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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Founded only four years ago, Chinese Express broke the history of an American design award. Its Gaohe HiPHi X won the IDA International Design Award. This is the first new energy SUV to win this award! Design authenticity? Or do the judges release water?

Maybe some people are still a little unfamiliar with Gaohe Automobile. Let's briefly review the birth of this automobile company. It is a new energy vehicle brand under the Chinese Express Company. Human Horizons is a travel technology company founded by Ding Lei in 2017 with a strategic layout of smart cars, smart transportation, and smart cities.

The fledgling Gaohe car positions its products in the high-end market. The two configurations of 680,000 (6 seats) and 800,000 (4 seats) include dual-motor drive, 3.9-second acceleration, air suspension, smart headlights, and high-end automatics. Driving and other technologies. At the same time, the moment the new car was unveiled, what surprised most people was its unique way of opening the door.

The front and rear rows adopt a frameless + double door design. The rear windows and C-pillars can be folded upwards, similar to a deformed gull-wing door. The manufacturer calls it NT (No Touch) wing door. The opening and closing method adopts electric Suction door, and there are many ways to open. This is not a conceptual design, but a way to open the door for mass production.

—— What is the background of the IDA Design Award?

IDA (i.e. International Design Awards) is an international design award in the United States. It was founded in California in 2007 to advocate the sustainability, science and intelligence of design. The award covers architectural design, interior design, and product design. , Fashion design, graphic design and other five categories.

IDA's product category awards are divided into three levels: gold, silver, and bronze, and the annual product category award will be selected. Gaohe HiPHi X won the gold award in the product category. In the product category this year, there are nearly 80 products (it can be seen that the gold content of this gold award is not too high). As big as a car, as small as a storage box can be awarded.

The reason for the award of HiPHi X is that “it is the world's first keyless entry system that uses facial recognition to unlock and does not need to be touched. It has automatic valet parking (AVP), L4 autonomous driving, 5G communication technology, etc…”

—— There are two points that make people wonder about the reasons for winning?

First of all, as a design award, the reason for selection did not mention a description of the styling design itself. Are the judges not interested in the works of former BMW chief senior designer Nicholas Yue and former Bugatti designer Camilla Cropp? (These two designers joined Gaohe Automobile in the early days and led the design of Gaohe HiPHi X)

Secondly, the judges’ reasons for winning clearly express their strong interest in technology configuration. However, HiPHi X's technological configuration does not actually have many innovative or breakthrough functions (perhaps the American judges don't know much about China's smart cars). There are many car companies that master automatic valet parking (AVP). For example, Weimar W6 has mass-produced this technology (click here to learn more), and there are countless models to be installed (Baidu Apollo, Heduo Technology, etc.) All have relevant technologies); There are also many cases of 5G Internet of Vehicles technology being mass-produced in automobiles, such as GAC and SAIC. In terms of V2X technology, Ford has implemented mass production applications in the two cities of Wuxi and Changsha in China. The communication between the vehicle and the traffic signal can be realized, and the traffic light signal in front of the vehicle can be notified in advance. (Click here to learn more) Facial recognition technology is not a new technology, but Gaohe has packaged a set of “No Touch without touching” concept. The vehicle recognizes whether it is the owner by the camera on the B-pillar, and automatically Open the car door. Whether this function is really practical, maybe we can have our own answer after the mass production experience. In a word, the judges think that it is cool enough.

Written at the end:

We do not deny that HiPhi X is a new energy vehicle with innovative ideas, high-end market positioning, and unique corporate operation mode. Its high-performance data, cool door opening method, and intelligent functions are enough to make everyone's eyes shine. Dare to get the product in the United States to participate in the design selection is also worthy of encouragement and praise. It's just that we have some different opinions on the reasons given by the IDA judges. Can the American design awards make Gaohe get more praise and attention? Do netizens like this rising star? The new car will be officially delivered to users in the first half of 2021. After we get the real car, we will share our views on it with you. (Xia Zhimeng, home of the car)