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[YesAuto Design Decoding] After years of accumulation, Chinese brands have gradually got rid of the past impressions of the outside world, and have made visible progress in terms of powertrain, chassis tuning and original design. The protagonist of this article today is the i6 MAX model from Roewe, which represents Roewe's latest family design language and adopts the latest lion logo. What are the stories behind its design? May wish to continue to look down.

● Appearance-changes in thinking

Roewe has demonstrated the changes in its design ideas on the latest products, including RX5 PLUS, i6 MAX and Roewe iMAX8. Their characteristic is to remove the previous pursuit of minimalist design ideas and turn to a design style with complex details and tension. The reason for this change is that when the R logo and the Lion logo are separated, two design languages need to be provided for different models. In addition, Roewe also hopes to improve the attention and recognition by changing the previous concise design.

The focus of the appearance change is the change of the grille. The front grille named Ronglin Zhanyi represents a new brand image, and the complex details of the design are indeed easy to attract the attention of passers-by. The shape in the middle of the grille is called Ronglin pattern, which is used to reflect the rhythmic style of i6 MAX, and these also rely on a computer with high computing power to complete the design of Ronglin pattern.

At the same time, in order to make the grille more spacious, the layout of the lights is also extended as far as possible, so that the front face of the vehicle becomes wider visually. For cars, widening and lowering can achieve better visual effects. Compared with the past, Roewe has also begun to consider the ability of details to impress consumers. For example, cutting-edge models will be equipped with exclusive R logos to increase identity attributes, and small embellishments can also make the whole more lively.

● Color-consumer demand is changing

The colors of early family cars are relatively conservative. Most consumers buy conservative colors. First, they are safe and will not make mistakes. Second, they can also have a good price when selling cars. They are not like the white Audi A8 that has been circulated in the market. Difficult to shoot. But with the passage of time, consumers have become more accepting of colors, and they are also willing to choose some fashionable colors, so Roewe has tried more personalized color schemes on RX5 PLUS, and the actual effect is not bad, so Almost i6 MAX will naturally give new meaning again.

Ronglin ash is naturally the main color, based on medium cement ash, through the integration of micro-lilac purple, and the combination of large metal particles with paint technology, it presents the visual effect at hand. On the other hand, Zhouguang Black adds a certain amount of blue pearl to the black to enhance the layering of the paint. In addition to this, there are 4 regular colors available in Blue Bird Blue, Red Flame Red, Silver Leaf Gold and Bright White.

● Interior-persistence and compromise

Roewe RX5 uses a longitudinally placed large-size LCD screen on the center console. After that, MARVEL X redesigned this part with a very simplified design, and RX5 MAX to the current i6 MAX is due to the attributes of fuel vehicles, so it is in MARVEL X Some changes have been made on the basis. Place the three central control screens together, and you will see the changing trend of Roewe in design.

Due to the use of a 14.3-inch glass panel, there are many twists and turns and repeated demonstrations during the design. The first idea was to use a whole piece of glass to connect the central control screen and the front central channel below, but obviously considering the cost, this thing could not go on, but a cut at the corner was adopted. , One is divided into two to reduce manufacturing difficulty and cost. In addition, the LCD screen part needs to be cut out at first, but in the end, the design scheme is retained, so that the entire screen area has a strong sense of integrity, and the sense of quality will also be improved.

Another part of the i6 MAX selling point is the transparent roof. On the one hand, by extending the rear windshield to the top of the rear row, and then matching the sunroof in the front row, there is only one cross beam at the top of the car, and the visual effect should be more transparent. . We will also see similar treatments on some models around us, such as the Tesla Model 3.

In terms of details, in addition to the more dazzling color matching of the seats, in terms of patterns, on the one hand, a variety of materials are used to form layers, and the patterns are also quite novel.

● Edit comment:

Roewe i6 MAX, RX5 PLUS and the unreleased iMAX8 together represent the brand's future design concept, attracting the attention of passers-by through richer detailed design. Through the designer’s introduction to the story behind the product design, more people can understand how Roewe adapts to the market environment through self-adjustment in the ever-changing market, in order to achieve higher breakthroughs.