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[YesAuto Design Decoding] At the 88th Geneva International Motor Show, Robin Page, Senior Vice President of Volvo Design, brought his understanding of luxury into the interview room. This former Rolls-Royce , The British gentleman of Bentley designer has rich experience in luxury car interior design.

Robin Page was born in Coventry, the capital of the British automobile industry. When he worked at Bentley, he showed his unique design talent. He has been responsible for the interior design of European GTC, Flying Spur and other models, and has spent more time in his career providing exclusive luxury designs for wealthy customers around the world.

After joining Volvo Cars in 2013, Robin Page served as vice president of interior design. His first task was to enhance the luxury of the interiors of existing models.

Under his leadership, Volvo's interior design team has won award-winning concept cars, and immediately launched mass-produced models of the new XC90, S90 and V90. Compared with the interiors of other luxury models, he prefers to use vertical and straight lines. To express the luxury of Volvo models.

This also includes the XC40, which has just won the 2018 European Car of the Year Award. As the first model based on the CMA platform architecture, the XC40 embodies the characteristics of details on the exterior and interior. The Swedish flag on the outer edge of the engine compartment cover Reflects this.

Just like Volvo's high recognition of the headlights and taillights in the exterior design, he took Volvo V60 and XC40 interiors as examples to illustrate the characteristics of Volvo's interior design, that is, the vertical lines. Robin Page ( Robin Page believes that this is in line with human visual orientation.

In the interior design, the relationship between the functional area and the decorative area is closely related. The central control screen and the buttons belong to the functional area. Here Robin Page does not use an oversized screen to create a sense of technology. He hopes Volvo Keep the texture, use completely vertical lines and directions to show the essence of technology, instead of being swallowed up by piled technology configurations.

For decorative areas, such as the front of the passenger on the right side and the glove box area, Robin Page adopts a more subtle form of expression. Of course, there will be no change in the highly uniform trend of Volvo models in the interior styles in the near future. Robin Page believes that migrating the design tone of flagship models such as V90 and S90 to Volkswagen models will improve the brand. The overall tone is beneficial and harmless.

Different from the 60 and 90 series based on the SPA platform, for the XC40, which is positioned as a compact SUV based on the CMA platform, it is also a compulsory course for designers to cater to the preferences of young consumers. It can be seen that although they all follow the family-style design, the XC40's front shape and “Thor's Hammer” lights are not covered by LED daytime running lights like the V60, but are wrapped in a Y-shape.

It is not difficult to see from the interview that Volvo does not pursue high-tech over-stacking. It presents a design concept of “life-oriented and loyal to life”. Volvo's luxury comes more from craftsmanship and material High quality.