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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that since the adjustment of domestic refined oil prices on July 10, 2020, oil prices in the international market have fluctuated slightly. Compared with the average price of the 10 working days before July 10, the price adjustment amount is less than 50 yuan per ton. According to Article 7 of the “Petroleum Price Management Measures”, the price of gasoline and diesel will not be adjusted this time, and the unadjusted amount will be included in the accumulation or offset in the next price adjustment.

At present,No. 89 gasoline in Beijing is 5.32 yuan per liter, No. 92 gasoline is 5.68 yuan per liter, No. 95 gasoline is 6.05 yuan per liter, and No. 0 diesel is 5.31 yuan per liter. This price adjustment is the 14th price adjustment this year, and the price adjustment of refined oil shows a pattern of “2 up, 3 down, 9 stranded”.

According to a Reuters Chinese website, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) said on the 22nd that US crude oil and distillate stocks unexpectedly increased last week, and the surge in new crown infections has hit fuel consumption, and US fuel demand has declined.

However, the leaders of the 27 member states of the European Union reached an agreement on a fiscal stimulus plan to combat the impact of the new crown epidemic and revive the European economy in the early morning of the 21st, and agreed to invest 750 billion euros in assistance to the affected member states. At the same time, a number of companies have reported positive data from early vaccine trials. The agency believes that the above news provides confidence in the crude oil market.

At the beginning of this round of pricing cycle, the crude oil market also showed a state of intertwined long and short factors. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC issued a statement on July 15 stating that OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries agreed to reduce production to 7.7 million barrels per day starting in August. However, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Abdul Aziz bin Salman also stated that because countries that have not completed the production cut quotas in the first three months will compensate, the actual oil production cuts in August will exceed 7.7 million per day. barrel.

Zhuo Chuang Information analyst Wang Xueqin analyzed on the Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, that during this pricing cycle, there is no clear directional guidance on the crude oil market news, so crude oil prices show a trend of high volatility. According to the principle of “one adjustment every ten working days”, a new round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window will be opened at 24:00 on July 24. (Compilation/Car House Li Na)