[YesAuto Test Drive] When it comes to Citroen, most people will associate it with the vocabulary of trendy and individuality. The non-rotating steering wheel in the center of the current C4 (Dongfeng Citroen Sega) is the best example. This individuality can be used for driving. The audience brings unique enjoyment; in addition, some voices are dissatisfied with the technical content and workmanship of Citroen,… No matter what the previous voice is, the new Citroen C4 introduced in this article will definitely bring you a surprise. If I were to briefly summarize the new C4, it would be “regression” and “quality improvement.”

Appearance-still individual, but not exaggerated

Compared with the old model, the appearance of the new C4 is basically the same. The length, width and height are 4329mm×1789mm×1489mm, and the size is only slightly increased.

But the lines are much tougher than the old models! The front, roof contour and C-pillar are no longer curved with large arcs, so that the whole car looks more slender, that is, the so-called “visual center of gravity” is lowered. The design of the double waistline on the side of the car body is a highlight. With a groove under the door, it cleverly turns the “fat” on the side of the car body into a beautiful “muscle”!

The shape of the front face is quite normal in the Citroen family. The area of the headlights is similar to that of the old model, and the eyes are sharper. At the same time, the headlights are upgraded to a combination of bi-xenon headlights + daytime running lights. The air intakes in the middle grid and below are basically the same as those of the C5 model, maintaining family characteristics. The fog lights on both sides increase the steering assist function, which will automatically illuminate the inside of the corner when turning.

The overseas version of the test drive is equipped with 225/45 R17 Michelin tires. The wheel styling is fully designed, absolutely dynamic! The lines are complex and not chaotic, and the sense of strength is strong.

Compared with the old model (whether it is a three-door model or a five-door model), the taillights of the new C4 are much more conventional, and they feel a lot thicker when viewed from the back, and are no longer so warped. Although it cannot be said that the original vertical strip taillights are good-looking or the current irregular horizontal taillights are good-looking, it is certain that the appearance of the rear of the car will be more popular than before.

Interior-return to normal style/material upgrade

The overall design of the new C4's center console is very strong! The LCD panel-style center-mounted instrument panel “returns” to the pointer-type instrument in the normal position; the steering wheel that does not turn in the middle but only turns to the outer ring also “returns” to the conventional style steering wheel, and the shape is very beautiful! The lower edge of the steering wheel is flattened and matched with aluminum trim for sportiness. The thickness and friction coefficient are in place, but the diameter is a bit too large.

The material on the center console is also a soft material with a good feel. Compared with the old C4 rigid plastic center console, the new C4 has a qualitative improvement in terms of materials.

Although the steering wheel has returned to its normal form, the design concept has not changed. It still integrates audio, cruise control, Bluetooth phone and other functions. Those who have driven Citroen will be familiar with it.

The high-end models of the new C4 are equipped with automatic air conditioning and navigation systems. The navigation system is a non-touch screen design, and is operated with the following knobs and control keys, which is the same as the navigation system currently used on the domestically produced C5. It has the function of automatically sensing light and switching between “day mode” and “night mode”.

Space-the wheelbase has not changed, the rear space is small

Compared with the old C4, the wheelbase of the new C4 is basically unchanged at 2608mm. If you calculate it is 2mm shorter than the old C4, it can be regarded as the same length. However, the new C4 has made a lot of optimizations in terms of internal space, which is more reasonable than the previous model. However, due to the limitation of the wheelbase, the space of the rear seats is still not ideal. I don’t know that the domestically produced C4 is in the rear space. Will there be new improvements in the area.

Seat-with lane departure prompt, humanized headrest

The headrest of the new C4 is a major feature. Its adjustment method is to use the top as the axis to adjust the angle of the supporting surface below, so that it can better support the neck. When sleeping along the way, I obviously feel much more comfortable than the old headrest.

The new C4 model has an optional panoramic sunroof, covering from the A-pillar to the C-pillar. The area is huge, but the panoramic sunroof cannot be opened. It can only control the light of the sunshade inside, and cannot play the role of ventilation. .

Storage boxes-more number, more space

The number of storage boxes has increased a lot. There are large storage slots on the four doors, and the storage slot on the front door is extraordinarily large. It is no problem to put 5 bottles of mineral water. The AMT model has a small shift lever, so a large storage tank is optimized in front of it, and there is also an air-conditioning vent inside, and a small refrigerator was born! There can be 4 bottles of mineral water in it, with enough depth and width. In addition, the AUX interface is hidden in it. This part of the manual transmission model is occupied by the base of the shift lever.

The trunk space is quite regular, and the shape is very flat. There is a large speaker in the trunk of the high-end model, which occupies about 8 cm of space, but the sound quality of this big speaker is not! What's interesting is that the flashlight that once appeared in the trunk of the big C4 Picasso is also integrated into the trunk of the new C4. This flashlight is usually placed on the charging seat on the left side of the trunk. It is used as the lighting of the trunk. It can be removed when needed, and it becomes a flashlight. This detail is very interesting and absolutely practical. Configuration.

