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[YesAuto preliminary audit] The sales volume of medium-sized cars in China is very large. In fact, it is not only for commercial use, but also home users buy medium-sized cars. In many cases, consumers who buy medium-sized cars may not have high power requirements. Factors such as space and comfort may be more important. The low-displacement mid-size cars on the market are still worth considering. Although they are slightly inferior in terms of power, they can enjoy the same space and configuration.

Today, I recommend four mid-size cars with a displacement of 2.0 liters. They have common features in addition to the same displacement, but also have a lot of discounts. Except for Mazda 6, all other models are entry-level displacement. In addition to lower prices, they may inadvertently contribute to environmental protection.

Mazda 6 is a medium-sized car with larger discounts and suitable for home use

Mazda 6 can be said to be a hot model in the mid-size car market for many years. It is accustomed and affectionately called the Ma 6. Although the Mazda 6's replacement model Ruiyi has been sold for several years, its sales are still no match for its predecessors. The excellent handling of the old Mazda 6 is a recognized fact, and the smooth appearance is still outdated today. Behind the monthly sales of 8 to 9 thousand units, the more important reason is its attractive price.

At present, only 2.0-liter models of Mazda 6 are on sale, and there are discounts of more than 20,000 yuan in most areas of the country. In some areas, the discount rate can even reach close to 30,000. That is to say, the entry-level model of Mazda 6 with an original price of 170,800 is sold at 14 It can be purchased at a price of more than 10,000 yuan, which is very tempting for a well-received joint venture medium-sized sedan. In addition to attractive prices, entry-level manual models also use a 6-speed manual transmission, which is rare in mid-sized cars of the same level. It also emphasizes its sporty characteristics to a certain extent and is very suitable for driving. Consumers.

Mazda 6's excellent handling performance is not unrelated to its suspension structure. The double-wishbone + multi-link suspension system creates a natural sporting gene, but now its main focus is the cost-effective road, which has abandoned the previous 2.3. Liter engine, the 2.0-liter model will naturally be slightly inferior in terms of power, but the advantage of the chassis can still make its handling performance flexible and stable, and the automatic transmission model uses a 5-speed automatic transmission, which is stronger than many four-speed models at the same price. .

Although the interior of the Mazda 6 is slightly inferior in the sense of the times, it is not outdated. The circular air-conditioning outlet is its distinguishing feature. In terms of configuration, all Mazda 6 series come standard with electric sunroof, leather steering wheel, and four-door one-key up and down electric windows, which are rare in Japanese cars. The memory seats and front and rear air curtains on higher models are not seen much in models of the same price, which undoubtedly enhances the competitiveness of the car.

Although Mazda 6 is classified as a medium-sized car, its body size is not much larger than that of a compact car. Most people who buy this car are for home use. In fact, its space is not slightly compact in the same class. But it looks crowded. After the editor with a height of 178cm is adjusted to the appropriate driving position, there is still leg room for two punches in the back. The only downside is that the head is slightly narrow. This can be improved by sitting down a bit. .

Mazda 6 will still be active in the market for a period of time. Although the model is older, its excellent overall quality and current excellent price-performance ratio are worthy of attention, especially for some family consumers with a little more affluent family.