[YesAuto in-depth experience] When it comes to high-quality domestic cars, many people often think of Volkswagen POLO, which is often labeled as a boutique prefix. This is not groundless. POLO does have unique features in terms of safety, technology and control. Since the fourth-generation POLO officially rolled off the assembly line in China in 2002, it has been unknowingly settled in Shanghai Volkswagen for 8 years. For the contemporary automobile industry, 8 years is already a very long life span. POLO It’s also the age when it’s time to change. Although there is a change of POLO in the middle, it is just a painless fur. Amidst people’s expectations, Volkswagen’s fifth-generation POLO finally appeared in people’s vision.

The latest fifth-generation POLO was listed overseas at the end of 2009. After a year later, it came to China. The masses were very enthusiastic about it. Can it continue to lead? Today, a brand new fifth-generation POLO top-fitting model came to the editorial department of Autohome, and will soon be reviewed by editors and real car fans. I admit that we are not the first media to get it, but the experience is different this time. We gathered the owners of the oldest POLO and POLO car owners to discuss their views and feelings about the new POLO from their perspectives. .

The owner of the POLO car, Chang Shan, is a certified owner of the car home. I am very grateful to him for his active cooperation with our work; and the old POLO owner Li Yang believes that many friends are familiar with him. He is the editor of the car home, Yang Zi , Own people. It should be noted that, because the oldest POLO has four round lights on the front face, some parts of the article are called “four-eye POLO”, as everyone understands it.

●The two original owners have a high evaluation of the appearance of the new POLO

The body size of the fifth-generation POLO is 3970mm*1682mm*1462mm. Compared with the previous generation model, the body length and width are increased, and the height is slightly reduced. People often buy a car from the appearance, this perceptual part even occupies the dominant factor in the car purchase, so the appearance is actually very important. Let's take a look at how the two car owners evaluate the new POLO.

The front face of the new POLO has become simple and clear, and the new style of Volkswagen's light set and air intake grille use more flat straight lines, which looks like a smaller golf. The streamline of the bumper is better, and it also echoes the simplification of the vehicle style. Netizen Chang Shan especially likes the appearance of the front spoiler, which increases the dynamics of the body and makes it a turbulence in high-speed driving. The role of. At the same time, editor Li Yang also put forward his own different points of view. He believes that although the design of the bumper is beautiful, the practicability will be reduced if the anti-scratch strip is eliminated.

I always feel that the front face of the new POLO is very energetic, and I can find out the design intentions carefully. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. The same is true for cars. The headlights are undoubtedly the best element to convey the charm. The headlights of the new POLO are slightly raised and blackened, which is as energetic as a woman wears eyeshadow, and the black light eyebrows give rise to a slightly fierce sense of fear.

The wheelbase of the new POLO is 2470mm, which is an increase of 1 cm compared to the old model. This also makes people pay more attention to whether its space level will be improved. Of course, this issue will be revealed in the space section. The side waistline of the new POLO rises even more, which is a way to increase dynamics, which will especially attract the attention of young people. The style of the 7-spoke wheels is good, but even the highest model is only equipped with 185mm wide tires. Compared with the previous 195mm width, the specifications have been reduced. In addition, the brake system, which has been reduced to the front and rear drums since the beginning of the POLO, still exists on the new models, and Yang Zi expressed dissatisfaction with this.

Perhaps due to the reduction in vehicle height, the rear of the new POLO looks more compact, while retaining the style of the front and sideways. The new rear looks more concise, and the angular taillights also echo the headlights well. . All in all, the upgrade of the new POLO in terms of appearance is very successful. At least the three of us think so. I believe most users will also like this more refined and concise new popular style. So after reading the design, has the new POLO improved in terms of appearance and functionality? Let me tell you with an icon:

The boneless windshield wiper is a simple and easy to use upgrade, the cost increase is not big, but it can guarantee a clean vision in bad weather. From the four-eye POLO to the POLO passion to the new POLO, the area of the rearview mirror gradually increases. Together with the wiper, it can be regarded as a safety upgrade in disguise. Yangzi likes the short rod antenna of the new model, which reduces the chance of “injury” to a certain extent. In fact, I think it also makes the body look more vigorous. It is not the first time that the switch of the Volkswagen logo as the back box appears on the Volkswagen model, but it is the first time that it appears on the POLO. The design is clever and reduces the cumbersome elements of the tail.

