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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Can a designer who designs a Coke bottle design a car? yes, he also designed the private jets and motorcycles of the rich…Is this man reliable? Compared with other car designers, this American named Kris Tomasson has a very cross-border professional experience, but he is indeed a serious car designer, who has worked in BMW and Ford for many years…Such a diverse The people of Hua have just finished shaping Weilai's second SUV-ES6.

● Vice President of NIO Design, who has designed Coca-Cola bottles

Since the birth of NIO Auto, NIO’s design team has rarely been publicly visible, so few people have been able to reveal the design story of this new car company. In the few days before the Spring Festival, Kris, who is based in Munich, Germany, came to Beijing. We also took this opportunity to catch him at NIO House and chat about Weilai's design.

No matter how strong Kris is, the “Polish Commander” will not be able to shape a new brand design. Under Kris are four capable people: Exterior Design Director Oliver Samson, Interior Design Director Jochen Paesen, UI/UX Design Director Kaveh Shirdel and Shanghai Design Center Director Juho Suh.

Oliver Samson, the exterior design director, was a designer of Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Kia. He served as the forward-looking design director of Daimler California and shaped the Mercedes GT Vision Gran Turismo and other models.

The Weilai Shanghai Design Center, which is gradually improving, invited Juho Suh. He is also an experienced car design god who was once the main design force of BMW and GM.

●This is the design DNA of Weilai?

OK said so much about the background of the Weilai design team, let's talk about the new car ES6. As Weilai’s second SUV model, its appearance and interior design confirm the brand’s design direction, and let us see that Weilai is very positive about the appearance of the ES8, so the smaller ES6 is also retained. A lot of “big brother” DNA.

The Weilai ES6 inherits the blood characteristics of its predecessors, and the above three points are very clearly imprinted on its body. This aspect has brought a positive impact on Menting’s prosperity, allowing everyone to distinguish they are Wei Coming to the car has enhanced the existence of the entire brand; however, on the other hand, it inherits too many predecessors, which makes consumers seem to feel that they are not innovative enough or fresh.

From a distance, it is difficult for me to distinguish ES6 and ES8 at a glance. What is the difference between the two? Looking closer, there are still many new ideas in the exterior and interior that are reflected in the details.

When I heard that Kris, the vice president of design, had designed the interior for the Gulfstream aircraft, I suddenly understood: The reason why NIO launched the “Queen Co-pilot” design may be directly related to Kris's in-depth research on luxury cabins. After investigating and thinking about what kind of sitting posture the rich want, Kris will know better how to design a luxury cockpit and what kind of experience the rich need.

The ES6 interior design changes are similarly small. Intuitively speaking, the integrated seat is the most obvious change. The seat shape is similar to the bucket seat of a racing car, which looks more sporty and popular among young people.

Compared with ES8, ES6 has added more chrome-plated trims and metal elements in the car. At the same time, it has been more comprehensively considered with the plastic, leather and fabrics in the car. The shift lever position uses a metal brushed panel. , There will be no problems with the piano paint “fingerprint collector”, dark tones or matte chrome decorative parts make the interior look more advanced.

to sum up:

In the second half of this year, Weilai’s first sedan “ET7” is expected to meet with you. Kris, vice president of design, refuses to reveal too many details of the car design, but there is no doubt that Weilai’s cars will also inherit a lot. Family design, such as “X-bar”, NOMI human-computer interaction design, etc. should not be lacking. From Weilai EVE, EP9, ES8 to ES6, Weilai seems to have quickly found its own design direction. As a new car company that has just been born a few years ago, it is a very good result. Of course, Weilai wants to have more advantages in the PK of Tesla or traditional big-name car companies. It has many improvements in the design field, such as more advanced lines, more stunning shapes, and more luxurious and Can NIO achieve the details of the interior with a sense of science and technology? When new car products appear in the future, we can discuss it again~ (Some pictures of Xia Zhimeng from the home of the car are from the official Weilai)