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Design Interpretation of Roewe RX3 PRO

Last Update:2021-06-21 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto Design Decode] When time comes to the third decade of the 21st century, the term “Generation Z” has increasingly appeared in our sight. If divided by age, “Generation Z” specifically refers to people born in 1995-2009. They are the group of people most affected by technologies such as the Internet, tablet computers, and smartphones. When these “Generation Z” gradually grow into the main force of consumer groups, how should our traditional car companies change?

The recently exposed new Roewe RX3–Roewe RX3 PRO, represents the new direction of the SAIC Roewe brand–“younger, more individual, and more attitude”. In 2020, SAIC Roewe launched a new brand rejuvenation strategy. The Roewe RX5 PLUS, Roewe i6 MAX and Roewe iMAX8 that have been listed successively all use a new family design language. The most obvious feature is the parametric Ronglin grille. It is also the most important part of Roewe's “Digital Rhythm” design language.

However, compared to the three cars in the picture above, and the new Roewe i5 that we just analyzed a few days ago, the Roewe RX3 PRO does not use the new Ronglin grille like them. This is a slightly crooked building. With the addition of “PRO”, SAIC Roewe has assembled the three digital brothers “PRO”, “PLUS” and “MAX”.

The difference from i5 is that Roewe RX3 PRO does not have a long history. It has been officially launched at the end of 2017 to the present, but it has been more than three years. At that time, the design of RX3 was also derived from the Vision-R concept car of the “Lion Wake Project”, and also from the Vision-R concept car. SAIC Roewe opened the door to rhythmic design. Restricted by shape and moved by heart, Roewe RX3 PRO still runs through the philosophy of that time.

Most of the performance cars, as well as sports cars, look at the racing cars in the touring car race, they all have a relatively exaggerated front surround design. Therefore, in this change, SAIC Roewe no longer pursues the “big mouth” grille design, and instead returns to a relatively traditional shape, but through the new proportional layout of “upper narrow and lower width”, larger upper and lower grilles The front and rear drop of the profile increases the contrast between the grilles, highlighting the full-strength three-dimensional front.

The design of the side of the body has not changed much, and the body size is only slightly different in length compared to the current RX3, but SAIC Roewe still brings a new two-color wheel rim similar to the Tomahawk design for the RX3 PRO. Turning to the rear of the car, the new ∑ taillights have improved the sophistication by more than one level, so even if there is no major change in the overall design of the rear, the RX3 PRO can still bring a new look and feel.

Needless to say, you will also guess that the chasing orange is the main color of the Roewe RX3 PRO. Compared with the current RX3, the RX3 PRO only has the bright color of the warm color series of chasing orange. Maybe I have to re-recognize the “Generation Z”. They pursue individuality and distinctive features, but they are not as ostentatious as we imagined. Dazzling. Another new color added by Roewe RX3 PRO, Ronglin Gray, is low-key and full of tension, and may be favored by “Gen Z”.

The interior of the Roewe RX3 PRO continues the existing horizontal design language, replaced by a new family-style steering wheel, and the addition of a 10.1-inch suspended central control screen greatly simplifies the central control lines and the visual effects of the entire interior “Refreshing” instantly. From “greasy” to “refreshing”, about a central control screen is enough. At the same time, RX3 PRO also incorporates the main orange color into the interior. The bright interior color matching and the use of multiple materials highlight youth and sportiness.

There are not many changes in other aspects of the interior. “Internet” is also one of the labels of “Generation Z”, so Roewe RX3 PRO will be equipped with a 10.1-inch central control screen with built-in VENUS system as standard; but compared to the new Roewe i5, RX3 PRO It is not equipped with a cool 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, which is a pity.

Edit comment:

From this mid-term facelift, it is not difficult to see that SAIC Roewe intends to give the RX3 PRO more youthful and sporty attributes. A more sporty appearance, a younger-looking interior, and the standard VENUS in-car multimedia system are all in favor of the “Gen Z”. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, when the “Gen Z” becomes the main consumer, Their voices will not be ignored. Looking at the Roewe RX3 PRO itself, the sales of the current RX3 have been mediocre since its launch. Perhaps this mid-term facelift will be able to reap the favor of the “Gen Z”.