I thought that the hydraulic tappets and thermal insulation wool that had shrunk from the POLO power would come back again, but in fact the results were disappointing, and the engine trims that were omitted from the POLO power were still missing. At the same time, the new POLO also simplifies the locking mechanism of the engine cover. The new version looks very simple. I don't know if this is an optimization or a cost saving.

Interior has joys and sorrows

The following content should come to the interior part. At the moment when the door was opened, Yangzi found that the new POLO had a design flaw: the door body was designed to be larger than the glass and formed an acute angle, especially in the summer when you accidentally get on the car. It hurts to poke. I also agree with Yangzi's point of view, but it is said that this is to improve safety in the event of a crash.

Compared with the models of the two owners, the door limit effect of the new POLO is not strong enough, because the door hinges are replaced by the commonly used form of Japanese cars. In fact, the style is not important. The key is that it is not as good as the previous positioning ability in use.

The sealing strip should be regarded as a veritable simple configuration. The full circle on the old model has been reduced to the current half circle. During the test drive, we also found that the sound insulation of the new POLO is very general, which is not unrelated to the shrinkage here. . Yang Zi is very proud that his four-eye POLO has a door warning light. Although the device is small, it can play a dual role of lighting and warning the car behind. This thing is no longer seen from the POLO strength, and the new POLO is also the same. .

Of course, there are also upgrades on the doors of the new POLO. For example, the feel of the power window control button is significantly improved compared to the two models next to it. Although only the two front windows are one-key lift, this is in small cars. It’s already an advantage. I don’t know if foreign POLO models are four-door one-key up and down? Overseas riders can leave a message in the reply, ha ha.

The steering wheel of the new POLO is wrapped in leather. Chang Shan believes that it is stronger than his POLO in terms of feel, and the shape is more fashionable. But this has been opposed by Yangzi. His four-eye POLO steering wheel is thicker, and even the spokes are made of soft material. Although it is not recommended to honk the horn in cities, when the button in the middle of the steering wheel is pressed, the sound of Yangzi's four-eyed POLO is still thick. In contrast, the sound of the new POLO and POLO Jinqing's horn is obviously thin.

The instrument maintains a simple style, and the newly added powerful trip computer function makes the two car owners very envious, but the water temperature meter is missing, and there is no indicator light for low water temperature. I always feel a little inconvenient.

The center console that is slightly to one side is often only seen on sports cars, and it may only appear on the new POLO to make the styling less boring. The material of the center console has begun to become hard plastic since the POLO Jinqing. In fact, I also miss the soft slush plastic on the Yangzi models.

Although there are so many shortcomings in the new POLO, it is a new model after all. The center console is more mature than the old model. The workmanship of the control panel and the feel of the buttons are as good as ever. This is worthy of recognition. Chang Shan especially emphasizes that he likes the automatic air conditioning panel. The white font is clearly displayed and the difficulty of getting started is also very low. Seat heating is rarely seen in small cars, and it has a great effect on cold winter days. Of course, this is also counted as a high-end configuration and only available on POLO top models.

The sunroof of the new POLO can be almost completely opened, and the opening area is not small. Many compact cars can't reach 0.2 square meters, but the new POLO does it. Since the models of Changshan and Yangzi do not have sunroofs, I can't compare the area of sunroofs.

●The seat is very comfortable and the space is not satisfied

The first page of the article mentioned that the wheelbase of the new POLO has been lengthened and the height has been reduced. Can this data be reflected in space? The difference from the previous one is that the content of the space part is experienced by me. The reason is very simple. The height of 178cm and the weight of 140 kg are more in line with the “standard”.

I must fully affirm the seat comfort of the new POLO. The leather cushion is soft and comfortable, and the side and leg support are also in place. The door armrests also use imitation leather material, which has a better touch than the flannel fabric of the previous model. So what is its spatial performance?

From the above picture, everyone has already seen very clearly that when adjusted to a suitable driving position, the new POLO's performance in terms of space is very general, and the headrest that can move forward and backward on the Yangzi model has begun to disappear from the POLO's strength. , Do not expect to come back on new models. To be honest, sitting in the back row is very uncomfortable. Due to the shape of the front seat, the calf is uncomfortable. You can see the picture.

It stands to reason that the space in the extended wheelbase is spacious, but the space of the new POLO is obviously not as good as the old one, and Yangzi has also found the answer. The thickness of the seats of the new car has increased significantly, making the otherwise not-rich car interior space even more cramped. Originally, small cars are very sensitive to space requirements. It seems that the thickening of the seat cushion brings comfort and the erosion of space cannot be ignored. .

