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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] As the epidemic in my country is gradually brought under control, people who have been at home for nearly 5 months seem to be eagerly looking forward to the upcoming May Day holiday, and as all parts of the country are gradually unblocked, all attractions have also adopted restrictions. The way to open the door to customers, then the travel demand accumulated for a long time and the small holiday of May 1st intersect, I believe many people have already begun to plan their travel routes.

Almost every year during the holidays, we will use the data forecasts of the map providers to tell you the popular attractions and remind everyone to work together to plan your trip. Although this year is no exception, due to the impact of the epidemic, some cross-provincial and municipal trips are still unachievable. Some netizens said frankly, One accidentally went back and forth 14 days directly after June 1st.

Disease Control and Prevention

    As each administrative region has different requirements for epidemic prevention and control, let's take Beijing as an example for the time being. If you live or work in Beijing for a long time, where can you go?

Not long ago, the five departments in Beijing issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Normalization of the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic of Resumption of Work and Production.” According to the announcement, people from the Tianjin-Hebei region and those from Beijing to and from the Tianjin-Hebei region can use the “Beijing Healthbao” to verify the travel records of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and apply for a “no abnormality” health status after coming to Beijing (returning to Beijing).

According to the latest news released at the 96th New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference in Beijing on April 29, those returning from low-risk areas do not need to undergo home quarantine for 14 days, compared to the recent Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei The green code recognizes each other, which undoubtedly gives a pass for friends who travel or travel to Beijing . But as it is said that people sit at home, the pot comes from the sky. On April 20, with the 87th press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing, Chaoyang District, Beijing was listed as a high-risk area ( It was changed to a low-risk area at 0:00 on April 30). So what exactly has this high-risk area affected us?

What are the correlations between high-risk areas and travel?

In fact, due to the differences in epidemic prevention and control in various provinces and cities across the country, there are different control measures for passengers from medium-risk areas and high-risk areas. For example, Hunan Province will first conduct nucleic acid testing at the centralized isolation point for those from middle-risk areas or whose personal health code is a yellow code. Those with negative test results can travel and resume work; those from high-risk areas or whose personal health code is a red code will be implemented. Centralized quarantine medical observation for 14 days, and implement first control measures. In Shaanxi, people from middle-risk areas or whose health code is “yellow code” can travel and resume work after being isolated at home for 14 days. Persons from high-risk areas or with a “red code” health code are not allowed to come to Shaanxi for the time being. (Management and control changes in various regions, the information is for reference only)

That is to say, as long as you are not “green”, it is better to stay at home this holiday or try to play in the administrative area, so as not to have 14 days of landing, 14 days of return, and steadily welcoming Children's Day.

How to fight a prepared battle

    If you are really suffocated in the past five months, and you must seize this small holiday for a long-distance self-driving, then you need to plan your self-driving route reasonably: bypass high-risk areas; at the same time, you need to understand the epidemic prevention at each passing point. Control policy, currently dial the corresponding province/city code +12345 to learn about the latest prevention and control policy .

Which will block which is the hottest

Every year, AutoNavi Map will work with the China Meteorological Administration and China Weather.com to produce travel forecast reports for corresponding holidays. This year is no exception. Although affected by the epidemic, according to the forecast results, some areas will still be congested this year, and some scenic spots will also be very popular.

According to the forecast of traffic big data on Gaode Maps, some expressways will soon usher in congestion mode from April 30th this holiday, mainly the Suzhou section of G15W Changtai Expressway (Nanlingtang Bridge-Dongbang Hub), and the Suzhou section of S5 Changjia Expressway ( Shipai Hub, Dong Bang South Hub), etc.; and on May 4th, the return peak will be ushered in the Qingyuan section of Qinglian Expressway (Heyun Interchange Main Line Bridge-Jingkou Bridge), followed by G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway Chizhou , Tongling Section (Jiuhuashan Toll Station-Shangshuiqiao Junction), etc.

If the above road sections are covered in your travel route planning, please plan your route reasonably and consider whether to change the destination, stagger the peak or even avoid it. According to the data, the above road section will have rainy weather. Drivers are requested to use the lights reasonably . Please slow down when the road is wet and slippery.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people chose to travel nearby during the May 1st holiday. According to Gaode’s data, some scenic spots and parks have become popular areas for people to travel by car. For example, Beijing’s Nanhaizi Park has not been very popular in the past, and it was ranked among the top ten popular areas during the May Day holiday. As it is still in the prevention and control stage, it is recommended that you travel staggered peaks and avoid going to densely populated areas. In addition, because some scenic spots have adopted current limiting measures, tickets or facilities in the scenic spots need to be reserved one day in advance. Please pay attention to the corresponding scenic spots in advance to check the corresponding information .

Compared with the previous May Day self-driving trip, we have to prepare more things before traveling. Check the ticket purchase methods and current restriction measures for scenic spots in advance. At the same time, try to avoid high-risk areas as much as possible while playing routes. Call 12345 in the corresponding area to learn about the local epidemic situation. Control measures , so as not to delay travel or work after vacation.

