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[YesAuto Owner Interview] The Grand Cherokee (hereinafter referred to as “Dachi”) is an important member of the Jeep family. It not only retains the essence of the family of powerful off-road capabilities, but also integrates riding and luxury. It can be said to be Jeep The all-round master in the car. Especially after the latest generation of Grand Cherokee went on the market at the end of 2010, it has achieved a good market response with its magnificent appearance, exquisite interior, and excellent comfort and off-road performance. Today we are fortunate enough to invite three major car owners to sit down and have a good chat with them, to understand what made them stand out from the crowd and finally chose the “tough guy” from the United States. Is it a strong Jeep plot or a veritable performance? Let's take a look at what the big car owners say.

Owner 1: Mr. Chi

The owner Mr. Chi, 36 years old this year, is currently engaged in the organic agriculture industry. In March 2011, the Jeep2011 Grand Cherokee 3.6 luxury navigation version was purchased. The car has been purchased for more than a year and the mileage is 39,490 kilometers. I have been driving for 14 years and have been driving Buick Regal and Toyota Camry before.

Why did you choose Jeep's new Grand Cherokee?

Due to the traffic accident of the previous car, I planned to change to a better SUV model in all aspects. At that time, it was just in time for the new Jeep to be launched in China, so I began to collect various information about the car on the Internet, including the car home, etc. Dive in the car forum for more than a month to learn about some of the actual advantages and disadvantages of the car. Later, I decided to go to the 4S shop to take a look at the real car. As a result, I was attracted by the domineering appearance and more beautiful interior of the new Daqie, combined with the Jeep plot that men have, and I thought, “It's him! “

What models did you consider at the time?

When buying a car, I also considered several SUVs of other brands. The price and performance of Toyota Prado 4.0L were okay, but the shape and interior were a bit too general. Moreover, when I drove the Camry before, I felt that the Japanese car was still a bit thin. I gave up without thinking too much. The Volvo XC60 has a beautiful appearance and the brand feels good, but when I saw the real car in the store, I felt that the external size and internal space were a bit small, so I gave up. As for the Touareg 3.0 and Mercedes-Benz ML350, they have also paid attention to it, but the price of more than 800,000 yuan is beyond the price of my heart, and it is not as good as the new big cut. Finally, after comprehensive consideration, the new big cut was ordered.

What is more satisfactory after buying a car?

When talking about the satisfaction of the car after buying, Mr. Chi first said that he was very satisfied with the new rugged appearance and good driving vision. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. At the same time, he thought that the car was also very suitable for his own bold personality.

The second is that the air suspension system is very good. In the summer of 2011, the Jeep Club of the 4S shop organized a Jiayuguan self-driving event. It was through this time that the car's off-road performance was found to be awesome. Because I have been busy at ordinary times, and I haven't studied the off-road function of this car too much, the driving mode is all placed on AUTO, and basically I haven't moved. After the self-driving activities along the way, due to different road conditions and communication between car friends, I began to experience the use of various driving modes and functions such as lifting the chassis to pass obstacles. Not only that, but the comfort of the car is also very good. The owner of the companion Wrangler said after riding: “The new Dache is really comfortable. With the air suspension, it is a cow!”

In addition, Mr. Chi is very surprised that the fuel consumption and maintenance costs of the car are very good. Since it usually drives in Shunyi, the driving conditions are relatively good. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is about 12-14 liters, and it can even reach about 9 liters in the cruise mode. He is very satisfied with the performance of such a large car. As for the maintenance cost, the small insurance price of 900 yuan/time even surprised Mr. Chi. He said that the maintenance of more than 600,000 cars is so cheap that it is two or three hundred more expensive than my Camry and Buick.

What is unsatisfactory in the car?

First of all, I feel that the interior design is pretty good, but the assembly process is not sophisticated enough, and the gap between the center console and the glove box is very different from that of German and Japanese cars.

The central LCD touch screen responds slightly and slowly, and it takes a long time for the reversing image to come out when parking, which makes people very anxious. I hope it can be solved through software upgrades.

In addition, although the 3.6-liter engine has good fuel consumption, the power is a bit fleshy, and I feel that the throttle is lagging and the 5-speed gearbox is slightly less geared. It seems that if you want to have enough power, you have to buy a 5.7-liter engine. The next goal is it.

How many people are there in the car? Does it feel like there is enough space?

