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[YesAuto Industry] Recently, Denso Corporation and Japan Aisan Industry Corporation have basically reached a cooperation agreement. The two parties will work together to strengthen their competitiveness in the powertrain business and future growth areas. It is reported that Denso and Aisan Industry will continue to refine the cooperation agreement in the follow-up, and is expected to formally sign a contract in the third quarter of this year.

Today, the automotive industry is undergoing a major change in electrification, and the global demand for new energy vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles is increasing. According to the content of the preliminary agreement, Denso will transfer part of its powertrain business to Aisan Industry, such as fuel pump modules and other businesses, including product development, production, and sales. In addition, the overlapping powertrain business of the two parties will also be reintegrated to strengthen the competitiveness of this part.

Denso plans to buy all the shares of Aisan Industry held by Toyota Motor. By increasing the proportion of investment in Aisan Industry, the cooperation between the two companies can be significantly strengthened. Its purpose is to focus limited resources on future growth areas, and work together to deal with the challenges brought about by the digitalization and intelligence of automobiles.