[YesAuto in-depth experience] If you let me divide my dreams into two categories, I will divide them into dreams that are facing away from people and dreams that are facing people. For example, a house in Beijing is a typical back to people’s dreams. Although you are working hard every day to make money, the gap with it is constantly widening and then widening. And if your dream is a Mercedes-Benz, then congratulations. This dream is obviously a dream for people. Although you also need to work hard every day to make money, you will find that your dream is also coming to you quietly. . Today, the protagonist in our article is this dream coming to you, the smallest model with Mercedes-Benz standard-Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

It is obviously not enough to have the A180 as the protagonist, after all, it is not an unmanned vehicle. This time we will take the way of life sitcoms to experience the various characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz A180 in a relaxed and lively car life. Let's introduce our characters and plots below.