As the top model of the new POLO, the driver's seat height adjustment is normal, but the four-eye POLO co-pilot of Yangzi also has this function, which is no longer in the POLO power. In general, apart from the slight advantage of the new POLO in terms of ride comfort, the other aspects seem to have not beaten the four-eye POLO 8 years ago.

Significant improvement in storage space

The glove box of the new POLO is very good, not only has the volume increased a lot, but the “configuration” inside is also very complete, and both the gas card and the ballpoint pen can find their place. However, the lack of damping makes it look less delicate. In fact, the glove box of the POLO is not damped, but the early four-eye POLO has it, which is really sad.

What is worthy of recognition is that the door storage capacity of the new POLO has been greatly enhanced. The front door panel has a special cup slot, and there is a lot of ample space after a bottle of mineral water; the previous embarrassment of not having a storage compartment on the rear door panel is also very good. Although the capacity is not large, it is indeed an improvement.

Counting the cup slots in the door, the new POLO has a total of 5 cup holders, which are enough when fully loaded, but only one can be reached by the rear passengers. In a strict sense, humanity is not enough, but considering the actual situation, this The probability of a full load of a small car is not too great, so I think it is enough. In addition, the storage compartment under the center console has a lot of volume. It is not recommended to pick up things while driving, because the position is too deep and the whole body has to move, which will affect driving safety.

The drawer under the seat is good for miscellaneous things, but unfortunately this is only available in the old four-eye POLO. This is another configuration that disappears from the energy. I wanted to confirm the existence of the overseas version, but I haven't found such a detailed picture.

According to the two owners, the volume of the back box is no different from that of the old POLO. The operating steps for tilting the seat are the same as the previous models. The seat still cannot be flush with the floor, which has a certain impact on the practicality. In fact, I don't think it matters. How many opportunities can such a small car have to carry large items. To Chang Shan's dissatisfaction, the pull-up of the rear floor of the new POLO turned into a small hole. I am not sure whether it is also a simple match.

Experience part summary

This article restores the views of two real car owners on the new POLO. To be sure, the appearance of the fifth-generation POLO is a highlight. The simpler design creates a more fashionable shape. Both owners expressed high satisfaction. The interior continues the typical popular style, the interface is friendly, the functions are easy to use, and the feel is good, but the space performance is average.

If you look at it with a more rational perspective, you will find that what is often called a boutique is not perfect, and even some parts are regressing and shrinking. In fact, these parts are basically reduced from the POLO passion, so from this From a perspective, the new POLO is still worth choosing, because the more kind four-eye POLO has long been unable to find a new car. Of course, you have to pay some price to get the new model. The same configuration model is more than 4,000 yuan more than the POLO. Is it worth the shot? It depends on whether you are emotional or rational.

[YesAuto Test] After reading the comparison between the old and new POLOs written by my colleague Sun Tao, how are you feeling at this time? In fact, I am personally not particularly sensitive to details, and the lack of a seal or drawstring will not affect my purchase decision. What I need is performance! Control! Comfort! Nothing else…

Power plant:

The 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, which is the same as the old model, has a maximum power of 77kW (105Ps)/5250rpm and a maximum torque of 155Nm/3750rpm. Compared with the old model, there are slight changes in the maximum power and maximum torque speed, but they are basically negligible. . It is still matched with the traditional 6-speed Tiptronic manual transmission instead of the overseas 7-speed DSG.

Daily power experience:

Starting at low speeds, the accelerator is still slightly slower than the previous Volkswagen series, which means that compared with Japanese and Korean cars, if you want the engine to get the same response, you must stimulate the electronic accelerator pedal more greatly, but this kind of slowness It seems to be slightly smaller than the turbo engine models of Magotan and Golf (not ruled out as a psychological effect).

In fact, as long as you step on the accelerator a little deeper, the engine's response will become much more positive, so in general, the power of the 1.6-liter engine drives this small car with a curb weight of less than 1.2 tons to perform very calmly in the daily range.

The mid-stage acceleration is more dependent on the gearbox's active shifting. The technology of this 6-speed automated manual gearbox is no different from the previous POLO. After selecting the sport mode, the gearbox will become more active in shifting gears. If necessary, it can jump from 6th gear to 3rd gear in one breath. The rapid increase of the engine speed by 3000 rpm can still make the driver feel a sense of change. The power output is obvious, but this feeling will not last long, and the power rise will quickly flatten out.

