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[YesAuto Industry] A few days ago, ZF after-sales and Baturu reached a strategic cooperation, the two parties will share the independent aftermarket online resources. ZF after-sales service will provide after-sales service through the Baturu platform, and Baturu will become ZF's after-sales strategic partner in Greater China.

ZF is an international auto parts manufacturer whose business covers many aspects such as steering, chassis systems, radar sensors and autonomous driving technology. The ZF after-sales division mainly provides customers with products and services throughout the life cycle. Baturu is a company that focuses on automotive aftermarket services, and it has a B2B service platform “Auto Parts Shop” for all vehicle parts transactions.

It is understood that the transmission and chassis components of ZF after-sales will be launched on the Baturu auto parts shop platform to better provide terminal maintenance companies with sources from the “ZF series (including ZF, Sachs, TRW, etc.) “Genuine accessories and service support. The products of Baturu’s auto parts shop platform cover 98% of the models of more than 100 car brands. After the after-sales cooperation with ZF, Baturu will use the advantages of warehouse distribution, channels and big data to provide sales support to partners. At the same time It also includes marketing and promotion. In the future, ZF after-sales and Baturu will also carry out deeper cooperation in many areas such as big data, product supply, and landing services.