Usually this car is mainly driven by Mr. Chi himself. He thinks that the front row is very spacious and the seat feels very comfortable. As for the headroom of the rear seats, the legroom is not bad.

Has the car had an accident or breakdown? Are you satisfied with the maintenance of the 4S shop?

In terms of the accident, Mr. Chi smiled and said that there was a small accident involving a rear-end collision. He thought he would be injured. When he got out of the car, he saw that there was nothing wrong with his severed tail, and he drove away directly, which once again reflected the solidity of the American car. The advantages. In terms of malfunction, it may be the improper gear placement that caused an ignition failure. Fortunately, the car will be fine for a while, and it has never happened again. Mr.'s attitude towards the service pool of 4S stores is average, but the service attitude seems to be much better than before in the past two visits. It seems that in the face of Beijing's purchase restriction policy and increasingly fierce market competition, all 4S stores have also begun to focus on enhancing service quality to attract New and old customers.


Mr. Chi's new big cut has performed well in 1 year's use without any malfunctions, and has been highly recognized and affirmed by the owner himself. And what makes him feel that being a big car owner is good is the culture of Jeep and the activities of the 4S shop car club, especially after taking part in the Jiayuguan self-driving event last time, it feels very good, and it is still fresh in his memory. Everyone exchanged driving experience and car experience with each other very enthusiastically. They not only learned professional off-road driving skills, but also had a deeper understanding of vehicle usage and various functions. I hope that manufacturers will organize more such activities in the future.

Owner 2: Mr. Tian

The second person interviewed was Mr. Tian, the owner of the car, 44 years old this year, engaged in the liquor sales industry. In October 2011, I purchased the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 Anniversary Navigation Edition. It has only been less than half a year. I am also the owner of the car with the shortest time in this return visit. The current mileage is close to 20,000 kilometers and the driving experience is close to 10 years. Previously, they mainly drove cars and MPV models.

Why did you choose Jeep's new Grand Cherokee?

The main reason for choosing the new big cut is that I like the appearance and I feel that Jeep's brand is not particularly public. It happened to be the current car when I went to the 4S shop to see the car. It was said that it was a 2012 new car that had just arrived. I liked the color and the configuration and price.

What models did you consider at the time?

When buying a car, I also considered Volkswagen’s Touareg and Audi’s Q7. After comparing the price, configuration and maintenance conditions, I felt that the price of the same type of configuration of the Touareg was higher, and the main reason for the Audi Q7 was that the maintenance cost was too expensive, so in the end Just gave up these two models.

What is more satisfactory after buying a car?

When I bought a car, I thought that the new Grand Cherokee had a good configuration, and basically had everything that should be. The seat was still the characteristic of an American car: “large and comfortable.” The two functions of electric seat heating and panoramic sunroof are very good, and they are both high-grade and practical.

Because Mr. Tian is engaged in the liquor industry, the trunk is used very frequently. He praised the new electric tailgate function very much. Not only are there electric switches inside and outside the car, but the small windows of the trunk can also be opened and closed electrically. , Greatly facilitated his daily work and life. And it was these features that made him finally choose the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What is unsatisfactory in the car?

As an veteran driver with ten years of driving experience, Mr. Tian said that his driving style is very stable, but he still feels that his power is a bit weak, especially at the start. It may be related to the reason for driving the car before, and the first two car owners mentioned the situation of weak power. It seems that Chrysler should pay more attention to it and start developing a fuel-efficient and powerful supercharged engine as soon as possible. By then, it should be more emboldened to be equipped with a more powerful Grand Cherokee.

How many people usually sit in the car? Does it feel like there is enough space?

Mr. Tian's car usually takes 2-3 people. He is about 180 cm tall and feels that the space is still very generous. With the excellent storage space in the rear compartment, Mr. Tian is full of praise.

Has the car had an accident or breakdown? Are you satisfied with the maintenance of the 4S shop?

Since the time to buy a car is not long, there is no problem with the car at present. As for the service of the 4S shop, there is still a gap between the service and the Japanese brands. The service attitude is average and the maintenance work is not meticulous, but the maintenance cost is still relatively satisfactory.


Mr. Tian said that the appearance of the new big cut is very beautiful and the configuration is also very rich and practical, and the overall feeling is very satisfactory. At the same time, after participating in an event organized by the 4S shop Che Youhui, I became more and more interested in it. It seems that Jeep has done a good job in cultural promotion and event organization, and has played a significant role in maintaining brand loyalty.