Increased security configuration

The safety configuration of the new C4 mainly adds three items: others include the full-vehicle 12-probe radar, blind spot prompt, and lane departure system, and these three functions can be manually switched. The whole car radar is distributed in the four corners of the car body, and each corner has three probes, so that the front, 45-degree angle and side conditions of the car can be grasped in all directions. This function is very helpful when parking and parking. Of course , You must be able to distinguish which direction it suggests is about to hit an obstacle.

The blind spot suggests that this technology is not a new topic, but not many compact cars have this system installed. It is still very gratifying to appear on the new C4. Its function is that when the rear vehicle wants to overtake and enter your blind zone, the probe will help you sense that there is a car in the blind zone, and there will be a light prompt on the rearview mirror. After the lane departure system is turned on, if your car is slightly offset and pressed into the broken line of the divided lane, the car seat will vibrate, prompting the driver to drive the car back into the correct lane.

Configurations that can only be seen in medium-sized cars such as electronic handbrakes have also appeared on the new C4. It can be seen that the new C4 has made a lot of effort in configuration. When parking, you only need to lift the handbrake switch slightly. Because the AMT gearbox has no creep function, it will slip when it is parked on the A gear, so the handbrake is often used to help parking the car. This design Very sweet.

Engine-3 gasoline engines/3 diesel engines

The new C4 model provides a total of 3 gasoline engines and 3 diesel engines in Europe. The details are as follows:

This test drive is equipped with a 1.6T gasoline engine model and a 2.0 HDi diesel engine model. For gasoline engines, the power of the 1.6T engine has reached 155 horsepower, which is much higher than the 143 horsepower of the old 1.6T engine. The low-to-medium-speed torque is average, and the power in the high-speed range is basically fully utilized. Deeply stepping on the throttle to more than 3000 rpm feels a good acceleration, but not irritable. The entire acceleration process is still relatively gentle, and the throttle response is direct.

ECO-1.6L Micro Hybrid equipped with this system

The ECO system has been used in previous models such as SMART, that is, the parking/starting system. When the car stops, the engine will automatically turn off to save fuel. When the accelerator pedal is depressed again, the engine will start again. This system is currently known to be matched only in 1.6L Micro Hybrid diesel models. If this system will be introduced to domestic models, it will open up a new world in the domestic compact car market-“AMT+ECO” .

AMT gearbox-power transmission is direct, but the shift response is very slow

As soon as I got into the car, my attention was drawn to the small shift lever under the center console. The true meaning of this unusually shaped shift lever is AMT, which is a mechanical automatic transmission. Don't mistake this for a real automatic transmission.

The AMT gearbox of the Citroen C4 model has the same feeling as the one that appeared on some domestic cars before. There are four gears of R, N, A, and M, and there is no P gear. The feeling of using it is that the power transmission is much more direct than pure AT gearboxes. It feels exactly the same as ordinary manual gearboxes, except that manual gear shifting is not required. In layman's terms, you will not feel AT gearboxes. The feeling that the speed has not been significantly improved when the speed of the gas is increased. But the reaction time of the gear shift process is really slow. The gear shift takes about 1 second. The power connection is not comparable to the AT gearbox, especially when paired with this powerful 1.6T engine, sometimes it will make you It feels a little bit uncomfortable, especially when you step on the accelerator deeply, it shifts gears… But after getting used to it, it still feels very useful, after all, it liberates the left foot and right hand.

The suspension structure of the new C4 is still the front Macpherson and the rear torsion beam. The overall design is soft, but not loose. It can give good support when cornering, but when passing the reducer, it will not be as hard as a German car, and the strength is moderate. It cannot be said that Citroen has found a balance between driving and comfort.

The steering wheel feels quite satisfactory and the power is moderate, but because the steering wheel diameter is relatively large, it is not suitable for intense movements and the road feel is relatively fuzzy. But what is certain is that this new steering wheel will be more popular than the fixed central steering wheel of the old C4.

Wonderful test drive pictures——

Tips: AMT gearbox

AMT transmission is a mechanical automatic transmission. It is equipped with a set of electronically controlled hydraulic control system on the usual manual gearbox and clutch, which can achieve the purpose of automatically switching gears. The principle is to add a computer control system to the manual transmission (gear-type mechanical transmission MT) to complete the two actions of automatic clutch operation and gear selection.

Test drive summary:

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the new Citroen C4 model does give people the feeling of returning, at least in use, there will be no uncomfortable feelings. However, this does not mean that the new C4 has no personality. It just shows its personality to everyone in a different way. It is not so public. As long as you taste it carefully, you will definitely find it. And its exquisiteness makes me feel that it has improved too much compared to the old C4 model. As I finish this article, the new C4 has been officially released at the Paris Motor Show, but don’t worry, it will definitely come to China. We also hope that the new domestically produced C4 model will bring us more surprises. (Pictures, texts, photography / Wang Miao, the home of cars)