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  [YesAuto News ] On March 3, National People’s Congress representative and chairman of Gree Electric Appliances Dong Mingzhu said in an interview at the Guangdong delegation that the issues of concern to the two sessions include the development of manufacturing, raising the tax threshold, education and the government Support for “China Innovation”, etc.

  Regarding Gree’s development in new energy vehicles, Dong Mingzhu said: “New energy is definitely good. New energy vehicles are only one of the new energy sources. In the future, more attention may be paid to the recycling of used batteries.”

  As for whether or not to make recommendations on the recycling of used batteries, Dong Mingzhu said: “We are acting while calling for it. New energy is a green problem. I think the same is true for air conditioners. We must achieve green environmental protection through technology.” She also said. Said that whether it is the manufacturing or service industry, there must be craftsmanship, honesty, and everything will be zero without honesty.

  When asked about his bet with Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Technology, Dong Mingzhu smiled and asked: “Is there still a year in 2018?” (Source: China Securities Net; Compilation/Car Home Zhang Lianyi)