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[YesAuto Auto Race] CRC China Rally Championship has another good news. Autohome drivers Wang Tao and Linghang Guo Feng represent the FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar champion team to win the S3 championship again, ranking 22nd among all 73 cars in the competition. , Ranked 3rd among all front-wheel drive cars. This is the second time for the two to compete in a Sagitar championship.

According to Wang Tao, the process of the game was actually not smooth. Leading Guo Feng has been having a fever because of physical discomfort. From the very beginning, his work on the road has been affected. Wang Tao gave full play to his rich experience in field competitions and demonstrated excellent driving skills on wet and slippery roads in the two cement road stages on the first day. Guo Feng insisted on cooperating with the pilot due to illness, so that the first few stages did not fall too far. many.

On the second day of the race, Guo Feng benefited from the care of the FAW-Volkswagen team's nutritionist and recovered some state. Starting from the seventh stage, the car team led away from the opponent by 30-60 seconds in each stage. In the end, Leading the second place with a total score of 3 minutes, 12 seconds and 8 seconds, ranked the champion of the S3 group.

At the time of this writing, the team is also holding a celebration banquet. Wang Tao said excitedly on the phone that it is not easy to withstand the pressure to win the championship, and he hopes to participate in the 2016 WRC World Rally Championship in China. According to the internal news of the FAW-Volkswagen team, the plan for the two to participate has been put on the agenda, but let them celebrate today. Regarding the details of the competition, please look forward to the follow-up first-person participation report.