[YesAuto Watching the Tournament] I used to read other people’s travel notes that were eloquent, eloquent, and trustworthy. It’s my turn to write it myself and I really don’t know where to start… Mainly not because I was nervous, but because I was this time. The itinerary. For me, the ring tower is a complex. Many years ago, I entered the automobile industry and interviewed all kinds of people, and there was only one I never remembered. His name will be preceded by the host, producer, racer, 2011 Tournament Rally motorcycle championship and other titles, but he always considers himself a rider. From the two-stroke Honda CR80 to the KTM 450 Rally, from Qiemo Yingwu Sitang to Yutian’s devil stage, this year is the seventh journey of Zhao Hongyi’s life around the tower. It is also my change from a bystander to a witness. It makes me think so much that I can't write.

If what I wrote is not what you want, that's okay. Take pictures first, no one will resist the beauty, just like no one will refuse the beauty. If you don't bother to watch it later, first feel the most difficult but also the most attractive ring tower of 2016. It is a competition of tough guys, and there is no room for weakness and hesitation.