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[YesAuto Interactive Topic] The little yellow car that was once hot for half the sky is still hot for half the sky. But it is a pity that the fire that used to be due to the establishment and implementation of a new shared travel mode, but now the fire is on the way to debt collection by users and suppliers.

In the past few days, the headquarters of the small yellow car is crowded with people, and it can be regarded as reaching the peak state of a social hot event. The fuse of this collective refund incident was that some netizens posted an “alternative refund method” on Weibo and made themselves a foreigner. They sent an email in written English to request a refund and complain. The result The little yellow car responded positively, refunding it immediately, and returned a letter of apology in English. So far, netizens shouted that this is “discrimination.” On December 17, the headquarters of the little yellow car fell, and refund users lined up from the door to the downstairs or even outside. The police uncles also deployed a large number of police forces to maintain order on the scene.

Ofo issued a statement saying that there is a possibility of a surge in deposit refund applications in the near future. Starting from December 18, 2018, all users who submit an online application for deposit refund in the app will be reviewed by the back-end system according to the order of application submission. After verification, users will enter For the deposit refund sequence, ofo will refund in order; if a user registers at the company site, ofo will collect relevant information and merge it into the online deposit refund sequence in chronological order; for example, users registered offline have initiated a refund before If you apply, you will be refunded according to the previous queue, and the people who registered on-site in these two days have been in line for at least two or three hours. At present, it seems that some people are in the queue for nothing.

In fact, shared travel is a good thing. In the future, people’s travel methods will definitely change. There is no need to buy cars, no need to master proficient driving skills, everything will be replaced by shared travel or novel travel methods. The origin of these methods can start with bicycle sharing with the lowest social attributes. However, after this wave of bicycle sharing has passed, the management, maintenance, and scrapping of vehicles have become major problems. Bicycles scattered everywhere, bicycles destroyed by the citizens, and a large number of “bicycle graves” have appeared, which is a “trend” for a while. Shared travel has become the urban “psoriasis” of the new era.

With the popularity of bicycle-sharing travel, many companies have begun to pilot shared cars, but cars are more difficult to manage than bicycles. For example, if you park in a toll parking lot for more than 10 days, if no one continues to use it, the parking fee will go up and the user must not be able to afford such a high fee. Also, after all, it’s not your own car. You can drive it no matter what. Failure to comply with the traffic rules has become the norm. Vehicles crash and break. Many users have already experienced delayed maintenance and inadequate maintenance of the vehicle itself when using the car. Under the circumstances, continued use may cause traffic safety hazards.

So did you go for a refund today? What do netizens think about shared travel? What profound impact does it have on social travel patterns? Netizens are welcome to actively discuss in the comment area.