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[YesAuto Connected Travel] In recent years, a concept called “third living space” has emerged, which refers to the connection between “home” (first space) and “destination” (second space) The mobile space can not only be the public transportation that we can touch every day, but for car owners, the car cockpit is a more private and comfortable “third space”. In addition, with the development of technology, intelligence and networking have long been an inevitable topic in the automotive field. The feature-rich and highly interactive in-vehicle intelligent connection system “sticks” more and more car users. In November 2020, SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X officially unveiled , and its MOS 4.0 mobile online service system (hereinafter referred to as “MOS 4.0 system”) also came to us. Taking advantage of the opportunity to experience the trial installation of ID.4 X today, please follow in my footsteps and take a look at the interaction and functional performance of this new version of the intelligent connection system.

● The Volkswagen brand has always maintained frequent updates in terms of intelligent connection, keeping itself in the first echelon.

When it comes to Volkswagen’s intelligent connection system, the first known is the MIB system. The first-generation MIB (GEN1, equipped with a 5.8-inch screen) became popular with the seventh-generation golf; by 2015, the second-generation MIB equipped with an 8-inch screen (GEN2) With the promotion of SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu, which went on the market that year. Compared with the first generation, the intelligent connection performance of the second generation MIB system has been greatly improved. In addition to the three types of mobile phone mapping, the system even added news information, weather query and other applications. However, at that time, the MIB system was still a set of products for the global market, and factors such as untimely updating of navigation map data restricted the ease of use of the system. In order to better meet the needs of local users, some models of Volkswagen and Skoda will be equipped with the CNS 2.0 system based on the Android system and built-in functions such as AutoNavi map, mobile App mapping + interconnection, etc., on some models of Volkswagen and Skoda from 2018.

At this point, the introduction of several main smart cars in the history of the domestic Volkswagen is almost the same. Although each generation of the system has made great progress in terms of functions and intelligence, at the same time I have also seen some engineers’ obsessions, that is, the interface UI style is not Too big changes, almost all adopt the black background + thin rectangular frame style, it is not easy to distinguish the various versions visually. With the official debut of the SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X, the Volkswagen brand intelligent connection system has officially entered the MOS 4.0 era. In the future, other domestic Volkswagen brands will gradually popularize this 4.0 version of the intelligent connection system.

● The digital cockpit has a sense of science and technology, and the large-size central control screen occupies the “C” position.

The digital cockpit is a major feature of the ID.4 X interior, and it has a more technological sense than the fuel version. The large 12-inch central control screen stands on the top of the central console, and the design slightly turned to the main driver's side is obviously to give the driver more convenience in touching the screen. The 12-inch large screen is very large among the Volkswagen brands. It is important to know that even for higher-positioned models such as Touron or Weiran, the size of the central control screen is only 9.2 inches. Infrared induction interaction is a characteristic function of Volkswagen Autolink. You can turn the page horizontally by waving your hand about 25mm in front of the touch panel. The interactive experience is great. Of course, considering that many functions of the application page need to be turned up and down to see Other application icons, so I think it would be better if you can add up and down sensing design. In terms of buttons, the physical buttons in the traditional sense are almost invisible on the entire center console of ID.4 X, including the air-conditioning control panel and steering wheel buttons are all touch-sensitive.

In terms of instrumentation, ID.4 X does not fill the space behind the steering wheel like other rivals. The compact 5.3-inch LCD screen has a simple interface that covers important data such as assisted driving, driving data, navigation information, etc., and has been streamlined. The interface design makes it easy for drivers to find the data they need quickly. The augmented reality head-up display system is a major feature of this car. The imaging distance of the near-field indication information is 2.5 meters in front of you. After the vehicle is started, the imaging distance of the far-field navigation assisted imaging is increased to 10 meters in front of you. Unfortunately, the trial car is not open today. Corresponding function, hope to have the opportunity to experience in the future.

● The new UI interface has a more brilliant visual effect, and the operation is close to that of a smart phone.

The interface layout is similar to the previous one. The number of icons that can be placed on each screen of the application page is still 8. Long press + drag to change the order or position. Different from the previous design of black background + light color frame, MOS 4.0 version adopts a more simple effect of two-color background + rectangular module design, the background color will also be adjusted according to the color of the ambient light. The vehicle's shortcut settings and message pages are usually hidden, and can be expanded by sliding the screen from top to bottom. The control logic is still very close to that of a smart phone.