Accelerated test scores:

Next we look at its acceleration and braking performance. At the start, the 185mm wide front wheel will slip very slightly and briefly, except for the entire acceleration process is relatively smooth. It is worth mentioning that if you want to get faster acceleration performance, it is best to use manual mode. Manual mode will automatically upshift at the red line, but it will be delayed by about 400 rpm compared to automatic mode, which can almost improve acceleration performance. Half a second. The final 0-100km/h acceleration result was 11.16 seconds, which we are quite satisfied with.

Brake test results:

When it comes to braking, I can’t help but miss the era of four-wheel disc brakes. Of course, the average braking performance of 40.6 meters is reliable and stable.

However, I personally feel that although I don’t know how much manufacturing and use costs can be saved by replacing brake discs with brake drums, it can really affect the purchase confidence of some people. Anyway, if it is me, I would rather spend more money to change it. In fact, it has nothing to do with the braking distance.

Test video:

Driving such a small car through the traffic is a very enjoyable thing. Volkswagen cars often give people a very smooth steering feel. It is said that the earliest domestic POLO used the very high-end electric power steering at the time. In the age of Jinqing/Jingshu, it was replaced with mechanical hydraulic power. Now the new POLO has begun to use electric power.

Therefore, when turning sharply at low speeds, you can feel that the steering wheel is lighter, and at high speeds, it can provide reassuring stability. POLO is a compact car, which can be clearly felt in high-speed merging. Its suspension can provide enough initial support for these two cars, and the front direction is always fast.

I think this kind of driving experience can be said to be flexible or smooth, but it is not yet full of driving pleasure. In order to enhance the passability, the suspension of the new domestic POLO is slightly higher, and when doing large maneuvers, the tires and suspension begin to appear a bit unable to hold the high center of gravity, which is undoubtedly not conducive to the further development of the handling.

Noise level:

The level of noise determines comfort. The new POLO has a good noise suppression ability. The engine noise is very small at low speeds, and the interesting thing is that the low-speed rumble is a bit like a German-made V8 or even V12 engine. You can pay attention to it when you have time, but the speed is increased. After that, the sound wave returned to the original color of a small-displacement engine.

Fuel consumption test:

For the fuel consumption test, we follow the usual method of Autohome. First fill up the fuel tank to the bottle mouth, fill it up again after driving a certain distance, and calculate the amount of fuel consumed per unit of mileage. During the test, nearly 70% were relatively smooth sections and 30% were congested sections. In the end, our new POLO achieved a fuel consumption of 6.54 liters/100 kilometers, which is relatively low even in small cars. Our “Four Eyes” POLO owner Li Yang also praised this achievement. In addition to the power system itself, this has nothing to do with the weight reduction of the car.

Purely economical minicars: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/ hybrid : no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

<Note 1: Pure hardcore off-road vehicles, large SUVs, performance sports cars, super sports cars, this site does not carry out fuel consumption testing >
<Note 2: Our reasonable fuel consumption reference values for each level are based on most models of this level. Some non-mainstream models have a large impact on their fuel consumption performance due to their size or displacement across grades. Let’s talk about it separately>

The fuel consumption of Volkswagens has always assured us. In today's skyrocketing oil prices, POLO's excellent fuel economy allows us to still have a bit of courage to drive, which is very good.

● Summary:

After experiencing the static and dynamic two parts, it is not difficult for us to find such a phenomenon, perhaps because the old “four-eye” POLO is too classic, so that the new POLO is more contemporary in appearance and interior, and has various technologies. There is no essential difference between the specifications and the old models: the same power system, the same chassis structure, and driving experience are no different, and the style of “not asking for merit, but asking for no fault”.

This conservative approach may make sense on some occasions, but the times are developing rapidly. In this highly competitive market environment, reactive power is a mistake, which is what we often say: stepping in place is a step backward. Think about the state of our vision nine years ago and the state of the Chinese auto market. Now that nine years have passed, the new domestic POLO is still at the original technical level, and even some details are not as good as before.

However, I don't know if it should be said that the new POLO is lucky. It was advanced 9 years ago, and it is still advanced 9 years later. The 6AT gearbox model is just one more Jingrui on the same platform; the compact driving experience is still so remarkable; the 1.6L engine's balanced performance in terms of power and fuel economy still makes most opponents envy and envy; and another On the one hand, its price is much cheaper than 9 years ago. In other words, in the past 9 years, almost no competitors can pose a substantial threat to it, which makes people feel very strange. In fact, what we want is just a small car that is “okay” in all aspects and can be used at the same time. It is not a “magic car”, but at present, it is probably only itself that can surpass it at the technical level. But I hope this is not the case.