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[YesAuto Model PK] Great Wall Tengyi C50 is a new and very popular model that has just been launched on the market. The high cost performance and the relatively reliable quality of Great Wall Motors have attracted wide attention from consumers. Geely Emgrand EC7 is often regarded as the benchmark for autonomous compact models. In the data of our internal statistical system, netizens have compared the two cars the most times. This is the main reason why we put the two models together.

Think about it, too, the size of the Tengyi C50 and Emgrand EC7 are similar, both of them are mainly for home use, and they are both generous and generous. It is no wonder that consumers will compare these two cars together. If you are currently choosing which one Worry about the model, maybe today’s article can help you. We are looking for the Tengyi 1.5T manual elite and 1.8 MT luxury models. These two configurations should be the most popular products in their respective car series. Let’s start with the appearance.

Compare models
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
Tengyi C50 2012 1.5T manual elite type 8.48 million
Emgrand EC7 2012 1.8 MT luxury type 89,800

Appearance: Tengyi C50 fashionable and trendy Emgrand EC7 stable and powerful

To be honest, driving Tengyi C50 on the main road, the rate of turning around is really high, I think this is caused by the catfish-head front face. I don't mean to belittle it at all. On the contrary, this bionics is done in a good manner, the style is very young and it is not disgusting at all, and it is quite attractive.

There is nothing to say about the front face of the Emgrand EC7. It has basically maintained its original appearance in the past few years, except that the grille and headlights have been blackened. Geely’s designers deal with it rather plainly. Although it has no major features, it still looks pleasing to the eye. Of course, no matter how stylish a car looks for a long time, it will lose its freshness, not to mention the relatively peaceful EC7 and Tengyi C50. Compared to it is slightly less energetic.

It is worth mentioning that the wiper of Tengyi C50 adopts a split design. The advantage of this is that the wiper area is larger, which indirectly helps safety. This design is often used on models with larger A-pillar slopes. From the picture below, you can also see that the A-pillar angle of Tengyi C50 is more inclined than Emgrand EC7.

The sides are not too aggressive to grab attention. For ordinary family cars, this plain design is quite good. The wheelbase of Tengyi C50 is 2700mm, which is very eye-catching data in compact cars, while the wheelbase of Emgrand EC7 is 2650mm in the same level of standard size. However, it is really different whether the space is good or bad, because the C50 has a large A-pillar slope, which will inevitably affect the space performance. In terms of tires, both models are considered cost-saving. The brand is Giti. Coincidentally, the specifications of the two models are exactly the same. The width of 205mm is not bad, which is better than most Japanese models of the same level.

Turning its attention to the rear of the car, Great Wall seems to be deliberately forming its own family style, especially in the taillights. Looking back at the previously listed Tengyi C30 and Haval H6 in style, the design is casual and transparent. Fashion; Although Emgrand EC7 has no family heritage, it looks stable and atmospheric. In fact, its entire body also gives people such a feeling.

Let's take a look at the details. Emgrand EC7 uses LED brake lights with faster response, while Tengyi C50 is an ordinary halogen bulb. Although I often say that the self-owned models have basically no problems in terms of sheet metal workmanship, when the two cars are compared together, you can still feel that the Emgrand EC7 is more compact in terms of seam processing.

Tengyi C50 interior has a new emgrand EC7 material processing better

From a visual point of view, the interior design of the two cars will not be particularly eye-catching. The Tengyi C50 should have borrowed some inspiration from the Civic, and the double-layer instrument is very innovative. Emgrand has changed to a new interior from the 2012 model, abandoning the previous rigid shape, and the workmanship has also been improved. From the feeling of looking at the pictures alone, you should also feel that the interior of the Emgrand EC7 has better workmanship, which is indeed the case.

The whole interior of Emgrand EC7 is covered with soft materials, especially the 2012 model, whose workmanship and texture have advantages in independent models; Tengyi C50 still uses hard plastics commonly found in models of the same price, which is slightly cheaper. What I mean is not that it is cheaper than Emgrand’s soft materials, but that it can do better in material selection and seam treatment.