Each ID.4 X user account contains a main account (the owner account) and several sub-accounts. After each startup of the vehicle, you can confirm the current account through the central control screen or choose to log in to other accounts, but the login method is still the best. The traditional form of account password or verification code cannot use facial, voiceprint and other biometric information to log in quickly like those models with biometric devices. Users can set music preferences and other information in the account so that they can listen to their favorite music styles and replay novels after logging in. It should be noted that although ID.4 is equipped with seat memory, the seat position is not bound to the account, and the maximum number of main driving positions that can be stored is two groups.

Compared with MIB and even the CNS 2.0 system, the voice assistant has obvious progress. The voice assistant can be awakened by the voice button on the steering wheel or by directly shouting the command of “Hello, Volkswagen”. The system also supports customization of no more than five Chinese characters. Wake-up words to meet the individual needs of users. In addition, such continuous command input and wake-up-free commands (under navigation and entertainment interface) are also achievable in MOS 4.0, and smart performance is at the forefront of the industry.

In addition to the multimedia, navigation, and air-conditioning systems in the in-vehicle system, the voice assistant can also help users achieve certain information query functions, such as checking weather, violations, flight/hotel information, etc. From the flight information, the searched flight information is still more Comprehensive, but the fare currently only displays the full price information for reference only. In addition, for safety reasons, Volkswagen’s voice assistants are unable to control hardware facilities such as windows, sunroofs, and trunks.

● Kuwo Music, Himalaya FM and AutoNavi are all mainstream applications of the Zhilian system.

Like most connected systems, the MOS 4.0 system provides a variety of local audio playback and two online audio applications of Kuwo Music & Himalaya FM, but if you want to listen to high-quality music and serialized novels online in the car, you need Bind the user's own Kuwo or Himalaya members to the system, and don't forget to pay the annual fee to your member account! Different from other fuel version models, the sound system of ID.4 X comes from Harman Kardon instead of Dynaudio, which seems to have a maverick meaning.

Like the MOS 3.0 system, the navigation of the 4.0 version system is also derived from AutoNavi Maps. Some commonly used online services, such as dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions or congestion, group travel, and illegal inquiries are all complete. In addition, compared with other intelligent connected car machines of competing models, the MOS 4.0 system also has more functions such as traffic billboards and restricted area display, which is convenient for users to grasp the traffic situation around the destination before departure.

● Mobile App remote control and Xiaojingyu ecological smart home control.

Mobile phone remote control still needs to be realized through the “SAIC Volkswagen” App, which is the same as the application software of Passat and Weiran models. Compared with the previous two fuel vehicles, ID.4 X has added remote air-conditioning control, etc., which is more convenient. In terms of Bluetooth connection and mobile phone mapping, the car Bluetooth of the MOS 4.0 system can support up to two mobile phones to keep the phone connected at the same time. In addition to Baidu CarLife, the mobile phone mapping also has the wireless CarPlay function. It seems that there is no other pick up besides checking WeChat while driving. The reason for the mobile phone.

● Panoramic parking image, atmosphere lights and other functions are still in the standard configuration, and the changes of the atmosphere lights are more dreamy.

Among other hardware parts, 360° panoramic images, zoned automatic air conditioners, air purifiers, and wireless charging panels are all highly popular configurations. I believe many friends have already contacted them, so I don’t need to say more here. I think the most distinctive feature in the ID.4 X cockpit is the ambient light. Not only can the color be adjusted steplessly, but the multi-layer light strips in the cockpit can be divided into main and subordinate. Users can decorate the cockpit by combining two colors. If you choose it, you can directly turn the cockpit into a game screen of “Cyberpunk 2077”.

● Article summary:

Compared with the MOS 3.0 carried by Passat and Weiran, the upgraded 4.0 version not only has a larger screen size, a more brilliant interface and ambient light colors, but the voice assistant has become more “smart” and has good interactivity. It not only eliminates the boredom of the journey, but also provides drivers with necessary travel information to improve convenience. The performance of basic functions such as networked music, AutoNavi online navigation, and remote control of Xiaojingyu smart home continues the rich and easy-to-use advantages of version 3.0. In addition, ID.4 X's new augmented reality head-up display system not only promotes It enhances the technology and avant-garde atmosphere of the whole vehicle, and also provides drivers with more precise guidance in terms of travel. In the next period of time, my colleagues will also show you more content of ID.4 X, so stay tuned!