the “one” shape. The “well”-shaped sub-frame takes up more space at the bottom, and the “one”-shaped sub-frame has more space advantages. Theoretically speaking, a suspension with anti-roll bars and reinforcing bars has certain advantages in terms of adjustment in terms of lateral support force and rigidity.

Due to the big difference in the rear subframe, although the two cars are both multi-link rear suspensions, the actual layout design is not the same. The rear suspension of BYD Song lacks an anti-roll bar, and the rear shock absorber has a larger angle than the Southeast DX7. This may be based on the consideration of the space layout of the passenger compartment during the development of the vehicle.

●Comparison of rear suspension details

The damping mechanism of the two cars adopts the design of shock absorber and spring split body, but based on the difference in the development of the whole vehicle, the fixed position of the upper end of the shock absorber is different, and the shock absorber of BYD Song is arranged obliquely on the bottom of the car. , While the Southeast DX7 arranges the shock absorber almost vertically on the side of the wheel arch. In contrast, the damping mechanism arranged obliquely on the bottom of the vehicle helps to create the rear space of the passenger compartment, while the vertical arrangement It is conducive to the adjustment of control performance.

Regarding the problem of the exposed tubing and the shock absorber inside the wheel arch, the design difference is caused by the different layout. The layout of BYD Song can hide the tubing and the shock absorber under the car, so it can be designed as a fully wrapped wheel arch. Wrap, play a better protective effect in the sand and gravel road conditions.

In summary, since the positioning is also a compact SUV, in order to control costs and expand the interior space, the rear suspension design must make certain compromises. Both cars use a multi-link rear suspension with a better dynamic response to the road surface. Although the names are the same, they are quite different in terms of design and structural layout, and each has its own advantages.

●Comparison of other details

In comparison, the BYD Song did not achieve a large front bottom guard plate like the Southeast DX7, and theoretically, there may be a certain degree of inadequate protection.

Tire model specification

BYD Song Southeast DX7
Tire width 225mm 235mm
Flatness ratio 60% 55%
Wheel size 18 inches 18 inches
Load index 100 (800kg) 100 (800kg)
Speed class H (≤210km/h) V (≤240km/h)

In other details, both cars performed fairly well. They were relatively traditional in suspension material selection, design and layout, without too much innovation, and both reserved four-wheel drive drive shaft positions. In terms of fuel tanks, Southeast DX7 will have some advantages; in terms of tire selection, BYD Song’s Michelin Lantu series tires are of higher level than the Magis BRAVE series matched on Southeast DX7. However, Southeast DX7 tires are marked It is higher than the BYD Song (in terms of tire width ratio and speed level); and on the bottom guard plate of the engine, the Southeast DX7 has a larger bottom guard plate, which protects the engine more comprehensively.


As the two hot Chinese brand compact SUVs, high configuration, high power and high cost performance have become their weapon to seize the future market. This time we have conducted an in-depth study, starting from the chassis, and researching which car's chassis is “better”.

Perhaps the conclusion of which is “better” is not accurate. There is no absolutely perfect thing in the world. We do not support “absolute views”. Different vehicles have their own different positioning. As long as the adjustment is designed according to the positioning group The school chassis is a good chassis. So today’s two protagonists: BYD Song and Southeast DX7, if you only look at the chassis structure, although the design layout logic is different, some differences in the structure have not produced essential differences. In the article by my colleagues on the evaluation channel, both cars showed partial comfort adjustments, and their chassis are in line with their own positioning of taking care of handling and comfort. Of course, they still balance materials and costs in terms of car bottom workmanship. relationship. (Photo/Text/Photo: Shu Ning, the home of the car)