Owner Three: Mr. Liu

Mr. Liu is the only owner of the previous generation Grand Cherokee among the three owners. He is 49 years old this year. He is engaged in engineering work. In 2008, he bought this 2008 3.7L third-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has been nearly 4 years, and the mileage is much longer than the first two cars. A total of 73,702 kilometers have been driven. Mr. Liu has been driving Jeep for 16 years, and he basically drove Jeep all the way. From the Beijing Jeep 212 back then to his own Grand Cherokee, it can be said that Mr. Liu is a hardcore Jeep fan.

Why did you choose to drive Jeep all the time, and didn't you consider any other models at the time?

Mr. Liu’s experience in choosing a car is a bit simple. Because he drove a domestically made small Cherokee before, he didn’t look at other models at all when changing cars. He bought this imported 2008 3.7L Grand Cherokee directly at the 4S shop. When it comes to the appearance of the new Grand Cherokee, Mr. Liu feels that although the new Grand Cherokee is more luxurious but the urban feel is too strong, especially the horizontal taillight design of the new Grand Cherokee does not have the characteristics of Jeep, if it is not for the trunk Jeep’s LOGO, it will look at it. It's not a Jeep family car. Then there is the price of the new model feels a bit expensive.

What is more satisfactory after buying a car?

As an old Jeep owner who has been driving from the Beijing Jeep 212, Mr. Liu loves his old and tough appearance, especially the sharp corners of the taillights and the traditional vertical design of the Jeep family that make him proud.

Then there is the goodyear “Wrangler” series SUV special tires that are standard on the old Daqi are very skinny. They have run on many roads and wild roads. They have never been okay, and the name and model of the tires are also very suitable.

If you want to say that the interior and interior space are also satisfactory, compared to the luxurious design of the new style, the old style of the interior style feels like a car for people who like to drive off-road. In addition, the abundance of space also made Mr. Liu quite satisfied. The people and storage are very spacious, and all kinds of supplies can be put in the trunk when traveling, and there is no need to worry about it.

What is unsatisfactory in the car?

    The unsatisfactory aspect is that there is a water leak in the skylight at 20,000 kilometers. Although it is not very serious, I still have lingering fears. I still feel a little worried when it rains.

Another thing that makes Mr. Liu regret is that the rear row is not equipped with seat heating, which brings some inconvenience to the family's winter travel. This has become one of the few praises that Mr. Liu praised Xindaqie.

Is the fuel consumption satisfied, and is the power sufficient?

   When it comes to power, Mr. Liu feels that he can only say that it is enough. If the power can be more surging, it would be more satisfying. The fuel consumption is basically about 15L in the urban area, which is quite satisfactory for off-road vehicles.

Has the car had an accident or breakdown? Are you satisfied with the maintenance of the 4S shop?

I have been in the 4s shop for maintenance for 4 years. The car is in very good condition and there is no failure. The replacement parts are more expensive, especially the steering gear and ball joints. It is not possible to replace the parts independently. It feels very bad that you can only replace the assembly. . In addition, it is recommended that 4S organize more outings to maximize the off-road performance of the Grand Cherokee. Good horses can't always be circled, and you have to be happy from time to time!


As a big brother with rich off-road driving experience, I can see that Mr. Liu is very fond of outdoor off-road sports, and he is a Jeep person with a very pure heart. Although the workmanship of the old model is not detailed enough and the configuration is not rich enough, the flaws are not concealed. In Mr. Liu's mind, his old model will always be the best.

to sum up:

● Satisfaction: Domineering appearance, spacious space, comfortable ride, good cost performance, and profound brand culture.

● Insufficient: The power is only enough, and the workmanship needs to be improved.

The three Jeep Grand Cherokee owners bought cars in three different periods, especially the participation of Mr. Liu’s old Grand Cherokee, which gave us a deeper understanding of the differences and advantages and disadvantages between the new and old models, and they are also more representative. . Generally speaking, they were very satisfied with the car they chose, especially in terms of appearance and space. The three owners expressed affirmation. Regarding the regrets in passing the car, the three car owners also behaved objectively and expressed their understanding. After all, no one is perfect, so why do you still ask for a car? (Picture Auto Home Jin Xin Zhang Ke)