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In the huge system of the automobile industry, automobile design and automobile manufacturing are not only two independent “individuals”, but they are complementary and inseparable. The rapid development of China's automobile industry has accelerated the frequency of consumer demand for automobile products, and has gradually highlighted the important contribution of design itself to product value. In this context, many car companies have also begun to push their design and R&D teams from behind the scenes to the front, and let their designers stand for new products and help brands. When the aura of design is continuously enlarged, will it really affect consumers' car purchase factors?

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Since the reform and opening up in 1978, China’s auto industry has undergone more than 40 years of rapid development. The guidance of national policies, the shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, and the different consumer needs in different periods have allowed the auto products in the Chinese market to gradually change from the initial unity. Towards diversification. Especially after 2013, urban SUV products began to play the role of catfish and quickly swallowed the domestic passenger car market. For the Chinese automobile consumer groups, buying a car is no longer a simple functional requirement. They now need a car to empower their lifestyle and quality of life.

The inclination of rational consumption to perceptual consumption has changed the characteristics of “all good”. In the past two years, whether it is Chinese brand car companies, joint venture brand car companies, or new car companies that have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, they have begun to make efforts in car design and brand improvement, and consumers' car buying scenes have become more and more changing.

Insert voting mark: “Under what circumstances will consumers consider buying a car”

For any car company, the brand is an empowerment for the product, and it also contributes to the promotion of product premiums. Conversely, a good product can quickly be recognized by the market and help the brand establish its image. For Chinese car consumers, I believe that everyone has a different understanding of brands.

Insert the voting mark: “What keywords do you think can represent the car brand? 》

When designers talked about introducing each new model they are leading, the output of the design story behind it will undoubtedly infect and impress some consumers, but they also know that they can really make these listeners finally pay for their own money to become car owners. , Or the product itself. So for car design, there are two laws that need to be followed.

First of all, similar to clothing design, in each specific era, car design has a vane-like trend and trend. For example, the full-strength and ready-to-go body posture is interpreting the youthfulness of the overall shape of the car. Secondly, under the premise of conforming to the design concept, it is also a very effective method to improve product recognition by carefully sculpting the partial design. Either way, design has become the most direct form of communication between people and cars, and users have a deeper understanding of design.

Insert voting mark: “What do you think is car design?” 》
Insert the voting mark: “What do you think car design can bring us? 》

Twenty years ago, some Chinese brand car companies had already carried their bags and traveled overseas to find fresh ground for brand design. By establishing design centers overseas and absorbing overseas design talents, some Chinese brand car companies now have different technical reserves in the design field, and they continue to strengthen their localized design labels.

Bringing design elements with Chinese history and culture into the design of models is an extremely easy way. The rise of national tide culture has driven Chinese consumer groups to an unprecedented sense of identity with Chinese brands. The appearance of auspicious cloud patterns, Hui-style horse head walls, and keel-shaped taillights have made the design lineup of Chinese elements continue to grow.

Insert the voting mark: “Take a model of about 150,000 yuan as an example, if there is a possibility of a premium, how much will you pay for the design you like”

With the steadily increasing level of automobile manufacturing and technology, the design direction of the air intake grille and lamp group that originally appeared on the car has undergone a disruptive change. The larger the grille is not to meet the functional requirements. , But can bring a strong visual impact. In the field of pure electric vehicles, even the traditional grille design has been cancelled. The size of the lamp group is getting smaller and smaller, and the split type is used to create a sense of science fiction.

Insert the voting mark: “Mention the design of which brands of the grille will impress you”
Insert the voting mark: “When it comes to car lights, which brand's design scheme will impress you”

Compared with the exterior design, the interior design is much more cumbersome in terms of design process and work content, because in addition to the visual design, it also pays attention to the tactile feelings of the occupants when driving and riding in the vehicle. A qualified interior designer is able to design the seats, door panels, main and auxiliary dashboards, and center consoles in the car in all aspects.

In order to highlight the brand's upward trend, many designers tend to use ritual design to create a sense of class or high-end in the car, and this is also a killer to increase the value of the product and the price.

Insert voting mark: “Which of the following configurations do you think will create a sense of ritual”

Among the current mainstream design concepts, many designers not only adopt simple design ideas in appearance, but also lean towards minimalism in interior design. The most common approach is that we see what appears in the car. More and more car machines, after Tesla has brought a wave of rhythm, many traditional car companies have also begun to follow suit.

The advent of 5G and the intelligent era may further subvert the product form. At this stage, we can also see that there are fewer and fewer physical buttons in the car. In addition to the large central control screen, the instrument panel and the central control screen are integrated Convergence has also become mainstream.

Insert a voting mark: “If it has become a trend that physical buttons are operated on the screen, which part of the physical control do you think should be cancelled first? 》

In recent years, Chinese branded models have already broken through the bottleneck of low-quality and low-cost. Many car companies are making brand-up moves to meet the needs of the higher-level Chinese market. Among them, in addition to rebuilding high-end brands, it is also a good way to reshape existing brands. Through different means, the brand value has been improved. In addition to the reshaping of the brand image, everyone is more concerned about the changes in the product sequence. Compared with the hidden changes in power, chassis, and control, it must be more intuitive. Family design changes.

Insert a voting mark: “Which of the following ways do you think you can use design to help car companies build a new brand”

The business models of Didi Dache and Mobike have opened up new modes of travel and sharing for us, and they will also be new growth points in the automotive field. At present, most car companies are starting to operate their own travel service companies, undoubtedly want to take the lead in occupying a place in this market. Entering the Internet era, the emergence of online car-hailing, and the era when everyone can become an online car-hailing driver is coming. How you treat it as a business, then choosing a suitable car becomes crucial. I believe that for most online car-hailing clients, everyone has high requirements for space and comfort.

Insert the voting mark: “If you intend to become an online ride-hailing driver, what are your vehicle design requirements? 》

Thank you for your active participation, and welcome to share your voting results in the message, or say more ideas. The direction of China's automobile design trends is yours.

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Congratulations to the above 10 friends. Later, our staff will get in touch with you via the station letter. For the first batch of awards, please reply to the delivery address of the prizes before 18:00 on November 29th. If the deadline expires, you will be disqualified .