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[YesAuto Design Decode] She is economic. You may not be familiar with this new Chinese word published by the Ministry of Education in 2007, but everyone is familiar with Goddess Festival, “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”. As modern women gradually realize economic independence, women's consumer demand has also become a new growth point for the economy. It can be said that the “her economy” has spread from luxury goods and digital home appliances to various fields and brands, and the shadow of car companies is indispensable.

Following its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Eulerpunk cat and the Lightning cat once again appeared in front of us. Is there anything special about the design that embraces female users? In addition to appearance, Euler, who aims to become the “world's favorite car brand for women”, what other materials will he add to the “two cats”?

★If the cake is too big, you will lose money

From the relevant data, the total number of female consumers in China between the ages of 20 and 60 has reached 400 million, and the consumption potential is as high as 10 trillion per year, which is equivalent to the combined retail markets of Germany, France, and the United States. According to data released by an e-commerce platform in 2019, 85% of all orders for smart watches during the shopping festival and 74% of total body fat sales came from female consumers.

After reading the data, think about the process of clearing the shopping cart to the “leader” at home. Think about the frequently sold out luxury items in department stores and the increasingly common Chinese shopping guides in overseas shopping malls. For products that female consumers intend to start with, the rest is stocking and communication.

Returning to the automotive industry, data from the “China Good Life Survey (2020-2021)” shows that last year, 22.8% of female respondents increased their consumption in the automotive sector, which surpassed the 22.0% of male respondents. Among these female respondents, 23.27% were 26-35 years old. The purchasing power that is stronger than that of male users has become the reason why car companies are wondering how to attract female users.

Car companies with a keen sense of smell have successively introduced configurations or modified models that have something to do with “her”. In addition to Weilai’s queen co-driver, SAIC-GM-Wuling discovered that the female owners of Hongguang’s MINIEV accounted for 60%, and brought the Macaron model with a more attractive color scheme to women. Even the MINIEV CABRIO, which was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show this year, has become a topic among female potential customers, and the attention has far exceeded expectations.

After years of development, automobiles have evolved from just-needed commodities to individual and aesthetic symbols. Compared with conventional car purchase reference items such as brand and practicality, “eye-catching” is more important in the eyes of female users. After all, humans are visual animals, and women are even worse. Like MINI, Volkswagen Beetle, etc., models that are very manly in the eyes of old drivers have been favored by many domestic female users. Regardless of the cultural differences between the East and the West, and on the premise of having the corresponding consumption power, being able to meet the visual needs is the beginning of successfully attracting female users.

Speaking of this, paying attention to female users and launching the operation of female-specific configurations and models are opportunities for car companies to further release their purchasing power. The wind is there, success or failure is another matter, but indifferent is likely to regret.

★In the post-Immon era, women know women better

Seeing the window of the times and the market, if you want to succeed, you have to race against time. Before talking about the design of lightning cats and punk cats, I have to mention the designer who injected “retro-futurism” into the essence of the Euler brand-Mr. Aimon. As the designer of Euler Good Cat, he has innovated on the basis of classic styling elements. It is hard not to impress people because of familiarity and uniqueness.

Looking at it from another angle, retro is just a popular element in the past. In its prevalent era, cars of various brands will have similarities. The retro styles that can appear on new cars today can withstand the test of time, and the probability of aesthetic errors is lower. For example, the round headlamp with a long history can be accepted by most people no matter how the internal lamp holder and light source change. At the same time, in the era of avant-garde pursuit, the “rebellious” retro is individuality. Imagine that at the moment when the iPhone becomes an “arcade”, no matter if you use a dozen or so, it's not as eye-catching as the guy who pulled out the sliding screen of Nokia.

After pointing out the design direction of “retro-futurism”, Ammon resigned from Euler. Yang Jun, the head of the design department, took over the work of Ai Meng, and took the “girl group” to design the lightning cat and punk cat. The reason for saying “women's team” is that more than half of the designers in this team are women. The idea of “retro-futurism” has not changed, but there are more voices and ideas from a female perspective. Male designers may attach a bow to the cylindrical water bottle to attract female users, while female designers’ one-piece cat claw cups will be welcomed by young ladies.