As mentioned earlier, the double-layer instrument panel of the Tengyi C50 is the biggest highlight in the interior. The speed is separated and placed on the upper layer in a digital display; the Emgrand EC7 instrument design is relatively ordinary, although the fuel volume and water temperature are displayed digitally. , But the overall view is still relatively stingy, I even suggest that Geely can consider redesigning the instrument in the next model change.

The steering wheel of the Tengyi C50 can be adjusted in four directions up and down, and the Emgrand EC7 can only be adjusted up and down. Obviously, it is easier for the Tengyi C50 to find a suitable driving position. In terms of steering wheel feel, Tengyi C50 is not as comfortable as Emgrand EC7, because the steering wheel of EC7 is softer, while the C50 is very hard.

The feel of the buttons is actually not a key concern for consumers who buy models at this price, not to mention that the self-owned models have a good feeling in this regard. In terms of sound source expansion, both cars provide USB and AUX interfaces, but the Emgrand EC7 USB interface requires an adapter cable to connect to the U disk, which is not as convenient as the Tengyi C50. In addition, the central LCD screen of the Tengyi C50 is also convenient for viewing while driving, although the display is relatively simple.

The Emgrand EC7 is equipped with automatic air conditioning as standard, while the Tengyi C50 only has the top configuration, but the control panel of the Tengyi C50 non-automatic air conditioning is also very good-looking, and the interface is clear and easy to use. The four windows of the Emgrand EC7 all adopt the one-button up and down design, while the Tengyi C50 only has this function for the main driver. Of course, consumers prefer the one-button up and down design.

Tengyi C50 provides a remote control folding key and an ordinary key with the car. Of course, this combination saves costs, and the spare key is ordinary and understandable. Emgrand EC7 provides two identical remote control folding keys. In this comparison, Tengyi C50 is not as kind as Emgrand EC7.

Tengyi C50 rear floor is flat Emgrand EC7 has more riding space

If you simply ride the Tengyi C50, you may not feel any discomfort, but if you sit in the Emgrand EC7, you will have results in your heart, because the softer riding experience of the EC7 is easier to please consumers.

In fact, the front headroom of these two cars is very general, but compared with my height of 178cm and adjusted to a suitable driving position, Emgrand EC7 can still have a finger advantage. My colleagues have also reacted to Tengyi in the test drive. C50 has a small head free issue.

Emgrand EC7 takes care of the ride comfort more carefully. In addition to the softer seats mentioned above, the 8-way electric adjustment of the main driver's seat and the 4-way adjustment of the headrest are also not available in the Tengyi C50 series. Shang Tengyi C50 really had to admit defeat.

Tengyi C50 did not completely convert the wheelbase advantage into space, because its A-pillar is too oblique. Fortunately, the back of the C50's chair back uses a concave design, and the leg space is a little more than a punch. However, the longitudinal space in the car is still slightly smaller than the Emgrand EC7 with a shorter wheelbase, and the head space is not as good as Emgrand. However, the rear floor of the Tengyi C50 is a full-flat design, and it is obviously much easier to ride when fully loaded, which may have a lot of appeal for home users who often carry people in the rear. In addition, this Emgrand EC7 deluxe version is also equipped with a rear sunshade, which is very rare in models of the same price, including today's Tengyi C50.

Now families are paying more and more attention to the safety of children. For vehicles, the child seat interface has become a place that parents pay much attention to before buying a car. Both Tengyi C50 and Emgrand EC7 perform well, with ISOFIX and LATCH interfaces as standard, so friends with children can choose with confidence.

If you compare the openable size of the two skylights, Tengyi C50 will have a clear advantage. The glass above the head is larger and more translucent. Although this is not a critical indicator, there is no harm in having a larger skylight.

Enough storage space

Storage space is an important but not important consideration. If it is important, it can indeed improve the convenience of daily use. If it is not important, storage space is not a big thing. In my opinion, as long as it can be used smoothly, there is no need to be particularly entangled in the size of the capacity, what do you think?

Facts have proved that the storage space of Tengyi C50 and Emgrand EC7 can meet the needs of daily use, such as wallets, mobile phones and water cups, etc. can be stored in a suitable place, so it seems that both cars are qualified in this regard of.

