[YesAuto Did you know] Russian President Putin “The Great” is very charming. In addition to being a master of politics, he has also practiced judo since he was a child, and joined the KGB after college, and is proficient in flying airplanes and submarines. In addition to these hobbies, Putin is also very concerned about racing, especially F1. Today we will talk about the things between Putin and the car.

As early as 2010, Putin had tested a Formula Renault car. In November of that year, at a track near St. Petersburg, Putin wore a spray helmet with a double-headed eagle printed on behalf of Russia. He was wearing a Renault racing suit. The speed on the track once reached 240km/h, and it almost lost control and hit a wall. After getting off the car, he said humorously that this was his first time driving a formula car, which was quite interesting.

As early as 2013, Putin facilitated F1 boss Bernie to start discussing the relevant work of the F1 Russian Grand Prix. It mainly talked about that after Russia hosted the Winter Olympics in early 2014, the relevant venues and facilities can be transformed into a racing track after transformation, and finally the track can be used in October 2014.

On October 12, 2014, the first F1 Russian Grand Prix was successfully held, and Hamilton won the championship. Putin met and talked cordially with the podium drivers in the driver's weighing room and asked Rosberg how much weight he would lose in a race. Rosberg replied that it was about 3 kilograms. Every year thereafter, Putin will go to the scene to watch the race and present awards to the champion drivers. The reason why F1 has a Russian station is that Putin, as the President of Russia, played a big role in promoting.

In addition to F1, Putin is also interested in cross-country rally events. When he visited the Kamaz factory in the Republic of Tatarstan this year, he met with the Silk Road Rally Director Cha Jin and wished the event a complete success. The Silk Road Rally has now ended. The event started from the Red Square in Russia and ended in Beijing.

Putin, the tough guy president, can be said to be “the strongest man in the world.” Born in 1952, he is 65 years old this year. At such an old age, he can put so much energy in the racing track, which is really admirable. This is enough to prove that he is a crazy racing fan.

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