In addition to designing a girl group, Euler also launched a user co-creation plan. Not only will it recruit 100 core co-creators, and follow the inspiration of these people to advance the next moves of lightning cats and punk cats, but also invite women from different circles such as ladies and hot moms to participate in product design to understand different women Demand.

If the former Ammon has done how to make consumers quickly remember Euler's “cat”, then in the post-Ammon era, Euler will focus on women on the basis of continuing the “retro-futuristic” design. The designer’s feminine perspective, coupled with the brainstorming of co-creators, led to the formation of lightning cats and punk cats.

What kind of car was designed for her

Women's aesthetics are more perceptual, and they favor colors and elegant lines. In addition to their own tool attributes, cars also reflect their life attitude and aesthetic taste. And men tend to like angular or tall and rugged cars, and their preferences and needs are completely different from those of women.

So you will find that although the Lightning Cat locates the coupe, it is not the combative posture in our minds. The sleek and soft curves, the slip-back design and the low-profile body come to mind first of calmness and elegance than sportiness and low wind resistance.

With a simple T-shaped center console, three-round instrument, and air-conditioning knob with temperature display, the interior of the Lightning Cat has the sci-fi of the future battleship, but also has a design that is not so close to the times. Elegance and luxury are greater than sporty, and the two oval pedals under the driver's seat are full of details. Sophistication is also a point that female users like.

In addition to satisfying the discerning aesthetic of female users, Lightning Cat will provide a dual-motor four-wheel drive system to echo its own sports car positioning. The dual-screen design of the center console will be a battlefield for retro and future collisions. Visually, the intelligent network connection system will not be absent. If functions such as active push and voice assistant can be customized and developed according to the preferences of female users, it will be even more impressive.

Although they are all products of “retro-futurism” design ideas, the style differences between the lightning cat and the punk cat are obvious. For the young Euler, there is no talk of brand tonality and iterative product style inheritance. Different visual effects can broaden the audience. On the contrary, it is difficult for veteran car companies to follow the same method. If they set up a mark for BMW and replace Mercedes-Benz with the kidney grille, they will not be able to see it. Without the restraint of tonality, it can liberate the designer's hands and feet.

Different from the simplicity of the lightning cat's interior, the punk cat uses multi-faceted transparent components to create a crystal jewel feeling. With the national style full of embroidery, it can gain many fans. For female users who like to wear cheongsam or civilized new clothes, driving a punk cat will be more immersive than posing for a photo. In addition, for details such as storage tanks, Euler will refer to the size design of lipsticks and other cosmetics, so exclusive women must have unique ideas.

It is understood that the pre-sale price of punk cats and lightning cats is likely to start at 150,000 yuan. If the news is true, these two “female users harvest cats” will be the welfare of male compatriots. As an electric car, the threshold is not high and the cost of maintenance is low. The cost of the brothers to please their own “leaders” is much lower than buying a fuel car. The key is that these two female users can get a glimpse of the guys, and also avoid you from explaining or even quarreling with her. She just likes the one you bought. Isn't it fragrant?

Simply put, punk cat and lightning cat are two products that may not have a high threshold, but in the eyes of female users, satisfaction may not be low. In addition to design elements, the smart experience will also take into account women's car use scenarios, and is expected to bring differentiated adjustment methods. Focus on women comes from design, but it is not limited to design.

Write at the end

Now “her economy” radiates to all fields, and the car is the tip of the iceberg. From a certain configuration, special models, to female designers working with users to design products together, car companies' perspectives are changing in catering to female users, and the product layer also vaguely sees the transition from exquisite skins to women's car experience. Building cars for female users from the perspective of women is closer to users than catering to users with novel color schemes and special configurations.

According to the plan, the lightning cat will start pre-sale at the end of this year and will be officially launched in the second quarter of next year, and the punk cat will be later. As they go on the market, Euler will begin to lay out products in the range of 150,000 to 250,000 yuan. If the mass production version is really a “big bowl” of appearance and technology, the market performance is worth looking forward to. (Picture/Text Ma Yifan, Auto Home)