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[YesAuto Interactive Topic] For some consumers, putting a dark glass film on a newly bought car has become an indispensable “lighting ceremony”, and common car glass films can indeed To a certain extent, it plays the role of sun protection, heat insulation and privacy protection; however, some consumers hold the opposite attitude, thinking that it is not necessary to paste the car glass film, which also affects the line of sight and the appearance of the vehicle. What do you think about whether a new car needs a glass film?

Automobile glass films usually include front windshield film, side window film and rear windshield film. The front windshield film is transparent, and the factor that considers its quality is the light transmittance, because the light transmittance is The height will directly affect our observation of the front. The country has a hard standard for this indicator: whether the front windshield glass is filmed or not, the light transmittance must exceed 70%.

The side window film and rear windshield film usually use darker colors, but the specific depth depends on the preferences and needs of the car owner. Some models with higher configurations are equipped with non-fully transparent heat-insulating glass, which itself has the function of isolating ultraviolet rays and heat. In addition, another function of the glass film is to protect the privacy of the occupants to a certain extent, which is why some consumers choose to use the glass film.

So do you think it is necessary to put a glass film on a new car after you buy it? Would you choose a glass film for heat insulation, sun protection, privacy protection, etc.? Or think that the film is not cost-effective and affects the beauty? The Autohome News Group prepared a vote for everyone at the end of the article. Netizens are welcome to participate in the vote and actively express their views.