Affected by the epidemic, the expressway has been free of charge for a period of time. I believe everyone has become accustomed to the “barless obstruction” situation at toll stations. In this May Day holiday, the expressway is also free to travel. However, according to a recent document issued by the Ministry of Transport, starting from 0:00 on May 6, 2020, toll roads approved by law (including toll bridges and tunnels) will resume. In other words, this May Day holiday is your last chance to enjoy free.

Now that we are talking about highways, we should also talk about the usual traffic safety issues. Thought-provoking traffic accidents occur almost every holiday. Aside from drunk driving, drug driving, and driving behaviors that endanger public safety, some Chain traffic accidents caused by drivers who violate regulations or fail to take decisive measures also require us to be more vigilant.

Driving violation

Almost most high-speed drivers have encountered some vehicles that reversed in the emergency lane because they missed the exit, or suddenly decelerated from the innermost lane to the outermost lane before the exit, thus leaving the highway. And behind these “sacred operations” often bring greater safety hazards to the rear vehicles, ranging from sudden braking to avoidance, and at worst, causing multiple rear-end vehicles to rear-end.

In addition to the usual precautions when driving at high speeds, drivers are advised to pay more attention whenever they encounter high-speed exits, because often in the high-speed diversion line area or there is a car parked or a car is reversing, and there will be sudden internal vehicles. In the case of changing the line to the outermost side, in fact, in the face of missing the intersection, we recommend that everyone make the mistakes and do not harm the safety of themselves and the lives and property of others.

Secondary accident

In high-speed driving, slight scratches may occur due to congestion. If the vehicle can be moved without major injuries, the division of responsibilities is clear. It is recommended to keep the photos of the scene and move the vehicle to the emergency lane in time. Judging from past accidents, many secondary accidents neglected to warn the vehicles behind because they were busy checking the cause of the accident, and eventually collided again, causing secondary injuries to vehicles or personnel.

Article 52 of the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China” clearly states that when a motor vehicle breaks down on the road and needs to be stopped to eliminate the fault, the driver should immediately turn on the hazard warning flashlight and move the motor vehicle to a place that does not interfere with traffic. If it is difficult to move, the hazard warning flash should be continuously turned on, and warning signs should be set in the direction of the vehicle to expand the warning distance, and if necessary, promptly call the police. Regarding accidents on expressways, the Road Traffic Law also clearly states: When a motor vehicle breaks down on the expressway, it shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 52 of this law; however, warning signs shall be set in the direction of the vehicle coming from the breakdown vehicle. A hundred and fifty meters away, the personnel in the vehicle should quickly move to the right shoulder or in the emergency lane, and promptly call the police.

Distance of warning triangle
day black sky
City loop 50 meters 150 meters
Expressway 150 meters 250 meters

Combining expressways and high-speed driving speeds, taking a constant speed of 100km/h as an example, it only takes about 5.5 seconds to reach a distance of 150 meters. According to the car home AH100 test, the braking distance of a car with a normal performance is from 100km. The time for /h-0 to stop is approximately 3 seconds. Regardless of unfavorable factors such as fatigue driving and distracted attention, the time left for the driver is very little. If the warning triangle is placed closer, both the passing time and the stopping time will be reduced. Once again, I suggest that everyone quickly evacuate the scene after handling small accidents, and ensure that people evacuate from the safe area first .

Children's car safety cannot be ignored

The holiday is approaching, and the power of the predominantly accumulated for nearly five months is about to be vented. Many families have decided to take their children on a self-driving trip. So what happens when the child's active nature collides with the complex buttons of a motor vehicle? A recent accident involving children's safety in a car has caused widespread concern.

The anti-pinch principle of the windows and the sunroof is roughly the same. The Hall sensor that senses the pressure is used to determine whether to stop closing and perform the reverse operation. Of course, depending on the model, the pressure value that activates the anti-pinch function will also vary. In addition, taking our following test video as an example, the angle formed by the sunroof object and the sunroof is also related to whether the anti-pinch function can be successfully activated. To put it bluntly, it is related to whether the resistance reaches the sensor activation condition (pressure value).

According to the survey results of our pre-production article “I can’t sit back and relax with electric sunroofs when there are people trapped”, due to different models, some models are only suitable for one-button shutdown, while others are manual or one-button. All apply.

In addition to the above basic content, some models with electric suction doors also have certain hidden dangers for children. Judging from past cases, there have been many cases of electric suction door catching the fingers of drivers and passengers at home and abroad. Why did the exclusive configuration of the luxury car that made the closing more elegant, hurt people without discussing it?

Judging from the currently known news, electric suction doors do not have the anti-pinch function of sunroofs and car windows, so for children, it still has a certain degree of danger. Please pay more attention to parents who travel with their babies.

Written at the end:

In fact, apart from the impact of the epidemic prevention and control on travel mentioned at the beginning of the article, this May Day holiday is almost the same as usual, but every holiday there will always be joy and sorrow. In view of this, we still hope to give you some ways to avoid safety hazards through this article, and also to remind you of your May Day trip, and wish you a perfect holiday. (The picture of Li Xiang from the home of the car comes from the Internet)