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[YesAuto Industry] Recently, Delphi Technologies mentioned the newly developed 500+bar (bar: pressure unit, kg/cm2) gasoline engine in-cylinder direct injection fuel system (GDI) for the first time in a research report. The new fuel injection system can cut particulate emissions by half and can help automakers meet increasingly stringent emission requirements. It is expected to be put into mass production after 2022.

For a long time, Delphi has been studying fuel injection technology. At the end of 2016, it launched the first 350bar direct injection fuel system for automobiles, which reduced particulate emissions by 70% compared with the mainstream 200bar system at the time. The latest 500+bar fuel injection system will reduce exhaust particulate matter emissions by 50% on the basis of the 350bar system, even including those less than 23nm. Delphi Technology engineers said that increasing the injection pressure to more than 500 bar will not only reduce particulate emissions, but also improve fuel economy. Therefore, Delphi’s 500+bar fuel injection system helps automakers to simultaneously meet these two challenges.

Higher injection pressure also brings new challenges. In traditional product solutions, engine camshafts are mostly used to drive GDI injection pumps. However, if the 500+bar fuel injection system still uses traditional methods, it will greatly increase the cost. , Such as strengthening the load capacity of the camshaft. Therefore, in order to meet the conditions of high injection pressure, Delphi re-developed new components, including an innovative internal sealing system designed for the GFP3 fuel pump, supporting engine control systems and software, and common rail forging. These components will further improve the reliability and durability of the injection system.