●The volume of the trunk Emgrand EC7 is larger

Trunk volume
Size (mm) Tengyi C50 Emgrand EC7
width 1020 1100
depth 1060 1060
height 450 505
Volume (L) 486.5 588.8
Remarks: The data is the minimum size of each item, so the actual volume is larger than the measured volume

I think the trunk capacity of Tengyi C50 and Emgrand EC7 is enough for daily use. If you have to compare the two data, Emgrand EC7 has an advantage. The main reason is the greater depth and width of the trunk. Better, the direct result of this is that the volume is 100L larger than the C50! Of course, the capacity in actual use is even larger, and we only measure conservative data at the narrowest point. Both models also support the rear seat 4/6 reclining to expand capacity when needed.

Anti-collision beam display

The anti-collision beam is a problem that many friends are more concerned about. Although the safety structure of the vehicle depends on the main structure, the anti-collision beam can play a role in dispersing the transmission force and reducing the maintenance cost during a collision. Therefore, it is also in the vehicle structure. An indispensable part, how do these two models perform? Since we are unable to test the strength of the steel beams, we can only take it apart for everyone to show.

Front anti-collision beam

Tengyi C50 adopts the design of “two-layer” anti-collision beam. The outer layer is thinner and softer. It is mainly used for pedestrian protection and has a certain buffer effect during collision. The inside is the real rigid steel beam, Toyota's Some models use this design. The front anti-collision beam of Emgrand EC7 is made of two steel plates welded together, without the use of roll forming and other processes. After all, the price of the vehicle is not high, which is also a way to save costs.

Rear anti-collision beam

The rear anti-collision beam of Tengyi C50 uses a common single-piece steel plate. The structure of the energy-absorbing box is very similar to that of some Japanese cars; Emgrand EC7 also has a standard low-speed energy-absorbing box structure. In order to obtain higher strength, two steel plates Adding them together is a win-win approach that saves costs and increases strength.

Door disassembly

During the dismantling process, we also dismantled the car doors by the way. Interested netizens can take a look at their internal workmanship.

Both models use the steel pipe anti-collision beams commonly used in Japanese cars, with basically the same diameter, except that the Tengyi C50 sticks out an iron tray which makes me worry that the passengers will be injured in a side collision. The doors of the two cars have similar sound insulation cotton, both of which are white multi-layered structures, and do not use the “black cotton” that is often used in low-end Japanese cars.

Great Wall official feedback on the iron brackets in the door panels that may cause harm to the passengers in the car:

Regarding the speculation we mentioned in the article that the inner iron bracket of the Tengyi C50 door panel may harm the members of the car in the collision, the Great Wall official also responded and replied to a 6-page technical analysis report. Through the description of the mechanism of the side collision, the design concept of the C50 bracket, the simulation analysis and the analysis of the actual car collision result, it is proved that the iron bracket will not cause harm to the members in the car.

The following is a summary of the content of the analysis document:

The impact of the door interior structure on the occupant's injury during the side impact, that is, under the same collision energy, the door interior profile and stiffness are used to form a certain support to the occupant's body, thereby reducing the overall injury of the occupant. The straight line formed by the square black dots in the figure represents the center lines of the three important positions of the occupant, namely the chest, abdomen, and hips; the line formed by the dots represents the side profile of the occupant. In order to reduce the degree of injury to the occupants, it is necessary to ensure that the two lines in the collision are basically the same as before the collision or are in a controllable range. In order to achieve this goal, the door trim panel is required to provide sufficient support to the occupants in the car, namely The blue frame corresponds to supporting the chest, the red frame corresponds to supporting the abdomen, and the purple frame corresponds to supporting the hips. Only by balancing the functions of these three parts can the damage of the occupants be kept within the controllable range.

Neither 5% nor 50% of the quantile dummy hit the inner bracket of the car door in the collision. The abdomen of the 5% quantile female dummy was closer to the bracket, but the bracket was designed to be inclined and would not have a negative effect on hard contact with the dummy.

Tengyi C50 carries out the side impact test in accordance with the C-NCAP side impact regulations, and the final result is full marks.

Main abdominal inspection index: High performance limit: Abdominal force 1.0kN Low performance limit: Abdominal force 2.5kN

Tengyi C50 provides four free maintenance. Emgrand EC7 has longer maintenance mileage

Tengyi C50 gives a warranty period of 5 years or 150,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), and said that the turbocharger has the same life span as the vehicle, and the manufacturer is also very confident in its own models. Meanwhile, the Great Wall also send free maintenance four times, for about 80,000 models a very attractive! The follow-up service is maintained every 5000km, but because the current models are relatively new, there is no clear price for the specific maintenance costs.

Maintenance comparison
project Tengyi C50 Emgrand EC7
First guarantee 5000 km 5000 km
Small maintenance (change the oil filter) Every 5000 km Every 7500 km
Warranty 5 years/150,000 kilometers 3 years/100,000 kilometers
Preferential policy Get four free maintenance The first guarantee is free

Emgrand EC7 provides a three-year or 100,000-kilometer vehicle warranty service for non-operating vehicles (whichever comes first). The mileage of the first warranty is 5000km, but the follow-up use is 7500km for maintenance, which invisibly saves vehicle costs. The price of replacing the oil filter is about 340 yuan.

Fuel consumption test

In order to ensure the fairness of the test, the fuel consumption comparison test of the two vehicles is carried out at the same time. Therefore, within the test mileage of 118.9km, the route and average speed of the two vehicles are approximately the same. The load is also two adults with similar weights. During the test, control the engine speed not to exceed 2500rpm. The road conditions in the 118.9km test mileage can be said to be relatively ideal, with congested road conditions accounting for 20%, and the rest being unobstructed loops. In the end, Emgrand EC7 consumes a total of 9.52L of fuel, with an average fuel consumption of 8.0L per 100 kilometers, and Tengyi C50 consumes 8.87L of fuel, with an average fuel consumption of 7.46L per 100 kilometers.

Considering that both cars are new cars with a total mileage of no more than 2000km, the fuel consumption during the running-in period is more in line with their actual vehicle conditions. In the end, the results of the fuel consumption comparison test did not appear to be unexpected. The turbocharging technology has indeed improved the fuel economy of the vehicle. Performance, C50 saves about 0.54L gasoline per 100 kilometers compared to EC7.

Great Wall’s 1.5T turbocharged engine does have an advantage in terms of fuel consumption because of its lower displacement. Now the turbocharger technology is very mature. As far as the normal use of the average family is 20,000 kilometers per year, as long as the maintenance is on time, the turbocharger is not as delicate as imagined, and more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, small displacement and large power are also available. Become the current trend of development. In addition, this 1.5T engine is compatible with No. 93 gasoline, so consumers don’t need to pay extra for adding No. 97 gasoline.


In fact, the purpose of the comparison is not to be a life-and-death comparison, but to let readers know more about the advantages of the two cars in different aspects. Obviously, Tengyi C50, which has just entered the market, can attract people's attention with its beautiful appearance, young and energetic; Emgrand EC7 is more mature, stable and atmospheric.

The interior of the Tengyi C50 has absorbed some of the fashion elements from the Civic, but in terms of work materials, compared with the Tengyi C30, there is little improvement, and the Emgrand EC7 has a larger workmanship and materials after the modification and replacement of the interior. Ascension, the advantage in this link is obvious. In addition, EC7 is more comfortable and spacious than Tengyi C50.

Tengyi C50 has just been launched, and it may take time for the market to accept it. In fact, it is not much more expensive than the C30, but the body is more stylish and stylish. It should only be a matter of time before sales increase. In terms of overall subjective ride feeling, Tengyi C50 did not surpass Emgrand EC7, and at most it was a tie. What they do not compete is only about the manufacturers. More importantly, we have one more choice at the same price, and it's pretty good.

Thank the vehicle for providing:

Beijing Pangda Emgrand Wufangqiao 4S Store Address: No. 100 Daokou Village, Wangsiying Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: 010-67295888

Voting: In the case of similar prices, who would you choose?

1. In terms of appearance, do you prefer Tengyi C50 or Emgrand EC7?

Tengyi C50 Emgrand EC7

2. Do you recognize Great Wall's independent 1.5T engine?

You can choose with confidence I still think the natural inhalation of Emgrand EC7 is reliable

3. Overall, who would you choose?

Tengyi C50 Emgrand EC7